IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill Results (1/8/22): Moose vs. Cardona vs. Morrissey For IMPACT World Title + More!

Welcome to's live coverage for the IMPACT Wrestling's first pay-per-view event of 2022, Hard To Kill!

The pre-show is underway and brand-new IMPACT Wrestling play-by-play man Tom Hannifan welcomes us to Dallas, Texas alongside commentary staple D'Lo Brown and our opening contest for the pre-show is about to get underway.

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Jake Something vs. Madman Fulton

Both men slug it out early and often. Fulton takes control, tosses Jake over the top rope, then back in th ring by the neck and nails him with slam, goes for the cover but Jake kicks out at two. Jake gets a running clothesline in but Fulton stops him in his tracks and tosses him down. Jake sneaks behind Fulton, tosses him out of the ring and dives out of the ring and lays out Fulton. Jake plays up to the Dallas crowd, tosses Fulton back into the ring and plants him with a heavy power-bomb, goes for the cover but Fulton lifts the shoulders after a two count. Jake stays on the attack with a running clothesline, goes for a leg drop but Fulton catches him, lays him down with a choke-slam, goes for the cover but Jake kicks out at two. Fulton, visibly angry, drills Jake with yet another choke-slam...the crowd urges him to go for a third, to which he obliges but Jake side steps him and lays him out with an inverted suplex and gets the 1-2-3 for the win.

Winner - Jake Something

We then see Gia Miller backstage with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green. Gia asks them about their mindsets heading into two of the biggest matches of their lives. Chelsea says it's been over four years since she lost the Knockouts Championship and tonight, she won't only continue to break glass ceilings but she'll climb to the top and earn her shot at becoming Knockouts Champion once again and says now that she's officially Cardona, she's 'Alwayz Ready'. Matt says it's a big night for both of them and this is his one-year anniversary of making his IMPACT Wrestling debut. Matt says he's been in this business for 19 years and after such a long wait, he's going to become IMPACT World Champion. Matt says that everyone keeps asking him where he and Chelsea are going on their honeymoon but this is it, Hard To Kill is their honeymoon and they're going to walk out with that 'big red X' and the IMPACT World Championship.

Chris Bey vs. Ace Austin vs. 'Speedball' Mike Bailey vs. Laredo Kid

Bailey and Laredo shake hands, Bailey offers his hand to Ace, who declines, Bailey reaches out for Bey, who just misses a spinning-back kick on Bailey, who lays everyone out both Bey and Austin with a bevy of kicks. Bailey and Laredo exchange a lightning fast back-and-forth, Bey gets back into the ring and Laredo tosses both he and Bailey out of the ring with a hurricarana. Ace trips Laredo up, nails him with a kick and then an inverted suplex. Bey gets back into the mix and tosses Laredo aside, misses a spinning kick on Ace and Bailey sneaks into the ring and takes them both out with a double front-kick. Ace tosses Bailey out, who joins Bey and Laredo on the outside and Ace takes everyone out with a flip over the top rope and to the floor below. Back in the ring, Laredo lays out Bailey, then nails him with a 360 splash, goes for the cover but Bailey lifts the shoulder at two. Ace gets back in the ring, slides Bailey out, tosses Laredo off the top rope, who leaves the ring, then drills a returning Bey with a super-kick. Bey comes right back and knocks Ace out with a bulldog, Bailey enters the fray and lays everyone out, then blasts Ace with a spinning-back kick and a front-flip off the top rope and drills his knees into the back of Ace's head and gets the three count on the ensuing pin for the win.

Winner - 'Speedball' Mike Bailey

Chelsea Green vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Lady Frost vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Rosemary — Knockouts Ultimate-X Match

Chaos to start, Grace takes control, tosses Steelz out of the ring, Rosemary comes in hot, Grace shoves her aside but Rosemary slides out of danger, ends up behind Grace and tosses her out of the ring. Havok comes down, Rosemary uses her to try to retrieve the X but Green comes in and takes them both out. Alisha and Chelsea both start climbing the scaffolding but dragged down by Steelz, everyone starts crawling at ringside and Frost lays everyone out with a back-flip off the top rope to the floor. Frost celebrates, gets taken out by Steelz, Green comes in and tosses Steelz to the floor, Rosemary, Green and Grace all start climbing to the top but Alisha comes in with a kendo stick and starts going to town on all three. Alisha sees that everyone is down, starts climbing, Rosemary's up, latches into Alisha but Green blasts them both with the aforementioned kendo stick, Steelz comes out of nowhere and tosses Green aside. Steelz starts climbing, Grace comes from behind, both are clinging to the rope above and Grace power bombs her off of the top and take a nasty spill below. Frost takes advantage, starts climbing but instead decides to do a back flip and take out Havok, Rosemary and an interfering Savannah Evans. Grace and Steelz climb back up, Grace is tossed down by Green, both grab the X, they fight for it and Steelz snatches it away for the win!

