All Elite Wrestling Presents Double or Nothing Results The Elite Stand Tall, New Women's Champion

Good evening Fight Fans,and welcome to our coverage for All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing headlined by a Stadium Stampede match between The Inner Circle and The Elite teaming up with Matt Hardy! Please enjoy the show and be sure to stick around for the post show podcast!

The Buy-In

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- We open the show with Excalibur and Tazz before we get a breakdown of tonight's card and go to an interview with Jake Roberts and Lance Archer from earlier today before we go to the ring for the our sole match on The Buy-In with a shot at the Tag Team titles on the line between Private Party and Best Friends.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Number One Contender Match

Private Party vs Best Friends

Chuck and Isiah start things off by exchanging wrist locks before Chuck takes Isiah down with a side headlock takeover, Isiah getting up almost instantly before tagging in Marq as Trent gets the tag for BF. They run the ropes before Quen hits a standing moonsault when Trent drops down for two before Trent counters a head scissors into a variation of a northern lights suplex for two. Trent chops Quen before BF drop him with a double back elbow and hit a double elbow drop before Isiah and Trent exchange chops, Trent dropping Isiah with a single chop before hitting a back suplex. Marq helps Isiah skin the cat before Isiah drops Trent and chops him in the corner before Marq comes in and stomps Trent before taking his headband and dropping Trent with a shot to the ribs when he tries to come back with chops. Isiah sends Trent into the railing before Trent spears him and Marq hits a flipping senton over the top rope before Marq gets the tag and climbs to the top before Chuck tries to distract him, but Marq shoves him down on the apron.

BF hit a superplex with Trent on Chuck's shoulders for two before Chuck tags in and hits a scoop slam into an elbow drop for a quick one count before Chuck and Marq exchange forearms. Chuck hits a float over suplex for two before Trent hits a running back elbow in the corner and Marq counters a tornado DDT into a dropkick before Isiah gets the tag and drops Chuck from the apron before hitting Trent with an enzuigiri and hitting a moonsault onto Chuck at ringside. Isiah hits a spinning flat liner for two before following up with forearms and PP hit an inverted atomic drop into a kick and a double stomp for two, Trent coming back with stereo back suplexes to PP before Chuck comes in and is almost immediately doubled up on, but he's ready, sending Isiah into Marq in the corner before BF hit Soul Food and hug in the center of the ring. Marq saves Isiah from a double team before PP hitting a combination shooting star press by Marq into the knees of Isiah, Marq and Chuck exchanging forearms until PP hit Chuck with a G-9 in honor of Cryme Tyme before Marq hits a shooting star press for a near fall that Chuck breaks up before dragging Marq out of the ring and piledriving him onto the floor.

Back in the ring Trent then turns Marq inside out for a near fall before BF counter the Gin n' Juice and hit Strong Zero for the pin and the win.

Winner: Best Friends defeat Private Party via pinfall to gain a shot at the AEW Tag Team Championships.

- After the match we go to a backstage interview with Arn Anderson who talks about why he believes that Cody will defeat Lance Archer and become the TNT Championship before we go to a video package for Jon Moxley and Brodie Lee ahead of their AEW World Championship match later tonight.


- We open the show with a video package where the roster thank first responders during the COVID-19 crisis before we go to a video package highlighting the backstory for all of the matches on tonight's card.

Casino Ladder Match

Kaz and Scorpio start things off before Kip comes out and Jimmy Havoc interferes, Jimmy not even in the match before he's dropped onto a ladder and sent out of the ring before Kip whips Kaz into the ladder and he quickly climbs and nearly gets the poker chip before Kip pulls him down. Darby comes in and takes out everyone before pulling the railing back closer and lying a ladder across the railing and the apron before throwing his skateboard at the face of Kaz. Darby climbs to the top of a ladder and jumps off on his skateboard before Kaz gets out of the ring and Darby goes through the ladder that breaks in half. Cassidy comes out next, but he spends a lot of time getting to the ring before he dodges Kip's strikes and sends him out of the ring before setting up the tallest ladder before it falls over and he gingerly picks it up before Colt enters the match. SCU take out Kip and Colt before Orange hits a double dropkick into a suicide dive to SCU before Joey comes in, Kip trying to climb the ladder before he's pulled down and Luchasaurus enters the match.

