AEW Rampage Results For 11/12/21 Matt Hardy vs. Orange Cassidy, Jungle Boy vs. Bobby Fish

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AEW Rampage Coverage (11/12)

Bobby Fish vs. Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy wastes no time, sliding into the ring and tripping down Fish. Fish takes control early after he spills Jungle Boy over the top as he tried a springboard armdrag. Jungle Boy regains control and hits the springboard armdrag followed by a dropkick. Jungle Boy blocks a suplex to the outside, but Fish kicks him on the apron and takes advantage of Jungle Boy's shoulder on the outside. Jungle Boy reverses a whip into the ring post, but Fish quickly regains the advantage and works over Jungle Boy on the outside during the commercial break.

Back in the ring, Jungle Boy hits a series of strikes, dropkick to the knee, and a clothesline to get the advantage while selling his left shoulder. Fish back on the attack with a hammerlock suplex but Jungle Boy counters a charge with an overhead throw into the corner followed by a german supplex. Fish attacks the shoulder once again and ends up countering a diving DDT with an exploder suplex into the ring ropes. Jungle Boy takes a couple of kicks to the shoulder, but catches one and counters into the Snare Trap. Fish tries to fight out of it, but Jungle Boy eventually locks it on for the victory.

Winner - Jungle Boy by submission

- Adam Cole attacks Jungle Boy after the match. Cole and Fish embrace and set up Jungle Boy for the conchairto but Christian Cage and Luchasaurus make the save. Cole bails, leaving Fish to eat the Killswitch.

- Video package for Miro vs. Bryan Danielson.

- Highlights from Don Callis attacking Hangman Page and Kenny Omega signing the contract in blood from AEW Dynamite.

- Super Kliq begin a promo, but Hangman Page interrupts. Cole confronts him before The Young Bucks send him away. Hangman apologizes to the Bucks for being an ass and throwing away their friendship. He cost them a shot at the Tag Titles, they cost him a shot at the World Title, so they are even. "On Saturday, if you lay a hand on me, I swear to God I will ruin you," says Hangman.

Jade Cargill vs. Santana Garrett

Cargill overpowers Garrett early and sends her to the outside and into Red Velvet, who is in the crowd. Back inside, Cargill catches Garrett on a springboard back else and hits her with Jaded for the pinfall victory.

Winner - Jade Cargill

- Mark Sterling is ready to celebrate with cake but Red Velvet attacks. Sterling gets caked. Refs pull Cargill and Velvet apart.

- Video package for CM Punk and Eddie Kingston

Dante Martin vs. Ariya Daivari

Quick start with Martin uses his extra speed advantage to fluster Daivari. Martin countering every strike Daivari was with a block followed by an aerial move. Daivari counters a springboard and traps Martin in the ropes for a series of chops followed by a top rope leg drop as Martin hangs on the middle ropes. Daivari wearing out Martin with strikes including a kitchen sink, seated dropkick, and chops. Martin hits his high angle sunset flip and a pele kick to even things up. Daivari gets the advantage again with a neckbreaker and clothesline followed by a frog splash for two. Martin pulls off multiple counters to throw Daivari off, hits a springboard crossbody to the outside, and the double jump moonsault for the victory.

Winner - Dante Martin

- Dante Martin is offered a contract to join Team Taz.

- Video package for Tay Conti vs. Britt Baker.

- Mark Henry interviews Matt Hardy and Orange Cassidy.

Lumberjack Match: Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Hardy

The lumberjacks begin fighting with the heels taking out the faces. OC attacks quickly and counters a Twist of Fate, but Hardy gets the advantage after OC goes to the outside and The Blade attacks him. Hardy works over OC, smashing his face into the corner. Hardy continues to work over OC during the commercial break, going after his ribs and allowing the lumberjacks to stomp him out. Back in the ring, Hardy hits a suplex after OC tries to use his speed to get the advantage.

Back from break, the lumberjacks stomp OC before the Best Friends hit stereo dives to wipe everyone out. OC hits a tope suicide on a host of lumberjacks. Hardy tossed out and OC hits a Best Friends assisted launch to the outside onto Hardy and a pile of lumberjacks. OC hits a crossbody inside the ring, but Hardy comes back with a Side Effect. OC counters a Twist of Fate with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Isiah Kassidy, The Blade, Chuckie T, and Wheeler YUTA get involved. Hardy takes out Chuckie tries to Leech OC, but he counters with Beach Break. Orange Punches for multiple wrestlers including QT Marshall. Statlander takes out The Bunny. The Blade hits OC with brass knuckles and Matt Hardy pins him for the victory.

Winner - Matt Hardy

- Hardy locks OC in the Leech as Blade hits Chuckie and YUTA with the brass knuckles and Bunny hits Statlander with them. Hardy Family Office celebrate to close the show.

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