Winner - Tasha Steelz

Trey Miguel (C) vs. Steve Maclin — IMPACT X-Division Championship

Maclin dives through the ropes onto Miguel during the champion's entrance. They start battling up the ramp, then back down, Miguel gets back in the ring, then launches himself right back out, through the ropes and lays out Maclin with a DDT. Both men get in the ring and this one is officially underway. Miguel launches himself toward Maclin, who slides out, knocks Miguel down, but Miguel tosses him out of the ring and flips over the top rope and takes Maclin out on the outside and falls into the crowd. Maclin returns fire and spears Miguel against the apron and lays into him with some heavy chops before tossing him into the steel barricade. Maclin keeps the pressure up, tosses Miguel into the ring, goes for the cover but Miguel kicks out at two. Maclin scoops Miguel up and plants him with a sidewalk slam across his knee, puts him in the middle of the ropes and starts unloading knees into Miguel's back. Maclin tosses Miguel into the corner, Miguel fights back with a pair of elbows but Maclin lays him out with a slam, goes for a cover and the champion kicks out at two. Maclin mocks Miguel's entrance, picks him up and blasts him with a slam onto his knees, goes for the cover but Miguel lifts his shoulders and keeps his title reign alive for the moment. Maclin is relentless in his attack, tosses Miguel out of the ring and launches himself off the apron with an elbow across a laid out Miguel. Maclin throws Miguel back into the ring, goes for the cover and Miguel, again kicks out at two. Maclin locks-in a choke, transitions to a back stretcher, Miguel fights back, knocks Maclin back, lays into Maclin with a pair of forearms and hits a slick hurricarana onto Maclin that sends him through the ropes. Miguel gets to the top rope, Maclin knocks him off, Miguel gets stuck on the apron and Maclin spears him through the middle rope and both spill out to the floor. Back in the ring, Maclin goes for the cover but Miguel kicks out at two-and-a-half. Maclin unloads a bevy of strikes onto Miguel, who reverses momentum with another slick hurricarana that sends Maclin face-first into the mat. Both slide of the ring, Trey knocks Maclin down, goes to the top rope and does a wild flip that lays Maclin out, gets him back into the ring and drills Maclin with a flying pair of knees and gets the 1-2-3 to retain his title. What a match!

Winner - Trey Miguel

Jonathan Gresham (C) vs. Chris Sabin — Ring of Honor World Championship

ROH play-by-play voice Ian Riccaboni joins the commentary table while the company's ring announcer Bobby Cruise handles the pre-match duties ahead of this Pure Rules contest. The pair lock into a test of strength, Sabin works Gresham's arm, Sabin flips back, Gresham flips back and they both back up and stare each other down with a show of respect. Gresham tosses Sabin aside, Sabin slips out out a choke, Sabin tosses him down, grabs his neck but Gresham flips out and backs off. Gresham lays Sabin out with a scoop and slam, takes Sabin's arm, works it over, Sabin slips back out, Gresham grabs the other arm and Sabin flips back to toss Gresham over the top rope and he spills out to the floor. Gresham powers himself away from Sabin, slides back into the ring, works Sabin's arm again, Sabin flips back, Gresham tosses him down, goes for a cover, Sabin kicks-out quickly and flips it into a pin of his own but Gresham kicks right out. Gresham continues to manipulate Sabin's arm, tosses him back, looks for a power-bomb but Sabin slides through his legs and knocks Gresham down, goes for the cover but Gresham grabs the bottom rope. Gresham kicks Sabin back, Sabin's heavily favoring his left arm, Gresham kicks it, Sabin spins out, Gresham pops behind and flips off the rope and lays Sabin out. Gresham locks-in a cross-face, grabs Sabin's arm and transitions it into a head and arm lock but Sabin somehow slips to the bottom rope and grabs it. Gresham holds Sabin in a back stretcher, Sabin spins out, knocks Gresham across the ring, picks him up and knocks him out with a spinning back-bomb, goes for the cover and gets the three count but Gresham's leg was underneath the bottom rope and the match continues. Sabin headbutts Gresham, who powers to his feet, they start laying into each other with about 100+ chops, Sabin knocks Gresham down, Gresham kips up, misses a spinning kick, Sabin hits one, Gresham slams him, Sabin returns the favor but Gresham slides Sabin into a spinning pin attempt with his legs folded backwards and gets the three count! What a finish!

