-We get an extended video package for Cody & Dustin Rhodes.

Cody vs Dustin Rhodes

Cody takes Dustin down and does a cartwheel before mocking his brother and slapping him before tossing him out of the ring. Cody hits a suicide dive before they get back into the ring and Dustin hits Cody with mounted punches in the corner and drops him with right hands before Cody rolls out of the ring and regroups with Brandi. Cody goes into the crowd momentarily before he drinks some water and gets back into the ring, Brandi hitting Dustin from ringside before Cody hits a DVD for a near fall. Cody hits a dragon screw for a two count and a powerslam for another two count before Dustin comes back and goes for Shattered Dreams before Cody sends him face first into the exposed middle turnbuckle. Brandi spears Dustin and gets ejected from ringside for her troubles before DDP carries her to the back and Cody beats on his bloodied brother at ringside. Back in the ring Cody drops his brother with a boot for a two count before dropkicking him for another two count, Cody stomping his brother in the corner before whipping him across the ring.

Dustin fights back before Cody hits a curb stomp for a near fall and Dustin hits a powerslam for a near fall of his own before Cody locks in a figure four. Dustin reverses the pressure before they get to the ropes for the break and Cody takes his belt off before Dustin hits an atomic drop and whips Cody with his own belt. Dustin hits a superplex and Cross Rhodes for a very close near fall before Cody hits a low blow and Cross Rhodes for a near fall of his own. Dustin headbutts Cody and hits another Cross Rhodes for yet another near fall before they exchange until they collapse. Cody then hits a second Cross Rhodes for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cody defeats Dustin Rhodes via pinfall with Cross Rhodes.

-Brett Hart comes out to the ring to present the AEW World Championship. Adam comes out before they're interrupted by MJF and Jungle Boy.

AAA World Tag Team Championship Match

The Young Bucks (c) vs The Lucha Bros

Penta and Matt start the match off to the roar of the crowd before Penta teases a Pentagon driver and tags in Fenix. Matt opts to stay in with Fenix and Fenix hits a springboard arm drag that sends The Bucks out of the ring where they take a moment to breathe and regroup. Nick comes in and exchanges flips with Nick before they mirror a dropkick and try to knock each other over until they exchange open hand palm strikes to the chest and forearms. Fenix dropkicks Nick and Penta hits Matt with an enzuigiri before they hit a double superkick and Penta hits a sling blade into a wheel barrow splash for a two count. Nick comes back and takes out both Lucha Bros before he gets the tag to Matt and Matt hits a military press to Penta and a spear to Fenix.

The Bucks double up on Penta and knock Fenix from the apron before Penta flips Nick into Matt in the corner and Fenix a rolling cutter on Nick for a near fall. Fenix chops Matt and Matt hits Penta with a diving blockbuster before Fenix takes Nick off of the apron and Matt hits a series of suplexes into a sharpshooter before suplexing Penta when he goes to break the hold. Nick gets the tag and hits a springboard sit-out facebuster to Fenix and an Asai moonsault to Penta on the outside. Back in the ring Nick hits a bulldog lariat and the Bucks lock in dueling sharpshooters before Nick hits an assisted draping 450 for a near fall. The Bucks hit a buckle bomb into a powerbomb shiranui for a near fall before a superkick party ensues and Penta hits a Canadian destroyer on the apron before Fenix hits one in the ring for a very close near fall.

Penta hits a Pentagon driver before Fenix hits a flipping senton for a near fall and Matt hits a brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle. The Bucks hit a fear factor of their own for a near fall and Penta snaps Matt's arm before hitting the Pentagon Driver for a near fall. The Bucks then hit the Meltzer Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Young Bucks retain their AAA World Tag Team Championship by defeating The Lucha Bros via pinfall with the Meltzer Driver.

AEW World Championship Number One Contender Match

Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho

Chris backs Kenny into the ropes and they slap each other before Chris drops Kenny with a shoulder block and Kenny chops him before Chris dodges a V-Trigger and a huricanrrana. Chris locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Kenny is quick to the ropes before rolling out of the ring, Chris hitting a baseball slide before they brawl at ringside. Kenny slams Chris onto the time keeper's podium and Chris pushes Kenny into the front row when he goes for a moonsault off of the top of the barricade. Kenny throws water in the face of Chris and hits a dropkick off of the top of the barricade before rolling him back into the ring and Kenny hits a rolling DVD into a moonsault for a two count. Chris sends Kenny face first into the middle turnbuckle and steps on Kenny's face before chopping him in the corner and hitting a missile dropkick for a two count. Chris turns Kenny inside out before busting his nose open and Kenny hits a huricanrrana and clotheslines Chris over the top rope. Kenny hits a flipping senton into Chris who is holding a table before Kenny hits a springboard diving stomp onto the table on top of Chris. Kenny sets the table up at ringside and hits a high angle bulldog for a two count before Kenny hits a V-Trigger and an avalanche Saito suplex for a near fall. Kenny gets dropped with a back elbow before Kenny counters a lionsault into the V-Trigger and Chris counters the One Winged Angel. Chris hits two lionsaults and Kenny rocks him with a bicycle knee before Chris counters a Tiger driver and dumps Kenny over the top rope and through the table at ringside. Chris hits a springboard dropkick that turns Kenny inside out and Kenny knocks Chris from the top turnbuckle before Chris hits a code breaker in midair for a near fall. Kenny hits a snap dragon suplex and Chris locks in the Walls of Jericho before Kenny counters and drops Chris with a V-Trigger. Chris counters the One Winged Angel into a DDT and drops Kenny with an enzuigiri before Chris counters another One Winged Angel into a spiking DDT. Chris then hits a Code Breaker and the Judas Effect for the pin and the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho defeats Kenny Omega via pinfall with the Judas Effect to become the new number one contender for the AEW World Championship.

-After the match Chris cuts a promo before Jon Moxley comes out to the ring through the crowd and attacks Chris as we go off the air.