Lucha takes out Colt, Kip and Scorpio before he powerbombs Kip onto nearly everyone at ringside before he focuses on Kaz and chokeslams him onto a ladder and chokeslams him a second time. Darby hits a diving code red to Lucha before he grabs the ladder and sets it up in the center as Brian Cage enters the match and makes his debut accompanied to the ring by Tazz. Brian hits Darby with an F-5 before throwing him out of the ring and hitting Kip with a snapping powerbomb and takes out Scorpio before suplexing Joey into the ring. Brian takes out Kaz when he tries to climb the ladder before Orange jumps on his back and nearly gets the chip before everyone pulls him and Brian down and everyone gangs up on Brian. SCU hit Brian with a ladder to send him out of the ring before he's sent into the post and they pile small ladders and a piece of a fence on top of him before bringing a giant poker chip over that five men need to carry before dropping that on top of the pile.

Colt nearly gets the chip when everyone is busy before Kip hits a missile dropkick and takes out Colt before Scorpio is low bridged and Kip hits a near coast to coast dropkick and sets the ladder up. Kip is knocked down by Kaz with a ladder to the back before Orange takes out Kaz with a superman elbow and he climbs the ladder with Kip on the opposite side before they exchange on the ladder as Penelope comes down and watches before Orange knocks Kip down and Penelope climbs the ladder. Orange drops Penelope onto Kip before Jimmy grabs Orange from the ladder and attacks him before BF come out and run Jimmy off. Marko Stunt comes out of nowhere and he and Lucha double chokeslam Orange before Joey takes out Orange with a small ladder and hits a DVD off of the apron and onto the chip that Brian is underneath. Joey climbs the ladder before Scorpio pulls him down and hits a TKO before Kaz climbs the opposite side and SCU brawl on the ladder before the ladder is shoved over by Lucha.

Brian gets free of the pile and gets into the ring before exchanging with Lucha until Brian powerbombs Lucha onto a ladder in the corner, Brian setting up the biggest ladder before Darby comes back in and gets turned inside out before Brian hits him with the Drill Claw. Tazz comes over and directs Brian before Brian sets Darby on a ladder and tosses Darby and the ladder over the top rope and down onto the floor before climbing the ladder and grabbing the chip for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage climbs the ladder and grabs the poker chip to earn a shot at the AEW World Championship.

- After the match we get graphics for the rest of the card before we go back to the ring for our next match between MJF and Jungle Boy.

MJF w/Wardlow vs Jungle Boy

Jungle and MJF drop each other with shoulder blocks before Jungle drops MJF again and MJF rolls out of the ring to regroup before taking his time getting back into the ring and MJF teases a test of strength before hitting a monkey flip. They keep a hold of each other's hand, exchanging quick two counts before MJF lands up in Jungle's closed guard and they stand on their head before Jungle rolls through and ends up in full mount on MJF, hitting him with forearms before MJF gets free. Jungle chops MJF in the corner before sending him across the ring and MJF feints an injury before attacking Jungle from behind and stomping and choking him in the corner. MJF hits a snap mare into a side headlock before Jungle gets to his feet and elbows his way free before MJF suplexes him and hops up before playing to the crowd consisting of wrestlers at ringside. MJF drops Jungle with a back elbow and lifts him up by his hair before Jungle counters a back suplex and MJF counters a poison hurricanrana before Jungle gets two off of a jack knife pin. MJF whips and wrings the arm of Jungle, sending him head over heels into the corner before focusing on the arm of Jungle and chopping Jungle across the chest before screaming at him and slapping him.

Jungle kicks MJF away before coming back with forearms and an elbow into a lariat before chopping MJF against the ropes around the ring until MJF collapses. MJF wrings the arm of Jungle and sends him out of the ring before slapping him in the face and tossing him back in the ring before Jungle hits a series of suicide dives into a flipping senton before tossing MJF back into the ring and hitting a swinging DDT for a near fall, MJF getting his foot on the bottom rope before the count of three. MJF hits Jungle with a back elbow when he rushes him in the corner before he goes back to the arm and they exchange open hand palm strikes until MJF slaps the arm of Jungle. Jungle superkicks MJF before hitting a Canadian destroyer and MJF falls on top of him for a near fall before Jungle locks in a cross face, but his arm is hurting too much to keep the hold. MJF bites the arm of Jungle and hits a Michinoku driver for a near fall before they end up on the apron and Jungle hits a superkick into a poison hurricanrana onto the apron before MJF falls onto the floor.

