All Elite Wrestling Presents Fight for the Fallen Results The Young Bucks vs Cody & Dustin Rhodes

Good evening Fight Fans! We hope your weekend has been a great one and that you're ready for All Elite Wrestling's Fight for the Fallen, an event where all proceeds go to charity headlined by a tag team match between Dustin and Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks!


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Peter Avalon w/Leva Bates vs Sonny Kiss

They counter each other before Peter shoves Sonny down and mocks him before Sonny hits a huricanrrana into an arm drag. Sonny hits a triple back flip and slaps Peter in the corner before Peter drops him and locks in a rear chin lock before dropping him with an ax kick for a quick two count. Sonny counters a suplex attempt into one of his own for a quick two count before Peter dropkicks him and tosses him out of the ring before Leva rolls him back into the ring. Sonny hits an uppercut into an exploder suplex before dropping Peter with a mule kick and a moonsault for a two count. Leva distracts Sonny before Peter rolls him up for a near fall and Peter hits a rolling senton before missing a moonsault. Sonny then hits a diving split legged leg drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sonny Kiss defeats Peter Avalon via pinfall with a diving leg drop.

-Cody and Dustin Rhodes are interviewed backstage about donating the proceeds to charity and their match against the Young Bucks in tonight's main event.

Britt Baker & Riho vs Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima

Shoko and Britt start things off by exchanging wrist locks, head locks and head scissors before Shoko locks in a single leg Boston crab, Britt crawling to the ropes for the break. Bea comes in and Britt suplexes her before Riho comes in and hits a diving cross body for a two count before Bea catches her and slams her to the mat. Bea stomps the elbow of Riho ala Shayna Baszler before Shoko comes in and they double up on Riho before Shoko snaps her arm against the mat. Bea focuses on the arm that Shoko injured before nearly knocking her out with a forearm, Shoko and Bea choking Riho in the corner when the referee is busy with Britt. Shoko drives the face and head of Riho into the mat before hitting a splash, Riho coming back with a dropkick before Britt gets the tag and hits a running neckbreaker for a two count before Shoko hits a neckbreaker of her own.

Shoko hits a missile dropkick before Riho knocks Bea off of the apron and hits a jumping stomp before Shoko hits a 619 and Riho hits a huricanrrana. Everyone hits a move before Riho and Shoko exchange forearms until Bea and Britt exchange forearms until Bea hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Britt hits a butterfly suplex for a near fall before Shoko hits a suicide dive and tosses Britt back into the ring before Bea hits a bridging dragon suplex for a near fall and Shoko hits a diving senton for a near fall that Riho breaks up for a near fall. Riho and Shoko exchange running strokes before Riho hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall and a diving stomp for another near fall. Shoko hits a butterfly DDT and misses a diving senton before hitting a huricanrrana and holding onto Riho for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shoko Nakajima & Bea Priestley defeat Riho & Britt Baker via pinfall.

-Kip Sabian is interviewed ahead of his match against Adam Page.

Main Show

-We open the show with a video package for all of the matches on tonight's show.

MJF, Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears vs Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc & Joey Janela

Joey and MJF get the match started before Jimmy gets the tag and bites MJF before hitting a snapmare into a crucifix for a quick two count. MJF hits a scoop slam and Sammy chops Joey in the corner before hitting an enzuigiri, but missing a diving move before Jimmy drops him from behind with a forearm. Jimmy misses a diving stomp before Sammy rocks him with a bicycle knee and Shawn and Darby come in, Darby daring Shawn to hit him before Shawn tags right back out and Sammy flips him off. Darby hits an arm drag and sends Sammy into his corner before Joey misses a spear in the corner and hits a huricanrrana before Sammy hits a corkscrew dropkick. MJF comes in and knocks Joey off of the apron and down onto the floor before Shawn gets the tag and tosses Joey back in.

Shawn stomps Joey in the corner and hits a high angle back drop driver before Sammy puts Joey in a sleeper hold. Joey gets to his feet and fights his way free before Sammy hits a jumping stomp and drags Joey to his corner where MJF slams the back of his head onto the mat. MJF and Shawn argue before Joey gets the tag to Jimmy who hits everyone with uppercuts before Jimmy hits a sit-out burning hammer onto Shawn with Sammy. Jimmy hits a superplex to Sammy for a near fall before he sends both Shawn and MJF out of the ring before Darby hits a stunner for a near fall and everyone hits a move. Jimmy hits an Acid Rainmaker before Sammy hits a backstabber and superkicks Joey before hitting a suicide dive out of one side and a tope out of the opposite side.

