All Elite Wrestling Full Gear Results Kenny Omega vs Adam Page

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for All Elite Wrestling's Full Gear event!

The Buy-in

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- We get an in ring interview with Dante Martin before he's interrupted by The Acclaimed before Dante attacks and lays out both members of The Acclaimed and sends them to the back.

Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa vs Jamie Hayter & Nyla Rose

Nyla and Rosa start the match off before Shida comes in and she and Rosa double up on Nyla before Nyla hits a double suplex and tags in Jamie who stomps Rosa in the corner. Jamie and Nyla isolate Rosa until she gets the hot tag to Shida who drops Jamie and Nyla low bridges her when she runs the ropes before clotheslining her at ringside. Nyla and Jamie stomp Shida at ringside before tossing her back inside for two before Shida comes back with strikes and a suplex and tags in Rosa. Rosa dropkicks both Jamie and Nyla before she and Shida hit topes and Vickie hits Shida with her own kendo stick before Nyla gets a near fall that Rosa breaks up. Hikaru then counters a Beast Bomb into a jack knife cover for the pin and the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa defeat Nyla Rose and Jamie Hayter via pinfall.

Main Show

MJF vs Darby Allin

MJF and Darby start off even before Darby backs MJF into the corner and MJF drops Darby with a cheap shot and sends him out of the ring before clotheslining him at ringside. Darby hits a suicide dive before sending MJF into the steps and back inside before MJF stretches Darby and Darby hits an up kick before MJF hits a backbreaker for two. MJF whips Darby into the corner repeatedly before Darby reverses a whip and MJF hits a backbreaker into a slam for two before Darby counters a superplex. Darby counters a top rope tombstone into a stunner before they exchange strikes until Darby headbutts MJF and MJF hits a powerbomb onto his knee before Darby comes back with strikes and MJF powerbombs him for a deep two count. MJF locks in a sharpshooter before Darby chop blocks MJF and MJF stomps his arm before Darby locks in a Figure Four and MJF reverses the pressure before Darby gets to the ropes for the break.

Darby counters a suplex into several pin attempts for a series of near falls before going up top and MJF rolls out of the ring before Darby hits a Coffin Drop onto MJF onto the floor. Back in the ring Shawn Spears and Wardlow then come out to the ring and Sting attacks them from behind before MJF hits Darby with a gimmick behind the referees back for the pin and the win.

Winner: MJF defeats Darby Allin via pinfall.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
Lucha Bros (c) vs FTR

Fenix and Cash start the match off before FTR chain together offense and frequent tags before Fenix comes back with a whirlwind kick and tags in Penta who hits a pair of sling blades. Fenix saves Penta from a double suplex before LB double up on FTR for two before locking in a double submission on FTR before Cash rolls out of the ring and Penta kicks Dax in the corner. FTR come back and snap Penta's neck across the top rope for two before tying Penta's mask to the bottom rope and stomping him before slingshotting him into the middle rope. FTR isolate Penta until he gets the hot tag to Fenix who takes out both members of FTR before covering Dax for two before FTR hit Fenix with an assisted back drop driver. Dax hits Penta with a series of suplexes before Penta hits a series of suplexes of his own and Fenix follows up with a frog splash for a deep two count before Cash saves Dax and FTR hit an assisted piledriver for a deep two count.

Lucha Bros then a variation of the Fear Factor for a near fall before pinning Cash with an assisted piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha Bros defeat FTR via pinfall to retain their AEW World Tag Team titles.

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semifinal Match
Miro vs Bryan Danielson

Miro and Bryan lock up before Miro shoves Bryan backwards and Bryan goes after the leg of Miro who throws him across the ring before they exchange wrist locks and headlocks. Miro sends Bryan out of the ring before beckoning him back inside before playing to the crowd until Bryan gets back inside and the two lock up. Miro backs Bryan into the corner before Bryan kicks and chops him in the corner before Miro runs him over when he slings Bryan off of him before Bryan hits a flying clothesline. Bryan dropkicks Miro out of the ring before Miro catches him with a forearm when he goes for a suicide dive before suplexing Bryan onto the floor. Miro sends Bryan into the barricade and steps before getting back inside and playing to the crowd once again before Bryan gets back inside before being counted out.