Jungle rolls MJF back into the ring before MJF grabs the referee and she accidentally shakes the ropes and inadvertently crotches Jungle before MJF climbs to the top and hits the arm of Jungle before Jungle hits a diving sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Jungle tries to dead lift MJF, but he's too weak before Jungle counters The Salt of the Earth and MJF gets a near fall off of a backslide before MJF elbows the shoulder of Jungle who rolls him up for a near fall. They then exchange pins until MJF wins with a European clutch for the pin and the win.

Winner: MJF defeats Jungle Boy via pinfall.

TNT Championship Match

Cody w/Arn Anderson vs Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts

Cody rushes Lance who catches him before hitting him with The Blackout, but Cody smartly rolls out of the ring right after before Lance goes for a claw and Cody counters into a figure four before Cody lays into Lance with strikes, but he's un-phased. Cody gets dropped with a shoulder block when he goes for a springboard cutter before Lance pulls up the padding at ringside and Cody hits a suicide dive that sends Lance over the railing and onto the concrete floor. Lance throws Cody out of the stands and over the railing and back onto the padded floor at ringside before tossing Cody back into the ring and talking to the camera before getting back into the ring where Cody rocks him with a boot. Lance turns Cody inside out as soon as Cody boots him before Lance hits an old school into a moonsault arm drag for two before choking Cody in the ropes and hits him across the chest in the corner before they counter each other's suplex attempts until Cody hits a delayed suplex. Lance suplexes Cody across the ring before Cody sends Lance into the corner and gets the big man down before bending him around the post.

Cody climbs to the top, but Lance picks him up and tosses him over the post and onto the floor before going outside and stepping on the throat of Cody before choking him in the ropes and hitting a uranage once they're back into the ring for two. Lance pulls the ear of Cody before hitting a splash off of the second rope for two and locks in a straight armbar with a chin bar before Cody gets to his feet and is taken right back down. Cody rolls out of the ring, Lance right behind him before hitting Lance with strikes only to be tossed into the railing and dropped with a stiff forearm before getting back into the ring and intimidating the referee. Cody locks in a cross face once they're back into the ring before grabbing the hair of Lance and the referee breaks the hold before Cody gets distracted by Jake at ringside. Cody DDTs Lance in front of Jake before Lance hits a spinebuster in front of Arn before Lance yells at Arn and turns his focus away from Cody before Cody hits an enzuigiri into a springboard cutter for a surprising one count.

Cody rocks Lance with strikes before hitting a final reckoning and hits Cross Rhodes for a one count before Cody hits a running splash in the corner and Lance chokeslams him for a near fall. Lance tries to go for a claw, but can't before he hits Cody across the back and goes for old school, but Arn knocks him down and crotches Lance on the top turnbuckle when the referee is busy with Jake. Cody hits a reverse avalanche suplex before Arn and Jake are ejected from ringside before Lance his a release German suplex that nearly sends Cody out of the ring before Jake comes back out with his snake and Mike Tyson backs Jake off. Mike and Lance then look at each other before Cody counters The Blackout and hits two Cross Rhodes for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cody defeats Lance Archer via pinfall to become the inaugural TNT champion.

- After the match we get a backstage update on Dr.Britt Baker's injury status before we're told that she will inform everyone on how long she will be out on Dynamite next week.

Penelope Ford w/Kip Sabian vs Kris Statlander

Kris takes Penelope down with a side headlock takeover before hitting an arm drag and Penelope hits one of her own before Kris sweeps Penelope and cartwheels around the ring. Penelope bites the hand of Kris before Kris hits her with forearms and Penelope slides out of the ring to regroup with Kip who blocks Kris before Penelope hits a draping DDT for two. Penelope kicks Kris in the spine before suplexing her and hitting a snap mare into a PK for two before Kris comes back and hits a suicide dive before Penelope gets her boots up when Kris comes off of the top. Penelope sends Kris' face into her knee several times before Kris hits a roundhouse into a release German suplex and a running clothesline into a falcon arrow before Penelope hits a reverse DDT. Kris blocks a stunner before clotheslining Penelope and sitting her up in the corner before Penelope hits a hurricanrana and Kris catches her when she goes for a hand spring back elbow.