Darby hits a standing Spanish fly for a near fall before Joey hits a burning hammer on the apron with Sammy before Shawn hits Darby with an ushigaroshi into a DVD for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears, Sammy Guevara and MJF defeat Darby Allin, Joey Janela and Jimmy Havoc via pinfall when he pins Darby with a DVD.

-We get a video package for the match up next between Allie and Brandi Rhodes.

Allie vs Brandi Rhodes w/Awesome Kong

Allie is in control until she's distracted by Kong at ringside and Brandi hits a wrecking ball dropkick through the ropes before dropping her with a kick for a quick two count. Kong grabs the leg of Allie before Brandi takes her down from behind for a quick two count before Allie comes back with a hanging neckbreaker and they exchange forearms. Allie hits a running back elbow in the corner into a sliding forearm for a two count before Allie hits a running bulldog for a two count. Brandi comes back with a suplex and Allie catches her with a superkick before hitting a running burning hammer for a near fall that Kong breaks up. Allie has words with Kong at ringside before Brandi gets a near fall off an inside cradle and Allie locks in a dragon sleeper before Brandi taps, but the referee is too busy with Kong to see it.

Brandi then rakes the eyes of Allie before spearing her for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes defeats Allie via pinfall with a spear.

-After the match Brandi and Kong attack Allie before she's saved by Aja Kong and they face off before they're separated and Brandi and Awesome leave.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Stu and Jack start the match with Stu choking Jack and chopping him in the corner before tossing him across the ring and into his corner. Angelico comes in and Stu dropkicks him before hitting a uranage and Uno comes in and bites Angelico before Boy gets the tag and hits a springboard arm drag into a huricanrrana and a dropkick. Uno gouges the eyes of Jungle before using the referee as a shield and hitting a neckbreaker before Lucha comes in and Uno tags in Jack before quickly rolling out of the ring. Lucha drops Jack with a chop and he and Jungle double up on Jack before Stu and Jungle exchange chops until Uno low bridges Jungle and slams him onto the apron for a surprising one count. Dark Order stomp Jungle in the corner and keeps Jungle from his corner before Angelico and Jack are pulled from the apron before he can get the tag. Uno hits a flipping senton from the top for a near fall before Lucha takes out both members of the Dark Order as well as Jack and Angelico to the elation of the crowd. Lucha chokeslams Jack over the top rope and hits Stu with the Tombstone Age for a near fall that Uno breaks up before hitting a jack hammer. Jack and Angelico double up on Jungle before Uno breaks up an ankle lock and Jack hits a chancery into a PK and am assisted 450 for a near fall. Angelico hits a black Tiger bomb before Marko hits a springboard frankensteiner and gets ejected from the match before Jungle and Lucha hit an assisted sit-out powerbomb for a near fall that Uno breaks up. Dark Order then hit a cannonball to Lucha and a diving splash to Jungle for a near fall before Dark Order hit Jack with their finisher called Fatality for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dark Order defeat A Boy & His Dinosaur and Jack Evans and Angelico when they pin Jungle Boy with Fatality.

Kip Sabian vs Adam Page

They start the match off by grappling before they get to their feet and Adam locks in a side headlock before Kip hits an arm drag and Adam drops Kip with a shoulder block. They chop each other with Adam winning the exchange before they exchange forearms and Adam drops Kip before he hits a fall away slam and clotheslines Kip over the top rope and down onto the floor. Adam tosses Kip back into the ring before Kip hits a springboard roundhouse kick and Adam a bridging pump handle for a two count before Kip sends him out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring Kip hits a missile dropkick for a two count before hitting a PK for another two count and two more PK before they exchange forearms. Kip hits a bicycle knee into a forearm before Adam turns him inside out with a lariat and Kip rolls out onto the apron before Kip headbutts Adam off of the top and misses a diving stomp onto the apron before Adam drops him onto it.

