IMPACT Wrestling 1/26 Eddie Edwards VS Lashley In A 30 Minute Iron Man Match & More!

-We then get an interview segment with EC3 where he talks about the future of his career.

-Drew Galloway comes out to the ring to talk about winning the IMPACT Grand Championship last week. Drew says he's back a changed man and says he'll be a martyr for the greater good of the company. Drew then issues an open challenge then Moose comes out saying he's going to beat the hell out of him and get his title back as we go to commercial.

Drew Galloway vs Moose IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Round 1

Moose is aggressive early, but Drew catches him running in then Moose turns him inside out. Moose drops Drew then hits a senton and a moonsault for a quick 2 count. They brawl around ringside then Moose suplexes Drew onto the floor before they exchange strikes and Moose powerbombs Drew onto the apron to end round 1.

Round 1: Moose

Round 2

Drew is on the ramp, but he walks back and gets in the ring to start the round. Moose backs Drew into the corner then hits Go to Hell for a near fall. Moose then hits the Game Changer before Drew hits Moose with a low blow, the referee deducting a point. Drew hits the Claymore for a near fall of his own then Moose bumps the referee before Drew hits another low blow then the Future Shock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway via pinfall

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