IMPACT Wrestling Results for 3/24/20 The Undead Realm Returns, The Sinister Minister Meets His End

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling!

X-Division Championship Number One Contender Eight Man Battle Match

Everyone pairs off to get things started before Bey and Trey clear the ring and run the ropes until they lay on the mat and pose at each other before mirroring each other and Chris dropkicks Trey out of the ring. Chris hits Rohit before Jake comes in and hits Rohit with a sit-out power bomb before Jake drops Jake with kicks and sends him back out of the ring before Willie comes in and hits a scoop slam into a standing moonsault. Jake rolls out of the ring before Willie hits a flipping senton to the outside on Jake and Chris before Daga and Trey go back and forth until Chris comes in and Daga hits a gut wrench sit-out power bomb for two before Daga and Rohit exchange strikes until Daga hits a jumping stomp into a superkick. Daga tries to lift Acey and gets slammed for his troubles before Acey climbs up top and Jake hits him with a forearm before everyone except Rohit and Daga hit a tower of doom before Daga hits a diving splash for a near fall that Rohit breaks up. Jake Crist hits Cousin Jake with a DVD before Trey hits a northern lights suplex while putting Daga in a submission before Cousin Jake hits a drill claw and Willie a sit-out power bomb before Daga suplexes Willie and Trey sends Daga out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive.

Back in the ring Rohit and Chris hit dueling topes to the outside before Jake hits one of his own and Crist stops Acey from hitting a suicide dive before Acey nearly knocks him out of the ring before Cousin Jake hits a spinning uranage. Willie then hits a frog splash to Cousin Jake for the pin and the win.

Winner: Willie Mack defeats Cousin Jake, Daga, Acey Romero, Chris Bey, Jake Crist and Rohit Raju via pinfall to become the new number one contender for Ace Austin's X-Division championship.

- We come back to a video of OvE arguing where Jake tells Dave that Sami is testing them before Dave asks him what he's testing them for, Dave saying that Sami hasn't spoken to them in months before Jake says that Sami is his best friend and OvE saying that they're taking over IMPACT, Jake saying that they must wait for Sami.

- We then get a graphic for Tessa and Eddie Edwards against Michael Elgin and Taya Valkyrie before we go to the ring for a match between Chase Stevens and Moose.

Chase Stevens vs Moose

Moose immediately goes after Chase and stomps him once he enters the ring before Chase comes back with right hands and Moose whips him into the corner before Chase sends Moose into the corner and hits a german suplex. Chase hits a famouser for two. Moose then drops Chase throat first across the top rope before spearing him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose defeats Chase Stevens via pinfall.

- After the match Moose attacks Chase before grabbing a chair and bringing it into the ring before driving it into his midsection and Scott D'Amore comes out and interrupts Moose before Suicide hits a missile dropkick and a diving cross body when he turns around. We then go to Rosemary talking to a friend of Taya's at the bar before she's mocked by Raven who says that the pain never ends and the hatred for Tommy Dreamer never ends before Rosemary disappears disgusted as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Willie Mack talking to Ace Austin now that Willie has earned a shot at his X-Division championship, Ace and Reno Scum congratulating him before Johnny Swinger shows up and tells Willie that he should go after the title.

Reno Scum vs The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

RS attack The Rascalz when they're getting into the ring before Adam hits a DVD for two and RS double up on Dez in the corner before playing to the crowd after dispatching Wentz until Dez gets the tag to Wentz who takes out both Adam and Luster before dropping Luster for two. The Rascalz double up on Luster, dropping him with a flurry of kicks and Wentz hits a jumping meteora for two before Adam knocks Wentz off of the top turnbuckle and Adam gets the blind tag before Luster turns Wentz inside out. Adam then nearly knocks Dez out cold for the pin and the win.

Winner: Reno Scum defeat The Rascalz via pinfall.

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