GCW Presents Joey Janela’s Spring Break Results: UFC Veterans Wrestle, A Clusterf*ck Match & Tons Of Blood

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GCW Title Match (Anything Goes Match/Falls Count Anywhere Match): Matt Tremont def. Eddie Kingston to retain the title

Joey Janela def. Marty Jannetty

Matt Riddle def. Dan Severn

Andy Williams & Penelope Ford def. Braxton Sutter & Allie

Lio Rush def. Keith Lee

Joey Janella’s Clusterf*ck Match: Jimmy Lloyd is the winner

Sami Callihan def. Kyle The Beast

Match By Match Recap

The show begins with a video package highlighting Joey Janela’s obsession for a match with Marty Jannetty, which includes a special guest appearance by Scott Hall as a magical genie who grants Janela his wish to face Jannetty.

Larry Legend is the ring announcer and this show is a completely different atmosphere when compared to the Evolve 80 show that was in the building a few hours earlier.

Sami Callihan vs. Kyle The Beast

The match begins with Callihan catching Beast with a suicide dive during his entrance, Callihan celebrates and Beast nails him with a suicide dive. Beast celebrates and Callihan recovers to nail him with a suicide dive, Callihan again celebrates and Beast again catches him with a suicide dive. Callihan grabs a beach ball and he nails Beast with it, Beast goes for a power bomb and Callihan escapes to nail him with a knee strike from the ring apron. Callihan starts attacking Beast with a series of chops, Callihan then takes the opportunity to throw Beast into the barricade. Callihan follows that up by nailing Beast with a running bicycle kick, Callihan charges again and Beast kicks him right in the face.

Beast throws Callihan into the ring for a pin attempt that gets a two count, Beast then nails Callihan with a rolling spear. Beast goes to the ring apron before nailing Callihan with a slingshot swanton bomb for a near fall, Beast traps Callihan in the corner before assaulting him with chops. Beast charges at Callihan and Callihan trips him up into the turnbuckles, Callihan then hits Beast with several face washes in the corner. Callihan charges at Beast and he gets nailed with a bicycle kick, Callihan recovers to hit Beast with an air raid crash for the near fall. Beast hits a charging Callihan with another bicycle kick and the Angle Slam with bridge for a near fall, Callihan and Beast exchange bicycle kicks in the middle of the ring.

Callihan and Beast then have a forearm strike exchange in the middle of the ring, Beast then hits a charging Callihan with a spear and a jackhammer for another near fall. Beast then places Callihan on the top rope before going up there himself, Callihan bites Beast and that gets him off the ropes. Callihan drags Beast back up on the ropes, Callihan looks for a sunset flip bomb and Beast blocks the move. Callihan traps Beast’s head in the corner before nailing him with a bicycle kick, Callihan nails Beast with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Callihan then locks Beast in the stretch muffler to force a tap out.

Winner: Sami Callihan

After the match, Sami Callihan grabs the microphone and he puts over Kyle The Beast before shaking his hand.

Before the next match, Allie grabs the microphone before introducing herself and her husband. Allie talks to Andy Williams about his friendship with wrestlers before insulting him, Williams wants the microphone and he pushes her to the ground.

Andy Williams & Penelope Ford vs. Braxton Sutter & Allie

The match begins with Sutter quickly nailing Ford with a super kick, Williams then hits Sutter with a clothesline and they brawl on the arena floor. The women get up and they fight on the opposite side of the arena, Allie Tosses Ford into the barricade before nailing her with chops. Sutter drops Williams before starting a search for some weapons, Sutter finds a door and he places it against the barricade. Sutter traps Williams in the barricade before nailing him with chops, Williams recovers and he suplexes Sutter through the door. Allie brings Ford into the ring before stomping on her, Allie assaults a dazed Ford with a series of chops.

Allie hits a seated Ford with a low clothesline for a near fall, Allie traps Ford in the corner before assaulting her with a bunch of stomps. Ford recovers and she nails Allie with a handspring clothesline and then a handspring back elbow, Ford follows that up by nailing Allie with a bronco buster. Sutter hits the ring and he clotheslines Ford, Williams hits the ring and Allie nails him with a low blow to help her husband. Allie nails Williams with a springboard bulldog for a two count, Sutter chokes Ford while Allie chokes Williams. Sutter traps Williams in the ropes so he and Allie can assault him with chops, Williams and Sutter take each other out with a double clothesline.

Allie and Ford then take each other out with a double running face buster, Williams misses a charge at Sutter and Allie nails him with a super kick. Ford then hits Allie with a stunner before catching Sutter with a head scissors, Ford hits Allie and Sutter with a double handspring stunner. Williams then hits Sutter with a choke slam, Ford hits Sutter with an assisted moonsault for the three count.

Winners: Andy Williams & Penelope Ford

GCW Title Match (Anything Goes Match/Falls Count Anywhere Match): Matt Tremont (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

The match begins with Kingston poking Tremont in the eyes before attacking him with a bunch of punches, Tremont fights back by landing a few shots of his own. Tremont then catches Kingston with an avalanche in the corner before throwing a few doors into the ring, Kingston grabs a door and he hits Tremont with it. Kingston goes on the arena floor to throw Tremont into the ring post, Kingston then tosses Tremont into the barricade before tossing him back into the ring. Tremont slows Kingston down before placing the doors into the corners, Tremont also hits Kingston in the midsection with a door. Kingston sends a charging Tremont through a door and Tremont is a bloody mess, Kingston grabs a fork and he stabs Tremont with it multiple times.

Kingston takes a dazed Tremont and he throws him out of the ring, Tremont grabs a weapon and both wrestlers start stabbing each other. Kingston and Tremont continue fighting into the crowd, Kingston stabs Tremont with the fork while in the crowd. Kingston and Tremont fight up to the second level of the bleachers, Kingston throws Tremont down to the bottom of the bleachers. Kingston grabs a fans sign and he puts in on Tremont’s face while punching him, Tremont recovers by suplexing Kingston through a table. The wrestlers exchange blows as they continue brawling through the crowd, Kingston continues stabbing Tremont with the fork as they battle back to the ringside area.

Tremont grabs Kingston and he tosses him into the barricade, Tremont grabs a door and he places it from the ring to the barricade. Tremont goes to the top rope while Kingston stays on the ringside edge, Kingston tosses Tremont from the middle rope to the door that Tremont just set up. Kingston takes one of the doors in the ring and he places it in the corner, Tremont gets back in the ring and he nails Kingston with a death valley driver through a door to get a three count.

Winner: Matt Tremont, still your GCW Champion

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