Kris then hits Penelope with the Big Bang Theory for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander defeats Penelope Ford via pinfall.

Shawn Spears vs Dustin Rhodes

Shawn makes it seem like Dustin is coming out by playing his music before Shawn makes the referee start the count before Dustin comes out from behind when Brandi comes out and distracts Shawn before Dustin punches Shawn and Shawn comes back with chops. Shawn goes to hit Dustin with his belt before Dustin hits a powerslam and rips off the shirt and pants of Shawn before he goes to rip off his underwear and Shawn stops him. Dustin then hits an inverted atomic drop and clotheslines Shawn over the top rope and down onto the floor before Shawn sends Dustin into the post and Dustin hits Final Reckoning once they're back in the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes defeats Shawn Spears via pinfall.

- After the match we get a video package for All Out on September 5th before we get a graphic for the passing of Hana Kimura and a video package for Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida who will face off for the AEW Women's Championship up next.

AEW Women's Championship No Count Outs & No Disqualifications Match

Nyla Rose (c) vs Hikaru Shida

Shida kicks Rose before dropkicking her and dodging the kendo stick Rose brought with her before kicking it out of her hand and goes to hit Rose with it, but she stops Shida before hitting her across the back with the stick. Rose slams Shida for two and sends her into the top turnbuckle face first before Shida hits a running high knee and a running knee lift when she drapes Rose across the apron before Rose sends her into the railing. Rose goes for a table before Shida stops her and tosses her over the railing and through a craps table before hitting her with a chair and driving it into her throat before hitting her in the midsection with the chair and tossing her back over the railing at ringside. Rose tosses Shida back into the ring and hits a side slam into a running splash for two before Shida counters the Beast Bomb into a head scissors and a shining wizard. Rose counters a suplex into one of her own before clotheslining Shida over the top rope and down onto the floor before Shida hits a diving cross body off of the ramp into a kick before tossing Rose into the crowd.

Shida sends Rose face first into a poker chip in the crowd before they try to suplex each other until Shida hip tosses Rose onto the chip before hitting a running knee. Shida tosses Rose back over the railing and to ringside before Shida grabs her kendo stick and hits Rose in the arm with it before hitting her across the back once they're back in the ring. Shida hits Rose in the throat and across the top of the head before hitting a brainbuster onto it for two, Shida following up with a PK for another two count before Rose comes back with a running powerslam and hangs Shida over the top rope before hitting a diving knee for two. Rose gets a table out from underneath the ring before bringing it into the ring setting it up in the corner, Shida countering a DVD before being clotheslined and powerbombed through the table for a near fall, Rose following up with a DVD before hitting Rose with the kendo stick. Rose climbs to the top before Shida throws the stick at her head and meets her on the top turnbuckle before Shida hits an avalanche falcon arrow for a near fall, Rose hitting Shida's leg with the stick before Shida hits a sliding forearm into a sliding knee for a near fall.

Shida then nearly knocks Rose out with a kendo stick shot to the head before hitting a shining wizard for the pin and the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida defeats Nyla Rose via pinfall to become the new AEW Women's champion.

AEW World Championship Match

Jon Moxley (c) vs Brodie Lee

Mox rushes Lee, but he's ready before punching Mox in the corner and whipping him across the ring before Mox sends Lee through the ropes and hits a suicide dive. Lee suplexes Mox onto the floor before rolling him back into the ring and hitting several suplexes before putting Mox on the top turnbuckle and rocking him with an uppercut. Lee catches Mox coming off of the top and tosses him out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive and sending Mox into the barricade before suplexing Mox onto a piece of a fence. Lee tosses Mox back into the ring and they exchange strikes until Lee hits a back suplex into a running back elbow in the corner and Mox clotheslines Lee before hitting a piledriver for two. Mox moves the steps before Lee dropkicks Mox when he goes for a jumping knee, Lee climbing on top of the stairs before Mox counters a powerbomb and sends Lee through a table in the crowd.

