Good evening Fight Fans,and welcome to our coverage for All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing headlined by a Stadium Stampede match between The Inner Circle and The Elite teaming up with Matt Hardy! Please enjoy the show and be sure to stick around for the post show podcast!

The Buy-In

- We open the show with Excalibur and Tazz before we get a breakdown of tonight's card and go to an interview with Jake Roberts and Lance Archer from earlier today before we go to the ring for the our sole match on The Buy-In with a shot at the Tag Team titles on the line between Private Party and Best Friends.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Number One Contender Match

Private Party vs Best Friends

Chuck and Isiah start things off by exchanging wrist locks before Chuck takes Isiah down with a side headlock takeover, Isiah getting up almost instantly before tagging in Marq as Trent gets the tag for BF. They run the ropes before Quen hits a standing moonsault when Trent drops down for two before Trent counters a head scissors into a variation of a northern lights suplex for two. Trent chops Quen before BF drop him with a double back elbow and hit a double elbow drop before Isiah and Trent exchange chops, Trent dropping Isiah with a single chop before hitting a back suplex. Marq helps Isiah skin the cat before Isiah drops Trent and chops him in the corner before Marq comes in and stomps Trent before taking his headband and dropping Trent with a shot to the ribs when he tries to come back with chops. Isiah sends Trent into the railing before Trent spears him and Marq hits a flipping senton over the top rope before Marq gets the tag and climbs to the top before Chuck tries to distract him, but Marq shoves him down on the apron.

BF hit a superplex with Trent on Chuck's shoulders for two before Chuck tags in and hits a scoop slam into an elbow drop for a quick one count before Chuck and Marq exchange forearms. Chuck hits a float over suplex for two before Trent hits a running back elbow in the corner and Marq counters a tornado DDT into a dropkick before Isiah gets the tag and drops Chuck from the apron before hitting Trent with an enzuigiri and hitting a moonsault onto Chuck at ringside. Isiah hits a spinning flat liner for two before following up with forearms and PP hit an inverted atomic drop into a kick and a double stomp for two, Trent coming back with stereo back suplexes to PP before Chuck comes in and is almost immediately doubled up on, but he's ready, sending Isiah into Marq in the corner before BF hit Soul Food and hug in the center of the ring. Marq saves Isiah from a double team before PP hitting a combination shooting star press by Marq into the knees of Isiah, Marq and Chuck exchanging forearms until PP hit Chuck with a G-9 in honor of Cryme Tyme before Marq hits a shooting star press for a near fall that Chuck breaks up before dragging Marq out of the ring and piledriving him onto the floor.

Back in the ring Trent then turns Marq inside out for a near fall before BF counter the Gin n' Juice and hit Strong Zero for the pin and the win.

Winner: Best Friends defeat Private Party via pinfall to gain a shot at the AEW Tag Team Championships.

- After the match we go to a backstage interview with Arn Anderson who talks about why he believes that Cody will defeat Lance Archer and become the TNT Championship before we go to a video package for Jon Moxley and Brodie Lee ahead of their AEW World Championship match later tonight.

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