Winner - Jonathan Gresham

JONAH vs. Josh Alexander

Josh headbutts JONAH, who tosses Josh into the corner and Josh slides out and starts unloading strikes onto JONAH, who powers out and tosses Josh out of the ring. JONAH follows him out and tosses Josh back into the ring, tosses Josh over the top rope, Josh brings him over to the apron with him, knocks Jonah down, goes up top and nails JONAH with a massive leg drop. JONAH fights back, lays Josh out and tosses him down with a front-suplex on the outside. JONAH tosses Josh back into the ring and plants him into the corner with a press slam, goes for the cover but Josh kicks out at two. JONAH scoops Josh up, locks-in a back stretcher, Josh slips down, Jonah grabs his arm and tosses him to the mat. Josh gets right back up, grabs his arms but JONAH powers out and lays him down with a back suplex, goes for the cover but Josh kicks out. Both men stand in the center of the ring and chop each other, JONAH gets the better of the exchange but Josh slides out and trips JONAH up. Both slide out of the ring, JONAH gets tossed over the barricade but he headbutts Josh, who returns the favor, gets on the top rope and goes FLYING into the crowd and lays JONAH out. Both men struggle to get back in the ring, they eventually do, Josh plants JONAH with a slam, goes for the cover but JONAH kicks out at two. The feed goes out for a minute, it comes back and JONAH's stuck in an ankle lock from Josh and JONAH has no choice but to tap. What a match!

Winner - Josh Alexander

Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath & Rhino vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) & Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner & Joe Doering) — 10-Man Hardcore War Tag Team Match

Swann and Deaner start this one out, Swann nails Deaner with a spinning back-kick, then tossed a garbage can at him, lays into him with some strikes and Karl Anderson comes on down, he and Deaner lay into Swann, slams a garbage can into him and celebrate. Willie Mack now enters the fray and he and Swann immediately take out Karl, then Willie and Swann start walloping Deaner and hit him with a 3-D looking double team move onto a chair and through a table. Doc Gallows is next to enter and the numbers catch up to Willie and Swann. Doc, Karl and Deaner toss Willie out of the ring and put Swann through a table. Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring with a kendo stick and takes everyone out then celebrates with the fans, takes off his coat and directs Swann and Willie to start getting some weapons, to which they oblige. Eddie retrieves a table but Karl comes from behind and lays him out while Eric Young makes his way down and blasts Eddie with a garbage can lid and lays him out then tosses him back into the ring and chokes him out. Eric plays up to the fans, Deaner bits Eddie's head and Doc nails Swann with a garbage can lid directly to the top of his head on the entrance ramp and the countdown begins and out comes Heath. He and Karl meet at the top of the ramp, Heath takes him out, throws powder into Eric's eyes, gets in the ring, puts a garbage can on Deaner and kicks him in the head. Everyone brawls on the outside of the ring, the countdown comes and goes and Joe Doering comes down to the ring. The heels take over, everyone's working someone over with some sort of weapon until the countdown comes, it ends and the final participant joins the match and it's Rhino, who takes Eric out with a chain, then Deaner, then Doc. Eric comes back just to get laid out yet again by Rhino, who grabs his chain, gets in the ring and starts waving it above his head and blasts Eric with it again. The ring clears, it's just Eric and Eddie and they go to town on each other with a pair of garbage can lids. The heels start coming back into the ring but Eddie takes them all out with a kendo stick. Eddie lights the stick on fire and blasts Doc in the back with it but Joe and Eric come running back in, Joe knocks Eddie down with a running clothesline, Eric tosses Eddie over the top rope and puts Eddie through a table with a pile-driver. Back in the ring, it's Willie and Joe, Willie takes Joe out, sets him up in the corner with a barbed wire table, Swann comes in, goes for a spear but Joe moves and Swann goes head first into the table. Karl comes back in but gets taken out by Heath, Rhino drills him with a spear and Heath pins him for the 1-2-3 and the win.

Winners - Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath & Rhino

— After the match, Vincent, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven and PCO from Ring of Honor come down to the ring and attack the winners. Maria Kanellis makes her way to the ring and they all celebrate in the middle of the ring while Bennett and Taven pick up the IMPACT Tag Team Titles.

