AEW Rampage Results For 9/17/21 Miro vs Fuego Del Sol, Anna Jay vs. The Bunny, Lucha Bros. In Action

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- "It's Friday, and you know what that means." We are then welcomed to AEW Rampage at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, by AEW commentator Excalibur. Excalibur welcomes his colleagues Taz, Chris Jericho, and FTW Champion Ricky Starks to the telecast. The commentators then go over tonight's card.

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AEW Tag-Team Championship Match
The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny, Matt Hardy, and Jack Evans) vs. The Lucha Bros. (C) (w/ Alex Abrahantes)

The match begins with The Blade and Rey Fenix, both men attempt to get some strikes in, but they counter each other. The Lucha Bros. now are double-teaming The Butcher with numerous combination moves. The Blade then goes to his partner, The Butcher, who then receives the tag.

Fenix is now getting double-teamed by The Butcher and The Blade, Fenix however, gets the desperation tag in, and Fenix tags Pénta El Zero M. Pénta and Fenix both soar over the top ropes and land on top of their opponents. The Butcher hits Pénta with a crossbody as we go to the first picture-in-picture commercial break with The Butcher and The Blade in control. Fenix flips The Blade into the corner turnbuckle, and he lands on top of his tag-team partner. Fenix hits a snapping suplex; Pénta is now the legal man. The Butcher and The Blade hit Pénta with a combination bodyslam.

The Butcher now ties up Pénta into the corner ropes by using Pénta's mask. Fenix is getting double-teamed again by The Butcher and The Blade. Pénta removes his mask, but he covers his face and superkick's The Blade. Fenix then rolls up The Butcher to get the pin. After the match, Private Party runs in and attack The Lucha Bros. along with Jack Evans and The Butcher and The Blade. Santana and Ortiz run down and make the save.

Winners: The Lucha Bros. (w/ Alex Abrahantes)

- We get a video package with quotes from Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson. Omega says he is the top talent in the business, and Omega says he is the underdog. Danielson says people have had a misconception about him for the past few years.

Anna Jay (w/ Tay Conti) vs. The Bunny (w/ Penelope Ford, Jack Evans, and Matt Hardy)

The match has yet to start, and The Bunny goes right at Anna Jay; Jay is ready for her and slams her down on the outside. Anna Jay hits The Bunny with a Northern Lights suplex. However, Anna Jay is in control and sends her outside of the ring. Anna Jay is met with a kick almost right away. The Bunny is now in control on the outside as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break, and Anna Jay hits The Bunny with a flipping neckbreaker. Penelope Ford is now on top of the apron, trying to distract Anna Jay; Tay Conti pulls her off the apron; now, The Bunny is distracted. Anna Jay capitalizes and then pins The Bunny to get the win. After the match, Penelope Ford and The Bunny attack both Anna Jay and Tay Conti. Ford hits both Jay and Conti with Brass Knuckles.

Winner: Anna Jay (w/ Tay Conti)

- We get a promo for the upcoming CM Punk and Powerhouse Hobbs

- Tony Schiavone is in the ring to interview Matt Hardy. Hardy says that Anna Jay will get dealt with next week by Penelope Ford. Hardy also says he will also deal with Orange Cassidy next week. Hardy goes after a fan in Orange Cassidy cosplay; Jack Evans and Matt Hardy start attacking the fan. They put him in the ring, cut the fan's ponytail, and then shaved his head. Orange Cassidy's music hits, and he makes the save. Hardy and Evans leave the ring before Cassidy can get to them.

- Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., and Ruby Soho are in the ring for a face-to-face before their match next week. First, Baker starts the promo by taking some shots at Ruby Soho. Then, Baker welcomes Soho "to TV time." Soho says, "Baker is like anyone else she has faced; she is entitled and banging some dude in the back." Next, Baker says that "Ruby, you say you're a runaway, you did not a runaway, you got fired." Soho says that she is correct, but it's the best thing to ever happened to her. Next, Soho tells Baker "that she's surprised she can see with her head so far up Tony Khan's ass." Baker then attempts to hit Soho with the belt, but Soho is ready for her.

- Mark Henry is interviewing both Fuego Del Sol and Miro for a side-by-side interview. Henry asks Del Sol if he's sure that he wants to put his new car on the line. Fuego Del Sol says that he was so close to winning last time. Miro says he took the match for his God above and for below for his wife.

TNT Championship
Fuego Del Sol vs. Miro (C)

Miro attempts to lock up with Fuego Del Sol; however, Del Sol escapes before Miro can even touch Del Sol. Del Sol tries to trick Miro, and Miro rolls out of the ring. Fuego Del Sol goes for the dive, but Miro catches him. Del Sol escapes the grasp of Miro and pushes Miro into the corner post. Del Sol gets in a few strikes, but Del Sol cannot get the upper hand as Miro throws him into the front row of seats.

Miro hits Del Sol with a big fallaway slam on the outside. They go to their last commercial break for the evening with Miro in complete control and just punishing Del Sol. Del Sol has Miro in a headlock; Del Sol releases it and gets more offense in on Miro. Del Sol hits Miro with a step-up Enzuigiri. Fuego Del Sol hits Miro with a double stomp. Miro is just getting back up off the mat as Fuego goes for the tornado DDT.

Miro stops it and kicks Del Sol multiple Machka Kicks on the head. Miro then pins Del Sol for the win. After the match, Miro has the car keys and shoves them into Del Sol's mouth. Miro then puts the Accolade on Del Sol and then locks it in. Sammy Guevara makes the save, and Miro leaves the ring mad as we go off the air.

Winner: Miro

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