ICW Pitfighter X4 (11/13) Results: Alex Ocean, Jimmy Lloyd, AKIRA, SHLAK, More

ICW: No Holds Barred presented its fourth Pit Fighter X on Friday, November 13th, 2020, live from 81 Bay Brewing Company in Tampa, Florida.

This is the fourth event in the series, which has a unique cross between MMA and pro wrestling with a raw vibe. You can watch the replay of this event now on IWTV.

Full results (courtesy of PWPonderings) and highlights can be seen below.

ICW Pitfighter X4 (11/13) results

* Eric Ryan def. Jimmy Lloyd

* Dominic Garrini def. Eddy Only

* Justin Kyle def. Bruce Santee

* AKIRA def. Nolan Edward

* Reed Bentley def. Atticus Cogar

* John Wayne Murdoch def. Alex Ocean

* SHLAK def. Neil Diamond Cutter

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