All Elite Wrestling All Out 2020 Results New Tag Team Champions Crowned

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The Buy In

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- We open tonight's pre-show with Dasha and Tony breaking down the card for tonight's pay per view with the AEW World Championship headlining.

- We get video package promos by AEW World champion Jon Moxley and the challenger MJF ahead of their title match in tonight's main event.

- We get a compilation of promos by several people involved in the Casino Battle Royale.

- We get a video package for Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy ahead of their Mimosa Mayhem match.

- We get a video package for Hangman Page and Kenny Omega defending their tag belts against FTR.

Serpentico w/Luther vs Joey Janela

Joey drops Serpentico repeatedly before tossing him over the top rope and whipping him into the railing. Joey back drops Serpentico onto the floor before Serpentico knocks Joey off of the top. Serpentico sends Joey into the railing and back into the ring before getting a one count. Serpentico whips Joey into the corner which sends Joey face first into the middle turnbuckle. Serpentico hits a running knee in the corner for two before going up top and faking a dive before stomping Joey.

Joey comes back and gets his knees up when Serpentico goes for a diving senton. Joey hits a DVD into a super kick before missing a moonsault and Serpentico hits a spiking DDT for a near fall. Joey hits an avalanche fisherman's buster for a near fall before he's distracted by Luther. Serpentico then rocks Joey with a jumping knee before Joey comes back with a lariat and hits a diving elbow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Joey Janela defeats Serpentico via pinfall.

Private Party vs The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

Silver and Kassidy exchange wrist locks and headlocks before Kassidy hits several arm drags into a leg lariat. PP clear the ring with a stereo dropkicks that send Silver and Reynolds to the outside. Back in the ring PP double up on Reynolds then Silver before Silver gets the blind tag and he and Reynolds hit a powerbomb back stabber for two. TDO isolate Kassidy in the corner until he gets the hot tag to Quen when he counters a back suplex. Quen sends Reynolds to the outside before hitting a moonsault press for two.

TDO counter Silly String and hits an inverted F5 for a near fall before hitting Quen with a flurry of double team moves for a very close near fall. PP then hit Gin & Juice for the pin and the win.

Winner: Private Party defeat The Dark Order via pinfall.

All Out

Tooth and Nail Match

Britt Baker vs Big Swole

Swole invades Britt's dentist office with a referee in tow before attacking the receptionist. The man turns to a pseudo horror scene before Britt hits Swole with her diploma and the referee starts the match. Britt goes to take out Swole's teeth before Swole hits her with a metal tray and does the same to her receptionist. They end up outside and Britt and Swole fight before Britt DDTs Swole onto a dumpster. Back in the building Britt hits a swinging neck breaker onto the floor for two.

They exchange strikes until Swole drops Britt with a boot for two before Britt goes to drill Swole with a power drill. Swole then makes Britt give herself a syringe of novacane before Swole knocks Britt out with gas for the win.

Winner: Big Swole defeats Britt Baker via referee stoppage.

Jurassic Express vs The Young Bucks

Matt and JB start things off before Lucha comes in and gets doubled up on by the Bucks. The Bucks hit a bulldog dropkick combo for one before Lucha powerbombs Nick into Matt. JB comes in and sends Nick out of the ring before hitting a head scissors and Matt hits a series of northern lights suplexes. Matt suplexes JB over the barricade and onto the floor before he gets back in right before being counted out. JB rocks Nick before Matt hits a running knee for two and the Bucks hit a diving stomp back stabber.

JB comes back only for Lucha to be kicked off of the apron and preventing the tag. JB comes back with a clothesline before getting the tag to Lucha who drops the Bucks repeatedly. Lucha rocks Matt and Nick with kicks before slamming Matt and slamming Nick on top of Matt. Lucha hits a standing moonsault for a near fall that Matt breaks up before JB springboards off of the back of Lucha to the outside. Lucha hits a tope of his own before Nick powerbombs JB onto the edge of the apron and hits Lucha with a destroyer.

