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Sea of Honor Tournament
"Smooth Sailing" Ashley Remington defeats Christopher Daniels


  • "Smooth Sailing" Ashley Remington (Dalton Castle) is out, and everyone is pretending it's not him. 
  • There's a lot of time killing here, but it's a lot of fun. Christopher Daniels says he believes the crowd and will wrestle this guy who isn't Dalton Castle.
  • Remington keeps punching Daniels in the ribs, which pops Jay Lethal on commentary. Colt Cabana is perfect for the commentary here. 
  • Lethal finally admits that it's Dalton Castle. Castle eats knees on a Vader Bomb and Daniels lands an Arabian Press.
  • Remington wins with a BEAUTIFUL cradle.
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Sea of Honor Tournament
Flip Gordon defeated Marty Scurll

  • Scurll and Flip hug it out at the encouragement of the crowd, but Scurll lands a Rock Bottom for two!
  • Gordon comes back with a springboard moonsault. He gets crotched on the top rope trying a frankensteiner.
  • A superplex hits for Scurll, but he can't get the win. There's some really good, solid work here.
  • Scurll ties Gordon up a little too close to the ropes. 
  • Gordon gets a second wind and is on FIRE. He ends his comeback with an awesome springboard slingblade and a 450 for a 2 count. 
  • There's a stiff strike trade that Scurll gets the best of. 
  • They're not treating this event like a house show, they're going at it fast and furious. A powerbomb hits for Scurll, a Michinoku Driver for Flip, but ultimately Flip cradles Scurll for the win. 

Sea of Honor Tournament
Jay Briscoe defeated Cheeseburger

  • Jay Briscoe encourages Cheeseburger to just walk away. Cheeseburger flips Briscoe off and Lethal says he could think of several things he would rather do than flip off a Briscoe.
  • Briscoe beats Cheeseburger down, but there's a kickout after a Death Valley Driver.
  • Cheeseburger hits a Shotei Palm Strike that Briscoe bumps like crazy off of.
  • Briscoe gets a superkick and neckbreaker. Jay Driller wins it. 


Sea of Honor Tournament
Mark Briscoe defeated Adam Hangman Page

  • These two try to one up each other with chops, slams and suplexes. Lethal gives Page shit for his chops.
  • Page cracks Briscoe with a huge boot that the crowd jokes was weak. They say that his pumphandle fallaway slam bridge was "strong."
  • A bird attacked a fan during this match and Colt Cabana goes off on commentary. This is fantastic. The crowd chants for the bird. 
  • This really overtakes the match, but it's good viewing. 
  • Page really hammers Mark with a big clothesline. After a series of reversals, Mark rolls up Page for the win.
  • A lot of sneaky pins here in this tourney. This was a hilarious and entertaining watch.

Sea Of Honor Tournament
Flip Gordon defeated Dalton Castle

  • Matt Taven joins commentary in place of Jay Lethal, as does Mandy Leon.
  • Dalton Castle wants the sunburn he has to keep from Flip Gordon from touching him. 
  • He's selling the sunburn heavily after a shoulderblock from Flip. "Asshole" and "Aloe Vera" chants.
  • Chops and a back rake get huge boos. I really thought this would be Flip overcoming Dalton by just avoiding contact, but he's playing the heel role, which is fun. 
  • Castle is selling the sunburn with everything he does on his body. This is good stuff for this crowd, and on that boat. He does a really nice banana split powerbomb.
  • A sloppy roll up gets the win for Flip. This really should have had a different finish. This wasn't for me. Color commentary and work was a little redundant, but considering these guys have to work several times, it happens.

Sea Of Honor Tournament
Jay Briscoe defeated Mark Briscoe 

  • Mark Briscoe is dominating Jay early on and gets the Froggy Bow for two.
  • Jay Briscoe throws a chair at Mark's head.
  • Taven calls the wrestlers morons for about the 8th time.
  • Mark dropkicks a chair into Jay Briscoe's face. 
  • There's a great strike trade where they follow each other into the strikes, before Jay gets a frankensteiner and a neckbreaker.
  • Mark comes back with a great cross-armed slam out of the corner, but misses a Froggy Bow and pivots to a dropkick. A fisherman's buster gets two. He eats a chair to the head.
  • "Let's go Briscoe, Briscoe sucks" chant.
  • Jay Driller for the win. Mark and Jay embrace after the match.

Sea Of Honor Tournament Finals For ROH World Title Shot
Flip Gordon defeated Jay Briscoe

  • This is a nice, daytime and evening feel.
  • Gordon goes for a 450 but flies into knees. He bounces into a Saito Suplex from Jay Briscoe shortly after. 
  • Briscoe has an underrated dropkick.
  • A strike trade with Jay Briscoe isn't recommended, but Flip bounces off his shoulders to avoid it and connects with a springboard press.
  • Briscoe flies into the turnbuckle, and Flip is feeling it...until he gets brainbustered.
  • I love a good Falcon Arrow, especially with a deep pin, and Flip Gordon delivers.
  • Jay Driller hits, but Flip Gordon kicks out. The crowd isn't buying it though. More people kicked out of the Jay Driller in the last 15 months than ever before.
  • The Flip 5 gets the win. This was a good match. One of the best of the tournament. The Flip push in full effect. He gets a title shot.


Bullet Club (Kenny Omega, Cody & Marty Scurll) defeated Alpha Club (Young Bucks & Chris Jericho)

  • There is just a great crowd and visual for this show. Cody, Scurll and Omega strip down and wave their crotches at the crowd. 
  • The commentary team is Colt Cabana (ROH), Don Callis (Impact, NJPW), and Scott D'Amore (Impact Booker)
  • "All these guys" chants. Cody flips off the crowd and Nick Jackson spin kicks him.
  • The crowd goes wild for Chris Jericho tagging in and hitting an axehandle. Nick does a an arm ringer/ double stomp.
  • This seems very much like it's called in the ring. Jericho and the Bucks do a wheelbarrow/facebuster.
  • Scurll works over Nick Jackson, and this is the trend until Nick throws Cody into the boots of his partner.  Cody recovers and teases a Shattered Dreams, but flips off the crowd. Instead, Nick does a cross body instead.
  • Jericho gets tagged in and over- rotates a little and headbutts Scurll's chest on a Lionsault. He applies a Walls of Jericho while Bucks apply the Cease and Desist. 
  • Omega, Cody and Scurll hold each other's hands to prevent the tap. There's a sloppy spot where Nick gets sent into Matt Jackson. 
  • Kenny gets the rolling Samoan on Matt, but the Bucks give him knees, and the corner Backstabber on Cody. The crowd is stoked. 
  • Nick gets a great short arm elbow, but is massacred by Cody, Omega and Scurll. Cross-legged neckbreaker with superkicks. 
  • Jericho and Omega are alone in the ring and slug it out. The Bucks show up and superkick all around, including a triple superkick on Kenny for two. 
  • Indytaker into Walls of Jericho on Omega, and Scurll gets caught with a Codebreaker trying to come in! Cross Rhodes on Jericho, Superkicks on Rhodes, and Jericho locks Omega right back into the Walls of Jericho! 
  • Nick Jackson helps out with the Walls of Jericho with a slingshot facebuster. Jericho then transitions Omega into a Lion Tamer! Scurll runs in and slugs him with an umbrella.
  • Omega almost does a One Winged Angel on Matt, but his back gives out. They then go into a good strike trade until Omega V-Triggers Matt. One Winged Angel gets the win. 
  • This was a lot of fun!

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