IMPACT Wrestling Results Coverage for 11/1/18 Knockouts Championship Match, Pentagon Jr. vs Homicide

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Rich Swann vs Willie Mack

Swann puts Mack in a headlock that he quickly gets out of before they mirror each other until Swann kicks Mack in the midsection. Mack drops Swann with a shoulder block and chops him in the corner, Mack kneeing Swann repeatedly before hitting a neckbreaker. Rich tries to come back, but Mack hits a powerslam for a quick two count before they exchange chops and Swann gets a near fall off of a sunset flip. Willie hits a spinning heel kick and a coast to coast dropkick before hitting a diving crossbody to the outside, Willie getting Rich back in the ring quickly for a quick two count before Rich comes back with a series of kicks before hitting a 450 splash for a near fall of his own. Mack hits a cannonball in the corner into a Samoan drop and a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Rich then comes back with a cutter, but Mack hits a stunner and for another near fall, Mack missing a frog splash before Swann hits a cutter for yet another near fall. Swann then hits a phoenix splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rich Swann defeats Willie Mack via pinfall with a phoenix splash.

Desi Hit Squad vs Beach Bums

Raj tosses his opponent in the corner before Desi hit a series of double team moves in the corner. Raj tosses his long haired opponent across the ring and he tags in his partner DJ, Rohit hitting a snap suplex for a one count, Rohit breaking up the pin himself. Desi then tag in and out and stomp DJ repeatedly before Rohit hits a jumping knee as Raj hits a Samoan drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Desi Hit Squad defeat the Beach Bums via pinfall.