IMPACT Wrestling Results for 11/8/18 IMPACT Final Hour Special Johnny Impact vs Killer Kross

-Allie and Keira are talking before James Mitchell appears and offers his services to Allie before she joins him and Su; sacrificing herself for Keira and Rosemary.

-Eli Drake comes out to the ring with his lawyer Joseph Park and talks about his lawsuit against IMPACT. Joseph explains that he filled a lawsuit against IMPACT Wrestling LLC. based on unsafe working conditions for his client Eli Drake and that he has determined that it is an unsafe working environment. Joseph says that there are other members of the roster who want to join the lawsuit before Eli low blows and stomps on him before saying that it be doesn't let his career die he'll kill it for him. Eli gets a chair and hits Joseph with it repeatedly until he says that he is the last of a dying breed and Joseph/Abyss is the problem. Eli chokes Joseph when the officials come to his aid before leaving.

IMPACT World Championship Match

Johnny Impact (c) vs Killer Kross

Impact takes Kross down and goes for a cross armbar, but Kross is back to his feet almost immediately and overpowers Johnny. Kross puts Johnny up top, but Johnny fights him off before Kross regroups with Moose who is ejected from ringside. Kross gets back in the ring and they exchange forearms and right hands until Johnny hits a running forearm in the corner, Kross following Johnny and clotheslining him off of the top turnbuckle and down to the floor. Kross tosses Johnny back in the ring and Johnny comes back with an enzuigiri before Kross counters a guillotine choke into a suplex. Johnny hits a shining wizard and counters an Alabama slam into a piledriver for a quick two count before hitting a snap DDT for another quick two count. They end up out of the ring and onto the stage before Kross hits a razors edge from the ramp and into the ring, sending Johnny half way across the ring.

Kross locks in a variation of the lion tamer, Johnny getting to the bottom rope for the break before hitting an enzuigiri and a boot when Kross is on the apron. Johnny hits a diving stomp and rolls Kross back into the ring Johnny hits Countdown to Impact for a near fall. Kross comes back with a gut wrench suplex into a powerbomb before Johnny counters a Doomsday Saito with a series of superkicks. Johnny then hits a huricanrrana into the corner before hitting Starship Pain for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Impact retains his IMPACT World Championship by defeating Killer Kross via pinfall with Starship Pain.