Adam hits a moonsault to the outside and rolls Kip back in for a two count before he powerbombs Kip over the top rope and onto the ramp. Kip gets back into the ring at the count of nine and Adam hits a diving swinging neckbreaker for a near fall before Kip hits a dragon screw in the ropes. Kip then hits a springboard huricanrrana for a near fall before they exchange pin attempts and roll around until Adam hits the Rite of Passage for the pin and the win.

Winner: Adam Page defeats Kip Sabian via pinfall with the Rite of Passage.

-After the match a Dark Order creeper attacks Adam before he hits a code breaker and it's revealed to be Chris Jericho. Chris then hits Adam with The Judas Effect before we see Adam buster open and Chris leaves as dazed and confused Adam has no idea what happened.

SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) w/Christopher Daniels vs Lucha Bros

Kaz and Fenix start the match off by locking up for a clean break before Kaz drops Fenix with a shoulder block and they sweep each other before Fenix does several flips. They shove each other before all four men get into the ring and shove each other before Sky and Penta get the tag, the two pie facing each other and exchanging poses. Penta kicks Sky in the midsection and Sky drops him with a Thesz press before Sky stands on his head in the corner and Penta superkicks him in the air. Lucha Bros hit a double superkick to Kaz before a superkick party ensues and Penta hits Christopher with an open hand palm strike to the chest. Fenix accidentally hits a suicide dive to Penta before Daniels hits an Arabian moonsault and tosses Fenix back into the ring before he's ejected from ringside. Kaz hits a diving cross body to the outside while Lucha Bros supervise the removal of Daniels from ringside before SCU double up on Fenix for a two count. Kaz hits a scoop slam into a springboard leg drop before Sky hits a diving spear and Kaz a slingshot dropkick for a two count before Kaz locks in a front choke. Fenix comes back with a superkick and a springboard whirlwind kick before hitting a Pele kick and tagging in Penta. Penta hits a sling blade to both members of SCU before Fenix flips Penta into Kaz and Sky in the corner. Penta hits a diving stomp for a near fall and Kaz hits a German suplex to Fenix before hitting Penta with a backstabber. SCU hit a diving stomp and Kaz hits a running shotgun dropkick in the corner before Kaz hits an assisted avalanche DDT for a near fall. Kaz DDTs Penta and Fenix hits a springboard diving stomp to Kaz before Penta hits an avalanche Canadian destroyer for a near fall. Lucha Bros then hit the Fear Factor to Sky for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha Bros defeat SoCal Uncensored via pinfall when they pin Sky with the Fear Factor.

-After the match Lucha Bros attack SCU with a ladder before challenging the Young Bucks to a ladder match at All Out next month.

Kenny Omega vs CIMA

CIMA takes control of the former IWGP World Heavyweight champion early until he chops CIMA and hits a huricanrrana before CIMA rolls through into a submission before Kenny crawls to the bottom rope for the break. CIMA hits a slingshot senton and hits a back suplex for a quick two count before hitting a snap elbow drop for another quick two count and CIMA catches him in midair with a chop. CIMA dropkicks Kenny who hits a tornado DDT and CIMA hits the Perfect Driver for a near fall after countering an attempt at one by Kenny. Kenny hits a wheel kick and a running knee in the back of the head of CIMA before CIMA counters an avalanche dragon suplex and CIMA hits a sunset powerbomb off of the top. CIMA misses a diving meteora and Kenny starts focusing on the leg of CIMA until Kenny hits a rolling senton, but CIMA gets his knees up when Kenny goes for a moonsault.

Kenny hits a snap dragon suplex and CIMA counters the One Winged Angel into a backstabber and dropkicks Kenny off of the apron before he misses a diving cross body. Kenny sends CIMA into the apron and CIMA hits a snap suplex onto the floor before CIMA gets on the stage and hits a diving meteora onto Kenny onto the ring bell table. Back in the ring CIMA hits a springboard meteora into a diving meteora for a near fall before Kenny hits a buckle bomb into a snap dragon suplex and a v-trigger for a near fall before Kenny hits a cross legged Michinoku driver into another v-trigger. CIMA counters the One Winged Angel into a DDT and they exchange strikes until they counter each other and CIMA hits a jumping meteora into another meteora and CIMA hits an air raid crash onto the apron. CIMA hits another diving meteora for a near fall before they slap each other and exchange strikes until Kenny hits a v-trigger into a Tiger driver '98 for a very close near fall.