The Bucks double up on JB after taking out Lucha for a near fall before JE counter a Meltzer Driver. Nick breaks up a near fall off of the Extinction Level Event before Lucha hits a dive off of the top and takes out performers in the crowd. The Bucks then hit a double superkick to JB before pinning him with the BTE Trigger for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Young Bucks defeat Jurassic Express via pinfall.

Casino Battle Royale Match

Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, The Blade and Rey Fenix start the match off with the heels out numbering and picking apart Daniels and Trent. Trent is nearly eliminated with under thirty seconds left in the first group before the timer goes off and Kaz, Chuck Taylor and Will Hobbs come in. Santana and Ortiz come out last in the group and take out Chuck at ringside with a baton. Brian Cage, Pentagon and Sean come in before Lance, Butcher, Eddie Kingston, Ricky Starks and Darby Allin come in. Matt Sydal comes in last, making his AEW debut with the joker card before Santana and Ortiz are eliminated.

Kaz is eliminated before Brian gets several eliminations in quick succession before Brian puts Darby Allin into a body bag with thumb tacks before eliminating Allin. Matt eliminates Sean before Hobbs hits him with a spine buster onto tacks and gets ran over by Lance. Brian and Lance exchange strikes until Brian hits a head scissors Lance eliminates him and Hobbs when they're exchanging forearms on the apron. We reach the final four before Sydal takes out Butcher and Lance hits Matt with the Black Out. Eddie eliminates Matt before Butcher and Blade come back and try to help Eddie while Jake keeps Eddie at bay with his snake.

Lance then last eliminates Eddie to win the battle royal and a future world title shot.

Winner: Lance Archer wins the battle royal by being the last man standing in the ring.

Broken Rules Match
Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

We go outside to Matt on the football field before Sammy shows up with a golf cart and nearly runs Matt over. They brawl in the concourse, Matt DDTing Sammy onto a table before grinding his face into a scissor lift. They climb on top of the lift before Sammy counters a Side Effect and they fall off and through a table. Matt gets up at the count of nine right before he loses the match and Sammy drags him around. The doctor then shows up and stops the match before Sammy is dragged off and the referee calls the match off.

They make their way out to the ring and end up brawling before the match is restarted and they fight on the stage. They then climb scaffolding before Matt knocks Sammy off and through the stage and Sammy is counted out.

Winner: Matt Hardy defeats Sammy Guevara via count out.

AEW Women's World Championship Match

Hikaru Shida (c) vs Thunder Rosa

Rosa immediately goes for a submission before Shida gets to the ropes for the break and locks in a rear chin lock. They run the ropes before exchanging forearms and Shida hits a hurricanrana before they mirror a dropkick. Rosa takes control until Shida drives her into the corner and Rosa hits a running meteora to the back of Shida for two. Shida hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before hitting a running knee lift at ringside and Rosa uses a chair to launch at Shida at ringside. Rosa drives Shida into the apron and rolls her back inside before hitting a back breaker once they're back inside.

Rosa locks in a pendulum submission before hitting a running leg drop. Rosa gets out of a stretch muffler before Shida drops her with a running knee lift. Shida hits a brain buster before countering a falcon arrow and Rosa dropkicks Shida through the ropes and out onto the stage. Rosa hits a DVD onto the edge of the apron for a near fall before Shida hits a superplex. Shida hits a springboard meteora onto the stage before they exchange offense until Shida hits a falcon arrow for a near fall.

Rosa gets a near fall off of a sunset flip before Shida locks in a stretch muffler and Rosa gets to the ropes for the break. Rosa comes back with a back stabber for two before Shida drops Rosa with elbows into a back breaker for a near fall. Shida then hits Rosa with the Tamashii for the pin and the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida defends her AEW Women's World Championship by defeating Thunder Rosa via pinfall.

The Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) vs Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky & Matt Cardona

All eight men brawl at ringside before Evil and Dustin pair off only for QT to come in and NN double up on Uno. QT chases Uno around ringside before they end up back inside and Uno drives QT into the corner. TDO isolate QT and chain together offense and tags until QT hits a back breaker into a flat liner to Stu. Uno comes back in and bites QT before knocking Dustin off of the apron and QT gets the tag to Matt. Colt comes in and gets hit with a missile dropkick before Matt hits him with the Reboot for two.

Matt is sent out of the ring when Stu and Brody separate the ropes before Stu gets several two counts on Matt. Brody comes in and knocks Dustin off of the apron before Stu and Uno hit a roundhouse into a brain buster for two. Matt comes back with a neck breaker and gets the tag to Dustin who takes out three members of TDO before he's dropped by Brodie. Sky comes in and hits a head scissors that sends Brodie out of the ring before Sky hits Stu with a TKO for a near fall. Matt takes out Stu with Radio Silence before QT gets the blind tag and takes everyone else out at ringside.

Back in the ring Brodie powerbombs Matt before QT gets hit with a series of moves by all four members of TDO for a near fall. Brodie tosses QT into the corner so Dustin can come in and the two exchange strikes before Brodie drops Dustin with a lariat. Colt then misses a moonsault before Dustin rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Natural Nightmares, Matt Cardona and Scorpio Sky defeat The Dark Order via pinfall.

- Brodie yells at Colt after the match before we go backstage to Dustin being interviewed before Tony tells him that he'll face Brodie for the TNT title Wednesday night on Dynamite.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) vs FTR w/Tully Blanchard

Wheeler and Page start things off for their respective teams with Page beating down Wheeler. Omega and Page clear the ring before dropping FTR with stereo boots once they get back in. Omega and Page take turns chopping Wheeler before Page hits a running shooting star press for two. Wheeler comes back with a back suplex before Dax comes in and FTR stretch Page around the post. Tony informs us about the situation in the Broken Rules match while FTR isolate Page.

Page gets two off of a small package before hitting a rebound lariat and gets the hot tag to Omega. Omega takes out both members of FTR and sends Dax out of the ring before hitting Wheeler with a rolling senton. Kenny hits a moonsault off of the second rope for two before Wheeler counters a snap dragon and Kenny dropkicks him in midair. Kenny hits a tope to the outside onto both members of FTR before hitting a missile dropkick for two. FTR hit a powerbomb into a German suplex with a jack knife cover for a deep two count.

Kenny takes out both Dax and Wheeler before Page gets the tag and he and Kenny hit running moves to both members of FTR in the corner. Kenny hits a V-Trigger to the back of the head of Wheeler for a near fall before Wheeler distracts the referee. Dax hits a superplex before Wheeler hits a splash for a near fall when Wheeler tags himself in before everyone hits a move. Kenny hits a Tiger Driver 98 for a near fall before Wheeler counters the One Winged Angel. Dax locks in submission before Kenny gets to the ropes for the break and Dax stays focused on the leg of Kenny.

FTR wrap Kenny's leg around the post before Kenny hits a snap dragon suplex to both members. Kenny gets a near fall off of a roll up after Kenny accidentally sends Dax into Adam and knocks him off of the apron. Page gets the tag and knocks Dax off of the apron before hitting a fall away slam to Wheeler. Page hits a tope onto FTR at ringside before getting two once they're back in the ring and Dax gets the blind tag. Dax gets a near fall off of a stiff forearm before hitting a double diving headbutt for a near fall that Kenny breaks up.

Dax dumps Kenny out onto the apron before FTR hit an electric chair bulldog onto the floor. Back in the ring FTR hit Page with the same move they did Kenny for a near fall before Kenny saves Adam. Adam hits a move off of the top for a near fall before Wheeler dodges a V-Trigger and Kenny inadvertently hits Page. FTR then hit the Mind Breaker to Kenny before hitting Adam with it for the pin and the win.

Winner: FTR defeat Kenny Omega and Adam Page via pinfall to become the new AEW World Tag Team champions.

