IMPACT Wrestling Results Coverage for 11/1/18 Knockouts Championship Match, Pentagon Jr. vs Homicide

Homicide vs Pentagon Jr.

The match begins during the commercial break with Pentagon in control, hitting a backstabber that sends Homicide out of the ring before hitting a dive and chopping him at ringside. Homicide comes back with a flipping senton over the top rope and tosses Pentagon back into the ring before hitting a suplex for a quick two count. Homicide hits a tornado DDT for a near fall before Pentagon catches him up top and hits a diving foot stomp. They then exchange chops until Pentagon hits a series of kicks, Pentagon countering the Gringo Killer into a roll up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. defeats Homicide via pinfall with a roll up.

-The OGz then lay Pentagon and Fenix out as we go off the air with a video package for next week's IMPACT World Championship match between the champion Johnny Impact and the challenger Killer Kross.

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