CIMA then gets a very close near fall off of a Gedo clutch before Kenny hits the One Winged Angel for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega defeats CIMA via pinfall with the One Winged Angel.

-Chris Jericho comes out to the ring and talks about his attack on Adam Page earlier before saying that he's still waiting on a thank you from AEW and not the fans before he insults the fans of Jacksonville, Florida and welcomes the boos. Chris says that he's going to get his thank you by taking out everyone in AEW and that the company was started by him as well as the TV deal with TNT starting in October. Chris talks about the battle royal that Adam won to get to face Chris for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship and that when he wins it's just another notch in his belt. Chris says that if he loses to Adam, it'll be the end of AEW and the beginning of the end of his career before repeating that he has to beat Adam and that's why he attacked Adam. Chris then says that he will become champion and that he will prove that if it weren't for him AEW wouldn't exist and that Adam is a little bitch before Adam attacks him from behind. Adam and Chris try to clear the ring of security and the locker room before Chris is lead out of the ring and up the ramp.

Dustin Rhodes & Cody Rhodes vs Young Bucks

Cody and Nick shake hands to start things off before Cody backs Nick into the ropes for a clean break and they lock up before they take each other down with a side headlock takeover. They get to their feet and try to knock each other over with a shoulder block before they counter each other and all four men get into the ring before the referee clears the ring of Dustin and Matt. Cody and Dustin double team Nick and Matt before sending Matt out of the ring, Matt hitting a diving cross body before the Bucks keep Cody at bay at ringside as they double up on Dustin. The Bucks mock Cody and Dustin before Dustin hits Matt before Nick grabs the ankle of Dustin and hits a springboard sit-out facebuster into a moonsault to the outside. The Bucks hit a double suplex to Dustin for a quick two count, the Bucks cutting the ring in half and keeping the former Goldust from tagging in his younger brother. The Bucks knock Cody from the apron before Dustin hits a spine buster and knocks Nick from the apron before Dustin hits a twisting cross body and tags in Cody. Cody hits a dragon screw to Nick and an x-plex to Matt before hitting a moonsault and a suicide dive before tossing Nick back into the ring. Cody hits Matt with his belt and hits an avalanche back suplex for a near fall before Matt goes shoulder first into the ring post. The Rhodes brothers start focusing on the injured shoulder of Matt until Matt knocks Dustin from the apron and sends Cody across the ring before sending him over the top rope and onto the ramp. Matt spears Cody once he's back in the ring and tags in Nick who rocks Cody with a series of kicks before he hits an enzuigiri into a diving stomp into a backstabber. The Bucks lock in a double sharpshooter before they're kicked off and the Rhodes lock in double figure four leg locks before all four men clothesline each other. Dustin hits the Bucks with powerslams before he and Cody hit topes to the outside and Matt gets the blind tag before he superkicks Dustin and Cody hits the Disaster kick into a magic killer for a near fall that Matt breaks up with a swanton bomb. Dustin and Matt exchange right hands until all four men brawl and accidentally take out the referee before the Rhodes brothers hit a double powerslam into double jack hammers for a near fall. Cody gets caught in midair with a double superkick before Dustin fights off the Bucks momentarily and hits a code red for a near fall before a superkick party ensues and the Bucks reluctantly superkick the back of the head of Cody for a near fall that Dustin breaks up. The Bucks then steal the other's finishers for a very close near fall before hitting the Meltzer Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Young Bucks defeat Cody and Dustin Rhodes via pinfall with the Meltzer Driver.

-The Rhodes brothers hug after the match before Matt grabs a mic, saying that everything is in the spirit of competition and talks about how good they are before the locker room clears and they present the one hundred fifty thousand dollar check to the charity before Cody grabs the mic and starts thanking the crowd for coming and that you cannot counter program the revolution that is All Elite Wrestling before asking if the fans are coming with them to TNT in October. Kenny then takes the mic and says that they're doing something different and helping people before he thanks the fans and substitutes his signature goodbye and goodnight with a boing rather than a bang as we go off the air.

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