HELL IN A CELL LIVE COVERAGE: Triple Main Event! Sasha vs Charlotte, KO vs Seth, Roman vs Rusev

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On tap for tonight:


Sin Cara, Lince Dorado & Cedric Alexander
Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, & Ariya Daivari

Fun match.

SIn Cara & Lince are wearing basically matching new purple gear.

Nese is wearing some kind of Skeletor Chest Plate to the ring.

He's like Evil Neville.
He's like Neville, but Evil.
He's ... NEVIL.

There's a lot of back and forth fast-paced action until Nese blocks a Tornado DDT attempt by Dorado and deadlifts him up into a vertical suplex position before dropping him facefirst to the outside onto Cedric and Sin Cara.


Back from the break and Dorado is taking the heat from the heels.

He mounts a bit of a comeback against Nese, hot tags are made to Cedric and Gulak.

There's a great spot where Cedric and Lince do Tope Con Hilos and Sin Cara does a Suicide Dive, right at the hard cam.

Cedric gets put in Gulak's Dragon Sleeper but hangs on long enough for Dorado to hit a Guillotine Leg Drop and break the submission.

Everything breaks down with everyone hitting their finishers, until Cedric hits the Lumbar Check on Gulak for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Good Guys

Seriously, just put the title on Cedric already.


United States Championship
Hell in a Cell

Roman Reigns vs Rusev

Even Rusev's ridiculous mutton chop sideburns are majestic as f*ck.

And he's wearing his trunks that say "US CHAMP" on them because Rusev don't give a SHIT.

As the action starts, the crowd start a duelling "Let's go Rusev!" "Rusev sucks!" chant.

While standing on the apron, Rusev gets shoulderblocked into the chainlink, and now Roman is in control.

Or as Michael Cole said "The Big Dog is huntin' tonight!"
God, I hate Michael Cole.

Rusev gets thrown into the steps, Roman pulls a table from underneath the ring, Rusev tosses Roman into the chainlink.

Roman gets bounced of the ringpost, then his forehead raked across the fencing.

Nothing of any interest for a while, Rusev is firmly in the driver's seat.

He misses a running diving headbutt, and Roman takes advantage with some clotheslines in the corner and a big boot.

Roman telegraphs a Superman Punch and Rusev rolls to the outside.

Roman follows and attempts a driveby drop kick, only to be met with a clothesline.

Rusev back in charge now, throwing Roman into the wall of the cell, then wielding the steel steps as a weapon, hitting him twice.

Rusev throws the steps into the ring, sets them up on the top turnbuckle.

He tries to drive Roman's head into the steel, but Roman blocks it, tosses Rusev over the top rope.

Rusev regains control, and long darts Roman's forehead into the fencing.

Rusev pulls a Kendo stick out from under the ring, but gets hit with a driveby dropkick, and now it's Roman's Kendo Stick.

He hits Rusev with it a bunch of times on the outside, but gets crotched as he's climbing back into the ring.

Now it's Rusev's turn, hitting Roman in the ribs with the stick over and over again.

Roman busts out with a big clothesline, two count.

Back and forth, Superman Punch, two count.

Rusev thwarts a Spear attempt with a big kick, then throws Reigns forehead first into those steps on the top turnbuckle from before.


Rusev puts Reigns in the Accolade.

Reigns gets out of it, because of course he does.

Rusev kicks Roman in the head, pulls a big metal chain out from under the ring.

A Roman punch causes Rusev to drop the chain, but he soon gets it back and whips Roman with it for a while.

Rusev pulls ANOTHER set of steps into the ring, Roman fights back, Rusev throws him into those steps, kicks him in the face.

Two Count.

Rusev puts Roman on the Steel Steps, puts him in the Accolade, USING THE CHAIN!


He gets Rusev up on his shoulders, turns around and Samoan Drops him onto the Steel Steps.

This is utter, unadulterated bullshit.

Rusev stands up on the steps, Roman spears him off of them.


WINNER: Roman Reigns

Loser: Logic

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