Miro suplexes Bryan repeatedly for two before stomping him in the corner and Bryan comes back with running dropkicks before Miro hits a Samoan drop for two. Bryan sends Miro into the post and hits a diving knee off of the apron before rolling him back inside and hitting a missile dropkick into kicks to the chest before Miro catches a kick. Bryan goes for a heel hook before Miro counters into a pair dead lift release German suplexes before Bryan hits a roundhouse kick for a deep two count. Bryan stomps the face of Miro before Miro powerbombs him for two before locking in the Game Over and Bryan gets to the ropes right before tapping. Miro reapplies the hold before Bryan counters into the LaBel Lock before Miro turns around into Bryan's guard and rains down right hands before Bryan locks in a triangle choke.

Miro then tears at the eyes of Bryan to get free before they exchange strikes until Bryan hits a tornado DDT into a guillotine and chokes Miro out for the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson defeats Miro via submission to advance to the finals of the tournament.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Superkliq vs Jurassic Express & Christian Cage

The six men start things off by brawling before the action spills out of the ring and Adam and Christian go at it in the ring as JE beat on the Bucks at ringside. Adam sends Luchasaurus out of the ring before Jungle Boy sends Adam out of the ring and gets double teamed by the Bucks before Luchasaurus hits them with a double clothesline. Adam sends Luchasaurus back out of the ring before facing off with Jungle before the Bucks save Adam from a powerbomb onto a chair and Jungle hits a double arm drag. Adam sends Jungle out of the ring with a shining wizard before Christian hits Adam with a reverse DDT into a chair before Luchasaurus takes out the Bucks with a double German. Adam takes out Luchasaurus with a trash can before Jungle sends Adam out of the ring with a German before hitting a pair of topes before landing on a trash can on the third attempt. Luchasaurus boots a trash can into Nick's face for two before headbutting Adam and JE double up on Adam at ringside before getting a table out and setting it up at ringside.

Jungle sends a busted open Adam into the post and back into the ring before Christian tells Jungle to hit Adam with a Conchairto before the Bucks save Adam and a superkick party ensues. Jungle hits a head scissors that sends Adam through the ropes and through the table at ringside before Matt hits a diving elbow drop onto Luchasaurus through a second table at ringside. Christian fights the Bucks in the crowd before they make their way back to ringside where the Bucks send him into the steps and Adam suplexes Jungle into the edge of the apron. Back in the ring the Bucks pour thumb tacks onto the mat before feeding some to Jungle and superkicking him for a near fall that Christian breaks up. The Bucks beat down Christian before bringing a ladder into the ring and Christian hits everyone with a trash can before Luchasaurus hits running moves in every corner.

Luchasaurus chokeslams Nick onto the ladder before hitting a standing moonsault and Matt hits him with a trash can to break up the pin before Luchasaurus chases Matt to the stage and Jungle locks in a submission that Adam breaks up. Everyone counter each other on the stage until Matt takes out Luchasaurus and Adam hits a Panama Sunrise onto the stage for a near fall that Luchasaurus breaks up. A superkick party then ensues before Superkliq hit a BTE Trigger with thumb tack knee pads for a near fall before everyone hits a move until Jungle hits Matt with a Conchairto for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jurassic Express and Christian Cage defeat Superkliq via pinfall.

Andrade & Malakai Black vs Cody & PAC

Andrade and Cody start the match off before Malakai and PAC come in and Malakai drops PAC repeatedly before Andrade chops and stomps him down in the corner. PAC clears the ring and hits an asai before Arn attacks Jose and sends him to the back before Andrade takes out PAC with a corkscrew cross body and rolls him back into the ring. Malakai and Andrade isolate PAC until he gets the hot tag to Cody who rocks Andrade with strikes before knocking Malakai off of the apron and crotching Andrade up top. Cody hits an inverted superplex for two before clotheslining Malakai at ringside and Andrade locks in a figure four before PAC breaks it up with a 450 for a near fall. Andrade then hits PAC with a jawbreaker before PAC accidentally takes out Cody with a tope before hitting Andrade with a flurry and the Black Arrow for the pin and the win.

Winner: PAC and Cody defeat Andrade and Malakai Black via pinfall.

AEW Women's World Championship Match
Britt Baker (c) (w/ Rebel & Jamie Hayter) vs Tay Conti

Britt and Tay exchange wrist locks and head locks before countering each other's finishers early before getting into a shoving match and locking up. Tay hits a series of judo throws before Britt comes back with a crucifix for two before they exchange strikes until Britt drops Tay and chokes her in the ropes. Britt hits a fisherman's neckbreaker for two before Tay counters the Lock Jaw and clotheslines Britt repeatedly before hitting a running boot in the corner into a diving cross body for two. They run the ropes until Tay hits a release German for two before Britt traps Tay in the ropes and hits a draping neckbreaker for two before hitting a stomp for a deep two count. They end up on the apron before Britt hits an air raid crash onto the apron before rolling Tay back inside for two before Tay hits a knee lift for two before they exchange strikes until Tay hits a piledriver for a near fall.

