IMPACT Wrestling Results for 12/13/18 Moose vs Brian Cage, Dave Crist vs Rich Swann

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Dave Crist vs Rich Swann

Dave sits in the corner before running out of it and dropping Rich with a boot before choking him in the corner. Dave sends Rich out of the ring before Jake back drops him onto the apron and rolls him back into the ring for Dave to get a quick two count. Dave whips Rich into the corner sternum first before Rich comes back with an enzuigiri and a tope to the outside. Rich rolls Dave back into the ring and hits him with a series of right hands and kicks before hitting a springboard cutter for a two count. Rich then misses a phoenix splash before countering a flat liner and wins with a school boy pin.

Winner: Rich Swann defeats Dave Crist via pinfall with a school boy pin.

-After the match Rich and Sami keep OvE and Willie Mack from attacking each other.

-Josh Matthews interviews Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie ahead of their title match at Homecoming next month.

Trey Miguel vs Trevor Lee

They lock up before Lee takes Trey down and Trey gets back to his feet before applying a hammer lock. They counter each other before Trey rocks Lee with forearms and hits a huricanrrana and a dropkick that sends Lee to the outside. Trey hits a tope before rolling Lee back into the ring, Lee coming back with a backbreaker for a quick two count before choking him in the corner. Lee suplexes Trey and plays to the crowd before Trey catches Lee coming in, but Lee hits another backbreaker. Lee yells at Trey and slaps him before Trey comes back with a Pele kick and a scorpion kick into a neckbreaker for a near fall. Trey comes back with a 619 into a huricanrrana pin for the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel defeats Rich Swann via pinfall with a huricanrrana pin.

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