Moose (C) vs. Matt Cardona vs. W. Morrissey — IMPACT World Championship

All three men go at it the second the bell rings. Moose tosses Cardona to the outside and sends him into the barricade. Morrissey joins the action and flattens Moose with a power-bomb on the outside. Morrissey tosses both Moose and Cardona into the ring, Moose takes control and nails Morrissey with a splash then goes to the top rope and hits Morrissey with a splash from the top. Cardona comes back in and drills each with a boot to the face. Cardona tosses Morrissey to the corner, puts him on the top rope, Moose gets underneath them both and sends both flying to the mat with a power-bomb. Chelsea Green comes out and dives off the stage onto Moose, Cardona follows up and attacks the champion. All three men battle across the entrance stage and ramp before getting back into the ring. Cardona rolls Morrissey up, but the big man kicks out at two. Cardona tosses Morrissey out of the ring, Moose comes back in and he and Cardona trade forearms. Moose then tries to hit a dive from the top rope, Cardona pushes him off and through a table. Morrissey has a prosthetic leg thrown to him from the crowd and uses it to wallop Cardona. Morrissey choke-slams Cardona, goes for the cover but Cardona's able to kick out at two. Cardona struggles, but gets to his feet, hits his finisher on Morrissey but Moose drags the referee out of the ring. Cardona sees what happened and attacks Moose, Cardona hits Moose with a bevy of strikes and a suplex but Moose kicks out. Moose lines Cardona up for a spear but ends up hitting the referee. Morrissey popd back into the mix and hits Moose with a power-bomb but there’s no referee to count the pin. Morrissey goes under the ring and pulls out a few steel chairs. Moose hits Morrissey with a low blow then uses the chair to hit Morrissey. Cardona comes back into the ring with a chair and blasts both Moose and Morrissey with it. Moose hits a low blow on Cardona, Chelsea Green comes back, gets in the ring, Moose tosses her down and almost hits her with the chair as Cardona makes the save. Moose then power-bombs Cardona into the corner taking out both the replacement referee and Chelsea Green. Moose spears Cardona, the referee crawls back into the ring and Moose gets the three-count to retain his title.

Winner - Moose

Mickie James (C) vs. Deonna Purrazzo — Texas Death Match, IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Our main event of the evening is underway and the pair lock-up to start the action. Mickie rolled Deonna up, gets the three, but there’s no 10-count so the match continues. ROH Women’s World Champion, Rok-C, is shown sitting on the front row, keeping a close eye on the action. Both competitors head out of the ring and each toss a few steel chairs into the ring. Deonna searches for a table under the ring but Mickie drills her with one of the aforementioned chairs. Mickie clubs Deonna with a golf club but Deonna returns fire and sends Mickie into the ring post. Deonna taunts Rok-C, Deonna and Mickie brawl up the stage and Deonna drills Mickie with suplex on the floor. Deonna slides a production equipment cart into Mickie, goes for the cover, gets the three count but Mickie makes it back to her feet after a nine count. The champ is busted open but locks Deonna up, back in the ring, but Deonna slides to the rope to break the hold. Mickie uses her knee brace and drills Deonna with it then sets up a table in the corner but Deonna knocks her down from behind. Deonna finds and dumps out some thumbtacks inside of the ring and then knocks Mickie down into the thumbtacks. Deonna chokes Mickie against the middle rope, which forces the champ to tap but Mickie makes it back to her feet at a count of nine. They continue to brawl, Mickie pulls out a guitar but Deonna knocks her down from behind, yet again. Deonna sets up a chair on Mickie's now exposed knee, heads to the top rope but Mickie slides out of danger, grabs the chair and blasts Deonna with it and the latter takes a spill on the outside. Mickie pins Deonna, gets the three but Matt Rehwoldt comes out and scoops Deonna up to save Deonna from a loss but Mickie flies onto the both of them from the top rope. Back in the ring, Mickie puts Deonna on a table, goes to the top rope, but Deonna fights back and sends Mickie crashing through the table with the 'Queen's Gambit'. Deonna pins Mickie, gets the three and the referee begins to count but Mickie, yet again, gets to her feet at nine. Deonna’s hand falls into the thumbtacks, she tries to grab Mickie, who picks up the guitar and smashes it over Rehwoldt’s head. Mickie hits her 'Mickie DDT' on Deonna, goes for the cover, gets the three and the following ten-counts and retains her title! What a match!

Winner - Mickie James

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