Britt rolls Tay up for two before Jamie sends her into the steps when Rebel distracts the referee before Britt locks in the Lock Jaw back in the ring and Tay gets to the ropes for the break. Tay boots Britt off of the apron before going up top and hits a moonsault before hitting a side slam onto the floor and counters the Lock Jaw yet again before Britt rolls her up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Britt Baker retains her AEW Women's World title by defeating Tay Conti via pinfall.

CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston

Eddie and Punk brawl before Eddie suplexes Punk and Punk hits a diving clothesline before raining down right hands in mount before kicking him in the chest. Punk knocks Eddie off of the apron before Eddie sends him into the post and rolls back inside before going back out and wiping Punk's blood on his own face before attempting to rip up the tarp at ringside. Punk counters a slam onto the floor before hitting a dive off of the top and tossing Eddie back inside before dropping error repeatedly and hitting a side slam before teasing John Cena's You Can't See Me fist drop and Eddie flips him off. Punk then hits a series of suplexes before Eddie catches him up top before hitting a superplex before they brawl until they collapse before Punk hits a GTS for the pin and the win.

Winner: CM Punk defeats Eddie Kingston via pinfall.

Minneapolis Street Fight Match
Inner Circle vs Men of the Year & American Top Team

Sammy and Scorpio kick things off for their respective teams before Santana and Ortiz double up on Scorpio for two before Jake hits a delayed suplex. Jake and Andrei exchange strikes until Andrei hits a Samoan drop and tags in Junior before the two run Jake over and Chris comes in and faces off with Junior. Junior hits Chris with a powerslam and a delayed suplex before hitting a standing moonsault for two before Dan comes in and slaps Chris before everyone brawl. Inner Circle chase Dan around ringside before Ethan hits Chris with a hockey stick and Jake hits a dive that takes everyone out before Ethan and Scorpio save Dan from Chris. Santana and Ortiz lock on a double submission on Scorpio and Ethan before Jake hits Andrei and Ethan with a toaster before Chris attacks them with a snowboard.

Sammy hits a double cutter before hitting a Swanton Bomb for a deep two count before Santana and Ortiz hit Junior with a double superplex before Sammy hits a Swanton Bomb off of a ladder through a table. Back in the ring Chris then drops Dan before Junior drops Chris when he goes for a lionsault for a near fall before Chris hits Dan with a kendo stick and staples him before hitting a diving elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Inner Circle defeat American Top Team and Men of the Year via pinfall.

- Newest signee Jay Lethal comes out onto the stage for an interview with Tony ahead of our main event.

AEW World Championship Match
Kenny Omega (c) (w/ Don Callis) vs Adam Page

The two face off before exchanging words and lock up before exchanging headlocks and chops before Adam hits a running clothesline in the corner and Don distracts him. Kenny capitalizes and chokes Adam in the corner before Adam hits a tope and walks down Don before Kenny drives him into the barricade and apron. Adam suplexes Kenny onto the floor before Adam hits a diving clothesline back in the ring and exchanges with Kenny before Kenny sends him into the post and out of the ring. Don stomps Adam at ringside before Kenny hits a head scissors that sends Adam out of the ring before hitting the Rise of the Terminator before tossing Adam back inside. Kenny hits a rolling senton before going for a moonsault and Adam gets his knees up before hitting a fall away slam and a moonsault to the outside.

Back in the ring Kenny hits a springboard powerbomb before hitting a snap dragon suplex before hitting a snap dragon onto the apron. Back in the ring Kenny hits a V-Trigger before Adam counters the One Winged Angel into a clutch for a deep two count before Kenny hits a piledriver for a deep two count. Kenny goes up top before Adam crotches him and hits a Spanish fly for a near fall before Kenny rolls out of the ring and hits a diving clothesline off of the top of the post. Back in the ring Adam counters a V-Trigger into a powerbomb and accidentally takes out the referee before laying out Don and hitting Kenny with the Last Rites for a near fall. The two exchange strikes until Adam turns Kenny inside out and collapses before the Bucks come out to ringside and Kenny headbutts Adam before hitting a back drop driver.

Kenny then counters the Buckshot Lariat into a One Winged Angel before Adam hits Kenny with one of his own for a near fall before Adam hits a pair of Buckshot Lariats for the pin and the win.

Winner: Adam Page defeats Kenny Omega via pinfall to become the new AEW World champion.

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