AEW Rampage Results (6/3/22): CM Punk Addresses His Future, Scorpio Sky Defends TNT Title + More!

Welcome to's live coverage & discussion for AEW Rampage (6/3/22)!

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  • CM Punk Addresses His Future
  • Scorpio Sky (C) vs. Dante Martin — TNT Championship
  • Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks In Action
  • Lucha Bros vs. Young Bucks
  • Athena vs. Kiera Hogan

Live Coverage

The show begins and our commentary team of Excalibur, Chris Jericho, Taz and Adam Cole welcome us to tonight's show from Ontario, California and the Lucha Bros and the Young Bucks are already in the ring and it's time for our opening contest of the evening.

Lucha Bros (Penta & Rey Fenix) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Penta and Matt start this one off. Penta goes for a piledriver, Matt rolls him back and Penta trips Matt with a leg sweep. Matt rolls Penta back and trips him before going for the cover but Penta rolls out and they come face-to-face. Penta and Matt both make the tag to Fenix and Nick, respectively. Nick goes up top and hits a diving arm drag, Fenix goes for a powerbomb through the middle rope but Nick slams him and Fenix flips himself back up and the crowd is in a frenzy and a brawl ensues on the outside. Matt flips over the top rope and tries to take out Fenix but Fenix plants him with a perfectly timed mid-air cutter. Fenix gets Matt back into the ring, goes up top and goes for a splash but Matt gets the knees up and makes the tag to Nick and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Nick plants Fenix with a slam then goes for the cover but Fenix kicks out and Nick makes the tag to Matt. Fenix hits Matt with a hurricanrana, Penta catches Nick and Fenix stomps on Nick's back as Penta DDT's him on the outside. They hit the same move on Matt whilst back in the ring and Fenix goes for the cover but Matt kicks out. Fenix flies over the top rope and cracks Nick on the outside.

Penta plants Matt with a package slam, Fenix hits Matt with a splash from the top rope and goes for the cover but Matt kicks out at two and a half! Nick cracks Penta and Fenix with a springboard drop kick, Matt nails Fenix with a diving elbow from the top and goes for the cover but Fenix kicks out. Matt makes the tag to Nick and Fenix makes one to Penta. Fenix gets on the top turnbuckle, Penta gets under him and puts Fenix on his shoulders and then hit Nick with a splash and destroyer combo and Penta goes for the cover but Nick kicks out! Nick plants Fenix with a poisonrana and makes the tag to Matt. The Bucks hit a Superkick Party on both Penta and Fenix then go for the BTE Trigger on Fenix but Fenix slides out and goes for a springboard cross body but The Bucks catch him and plant him with the Meltzer Driver and Matt goes for the cover but Penta breaks it up! The Bucks take off Penta's mask and hit him with a Superkick Party then they light up Fenix with the BTE Trigger and get the 1-2-3! What a match!

Winners - Young Bucks

Commentary then hypes up CM Punk's announcement and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and it's time for our next matchup.

Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks vs. Two Local Talent

Starks slams one of the unnamed gentlemen and makes the tag to Hobbs and the other unnamed competitor is tagged in. Hobbs plants his opponent with a massive slam and gets the quick 1-2-3!

Winners - Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks

We then see a video package highlighting the AEW World Championship match from this past weekend's Double Or Nothing pay-per-view where CM Punk defeated Adam 'Hangman' Page to become the new AEW World Champion. Commentary again hypes Punk's announcement for later tonight.

Athena vs. Kiera Hogan (with Jade Cargill, Red Velvet & Malcolm Bivens)

Kiera cracks Athena with a forearm but Athena tosses Kiera to the mat and nails her with a springboard cross body and turns it into a pin attempt but Kiera kicks out. Kiera rolls to the outside and talks strategy with Malcolm Bivens but Athena nails her with a flying elbow off the apron and asks Jade Cargill if she's enjoying the show. Athena tosses Kiera back in the ring and Red Velvet trips Athena off the apron and tosses her back into the ring and Kiera takes control as we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and both competitors are down in the ring.

Athena wallops Kiera with a double front kick to the chest and sends Kiera to the corner with a kick combination and cracks her with a handspring elbow. Athena goes up top, Velvet tries to trip her down, Athena knocks her back but Kiera uses the distraction to plant Athena with a hurricanrana then a sliding kick in the corner before going for the cover but Athena kicks out. Kiera goes for a suplex but Athena rolls out and ducks a kick and blasts Kiera with an elbow. Athena goes up top and Kiera follows her up there and lays into Athena with some elbows but Athena knocks her back and plants her with a flying cutter for the three-count!

Winner - Athena

We then see a vignette from House Of Black where Malakai Black says bringing in Julia Hart was always the plan.

Back at the ringside area, AEW World Champion CM Punk makes his way down to the ring. While Punk makes his walk, commentary's heavily leaning into a potential injury to Punk. The champion finally gets in the ring and is visibly shaken up for a reason we're potentially about to find out as the 'CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK!' chants pour in. Punk says when he was driving to the arena today, every bone in his body was telling him to leave and go home and hug his wife and his dog, Larry but he knew everyone deserved an explanation. Punk says he promised everyone that he'd give it his all until the wheels fell off. Punk says he has good news and bad news and the last thing he ever wanted to do was make everyone feel disappointed and he hopes he hasn't disappointed anybody. Punk says he's loved every single moment in the ring and he didn't think it was possible to feel the things he's felt while in AEW. Punk says the bad news is he's injured and need surgery because 'a couple of things are broken' but nothing more than his heart. Punk says the good news is that he can still do everything he set out to do in AEW and the wheels haven't fallen off it's just that one of his wheels are broken and he's come back from worse and while he's felt better than he does today, he's certainly felt worse. Punk says it's time to talk about the AEW World Championship. Punk says he told Tony Khan that he didn't want to hold the company up and he names Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and others that can fill in for him and he told Tony Khan that he'd vacate the title but Tony told him that he believes in CM Punk which is something that he needed to hear. Punk says sometimes he gets down on himself and doubt starts to creep in but he promises that he's not going to let the doubt creep in and ruin anything and the get back is going to be better than the set back. Punk says he's champion for a reason and he's going to show everyone why he's going to come back bigger, better and hungrier than ever before and he's going to prove why he's the best in the world.

Commentary then announces that Scorpio Sky will defend the TNT Championship against Dante Martin in our main event of the evening, after the break.

Scorpio Sky (C) (with Ethan Page & Dan Lambert) vs. Dante Martin (with Matt Sydal) — TNT Championship

Sky with a shoulder tackle to start. Martin takes Sky down with an arm drag then applies an arm lock as we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Martin drop kicks Sky to the outside and leaps off the top rope and cracks Sky with a dive then tosses Sky back into the ring. Martin leaps to the top and drills Sky with a diving shotgun drop kick then goes for the cover but Sky kicks out. Martin springboards himself off the ropes and nails Sky with a drop kick, Sky gets back up and plants Martin with the TKO for the 1-2-3!

Winner - Scorpio Sky (STILL TNT Champion)

Commentary closes the show by announcing that a battle royal will kick off next Wednesday's episode of Dynamite and the winner will face Jon Moxley later on during that show with the winner of that match going on to Forbidden Door to compete for the Interim AEW World Championship.

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