IMPACT Wrestling 1/26 Eddie Edwards VS Lashley In A 30 Minute Iron Man Match & More!

Eddie Edwards vs Lashley Impact World Championship Iron Man Match

Lashley is in control early then Eddie sends him to the floor, diving through the ropes and sending him into the railing repeatedly. Lashley hits a sidewalk slam once they're back in the ring as we go to commercial.

Lashley then hits a Dominator for a pin then a rolling spear out of no where to pick up a second fall as soon as we come back from the commercial break. Eddie goes for a single leg Boston crab, but Lashley powers out then hits a powerbomb on the ramp after they go to the outside when Lashley goes out to recover.

Eddie is back in the ring as we come back from commercial, but Lashley is back on him and hits a fall away suplex then Lashley runs head first into an exposed turnbuckle to allow Eddie to get his first pin. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party on the outside then they get back into the ring before Eddie hits a shining wizard to tie it up. Lashley then gets Eddie into an arm triangle choke for the tap to go up three to two. Lashley then leaves the ring to let the clock run out, but Eddie dives out and rolls him back into the ring. Lashley counters Eddie with a spinebuster then goes for a spear, but Eddie puts on a guillotine, but time runs out.

Winner: Lashley

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