- After the match Kenny dodges Adam when he goes for a hug and Adam collapses before Kenny leaves to the back. Kenny meets the Bucks and tells them he's done and they follow him out of the arena. Kenny then makes them choose him or Adam before they stand there in shock and Kenny leaves without them.

Mimosa Mayhem Match

Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy

Orange rushes Chris who hits a Code Breaker out of nowhere for an early near fall before following up with a back suplex. Chris chops Orange in the corner and whips him across the ring and bouncing off of the opposite turnbuckle. Chris rocks Orange before Orange counters the Walls of Jericho and Chris launches him over the top rope and onto the apron. Chris tries to push Orange's face in the mimosa before throwing a table at him. Orange sends Chris off of the platform before diving off of it and onto Chris before whipping him into the railing.

Chris hits Orange with a chair before they end up back on the platform and exchange strikes next to the tank. Chris powerbombs Orange onto the platform before putting him through a table. Chris pushes the face of Orange into the mimosa before Orange superkicks him when he grabs a bat. Orange hits Chris with a bucket and gets two off of a sunset flip and another two count off of a Michinoku driver. They exchange forearms on their knees before Orange hits Chris with a stunner and Chris locks in the Walls of Jericho.

Orange gets some of the mimosa in a glass before throwing it in Chris' eyes for a near fall with an inside cradle. Orange hits a superman forearm before hitting a frankensteiner and a PK into a tornado DDT for a near fall. Chris gets a near fall off of a Code Breaker before Orange counters a lawn dart into the tank. Orange then knocks Chris off of the top turnbuckle and into the tank with two Orange punches for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy defeats Chris Jericho by knocking him into the tank of mimosa.

AEW World Championship Match

Jon Moxley (c) vs MJF w/Wardlow

They exchange standing switches before MJF takes Jon down with an ankle pick and they grapple on the mat. MJF grounds Jon repeatedly with side headlock takeovers before they lock up and MJF backs Jon into the ropes. Jon chops MJF who rolls out of the ring, MJF one step ahead of Jon until Jon fakes a slingshot and stomps the head of MJF. Jon hits a suicide dive and crotches MJF on the barricade before getting in the face of Wardlow. Jon focuses on joint manipulation before tossing MJF back inside for a one count and MJF counters a sleeper hold for two.

MJF goes for an armbar before Jon hangs him across the top rope and gets distracted by Wardlow. MJF capitalizes on the distraction and injures the arm of Jon when they come off of the apron. Wardlow tosses Jon back into the ring where MJF stomps him and locks in a shoulder lock. MJF takes Jon down for two before choking him in the corner and playing to the crowd. Jon comes back with chops before MJF rakes his eyes and whips Jon into the corner for two.

MJF knocks Jon off of the apron before Jon drives MJF into the edge of the apron and slingshots him into the post. Back in the ring Jon is nursing his shoulder as we see that MJF has been busted wide open. MJF kicks out of an x-plex before rolling out of the ring when Jon can't lift him for a piledriver. Jon hits a deep six onto the floor and rolls MJF back inside before Jon counters a Fujiwara armbar and hits a Gotch style piledriver for two. Jon bites MJF and sets him on the top before MJF bites his hand and hits a diving stomp onto the arm of Jon.

Jon counters another armbar attempt by MJF before they exchange strikes until Jon hits a release German suplex into a clothesline for two. MJF spits in the face of Jon before Jon teases the Paradigm Shift and MJF locks in a Fujiwara armbar. Jon gets his foot on the bottom rope for the break before moving out onto the apron where MJF snaps his arm in the ropes. MJF hits the Heat Seeker for a near fall before Jon counters a second one into an air raid crash for two. They exchange on their knees up to their feet before MJF pulls the referee in the way and thumbs the eye of Jon for two.

MJF pulls the referee in and low blows Jon for a near fall before hitting a cross Rhodes for yet another near fall. Wardlow then distracts the referee before Jon hits the Paradigm Shift with the referee distracted for the pin and the win.

Winner:Jon Moxley retains his AEW World Championship by defeating MJF via pinfall.

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