Mox tosses Lee back into the ring and climbs to the top, but he's met by Lee who hits a superplex and Mox hooks the leg of Lee for two out of nowhere before Lee catches Mox coming off of the apron and sends him into a deck of playing cards at ringside. Back in the ring Lee goes for a powerbomb before Mox counters him and Lee counters a German suplex into a boot and a sit-out powerbomb for two before Mox rolls out of the ring and they end up on the stage. Mox hits Lee with a poker chip before they counter each other until Mox hits the Paradigm Shift through the ramp before Mox rolls back into the ring and Brody comes back up busted open. Lee gets back into the ring and Mox hits a second Paradigm Shift for a surprising one counter before Mox hits a Michinoku driver for a near fall and locks in a rear naked choke. Mox then chokes Lee unconscious for the referee stoppage and the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley retains his AEW Championship by defeating Brodie Lee via referee stoppage.

- After the match we get a video package for AEW action figures coming out later this year before we go to highlights of matches from tonight and go to the stadium next door for the Stadium Stampede match between The Inner Circle and The Elite with Matt Hardy.

Stadium Stampede Match

The Inner Circle vs The Elite w/Matt Hardy

The Inner Circle come out dressed in football gear while The Elite and Matt Hardy come out in their gear, Page no where to be seen before the two teams rush each other and brawl around the field before Page comes out on a horse and chases Sammy down before Sammy runs into building while Page waits for him to return, still on the horse. The action ends up in the ring with Nick and Chris before Nick counters The Judas Effect and the Bucks take out Chris before Santana and Ortiz double up on Nick, then Matt. Kenny hits Ortiz and Santana with a pair of snap dragon suplexes before Jake hits Kenny with a spinebuster and Chris hits a Code Breaker to Matt before Sammy comes back out and misses a shooting star press. The Elite hit a buckle bomb into an enzuigiri before Matt hits a Twist of Fate and Chris drags Kenny out of the ring when he goes for a V-Trigger before Santana hits an asai moonsault onto the pile at ringside. Sammy hits a shooting star press to everyone before they brawl on opposite sides of the stadium and Matt Jackson hits a moonsault off of a goal post with the help of a ladder for the first pin attempt of the match for two.

The action ends up in the top of the stadium as Page heads to the bar before Santana and Ortiz throw salt into the face of Omega and drop him across a table before they powerbomb him through the table for a near fall that Hardy breaks up. Santana and Ortiz send Matt into the pool before they get in and try to drown him, Matt reverting back to his Hardy Boyz days, then his Version 1.0 gimmick before he goes back to normal and drops Ortiz onto Santana and sends them both through a table. Matt rings a bell before putting Ortiz in a wheelchair and tapes him to it before sending Santana into an ice chest and opening it before trapping him inside as we go to Jake who's looking for Adam, but just finds the horse. Jake goes to the bar where he finds Adam drinking before they drink and brawl at the bar before Adam hits Jake with a pool stick, but he's un-phased before Jake hits a uranage onto a pool table. Jake puts Adam onto the bar before dragging him down it and powerbombing him through a table for a near fall before Kenny comes to help Adam and hits Jake with a bottle, but it just angers him before the tag champs break bottles over his head until Kenny hits a jumping knee and Adam hits a Buckshot Lariat off of the back of Kenny and sends Jake over the bar.

Kenny drinks milk while Adam drinks milk and whiskey before we go back to the field with Matt Jackson and Sammy, the two countering each other until Matt hits a series of northern lights suplexes and Nick sends Chris into a giant fan. Nick throws footballs at Chris before Chris sends him into the mouth of the jaguar and takes out the mascot of the Jaguars with The Judas Effect as we see that Matt is hitting northern lights suplexes to Sammy all of the way down the field. Nick kicks Chris through a net before sending him into a wall and Chris hits Nick with a bat for a near fall before Chris challenges the play and demands a replay before we go to a replay and he and the referee go into the replay booth. Nick makes it to the 100 yard line and gets a touchdown before he dances and the referee calls a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct before Matt superkicks the referee and saves Nick before choking Chris with his bat. Matt lies Chris across the table before Nick runs down the stadium steps and hits a diving splash off of the railing before Adam comes out with the line marker and runs it across the face of Chris before we cut to Sammy crawling onto the sprinklers.

Sammy thinks he's won before he's chased down by a golf cart and Hardy and Omega chase him into the bleachers until Sammy rocks Kenny with a boot before choking Matt and Matt is saved by NEO 1 before Kenny hits a V-Trigger. Kenny then hits a diving One Winged Angel from the balcony and through a pile of tables and other things on the ground for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Elite defeat The Inner Circle via pinfall.

- After the match Kenny gets a Gatorade bath before The Elite celebrate as we go off the air.

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