IMPACT Wrestling Results for 6/14 X-Division Championship Match, IMPACT Championship Number One Contender Match

It's Thursday which means that it's time to sit back and watch two hours of wrestling from the IMPACT Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. If you have the inclination why not leave a comment below and check out our forums.

-Grado comes out to the ring presumably for a match to start the show before Eddie Edwards comes out of nowhere and beats him down with a kendo stick until he leaves. Eddie grabs a mic and talks about what he did to Sami Callihan before Tommy Dreamer comes out to the ring and tries to calm Eddie. Tommy pushes Eddie away when he gets in his face, then Eddie lays him out with the kendo stick before leaving as we go to commercial.

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Rebel vs Taya Valkyrie

They lock up before exchanging wrist locks and rolls, then Rebel hits a snapmare into a crucifix pin for a quick two count. Taya comes back and hits a jumping double foot stomp before hitting a running forearm in the corner and chopping her across the chest. Taya hits a running hip attack and running knees in the corner for a near fall before hitting a series of shoulder tackles in the corner. Rebel gets a quick two count off of a sunset flip before Taya misses a running splash in the corner and Rebel hits a shining wizard for a near fall. Taya then spears Rebel when she misses a phoenix splash before hitting the Road to Valhalla for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie defeats Rebel via pinfall with the Road to Valhalla.

-We get a triple threat match between Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles that you can watch on the Global Wrestling Network.

Cult of Lee vs KM & Fallah Bahh 

Bahh send Caleb across the ring before he shoves Lee and Caleb away when they try to lift him. ​​​​​​KM comes in and he and Bahh squash Caleb and Trevor before KM drops Caleb with a boot and sends him out of the ring. Caleb and Trevor then come back in the ring and rake the eyes of Bahh who accidentally hits KM with a Samoan drop, then Lee pins KM after they drop Bahh with a double boot.

Winner: Cult of Lee defeat KM & Fallah Bahh via pinfall when Lee pins KM. 

​​​​​​IMPACT Championship Number One Contender Match

Eli Drake vs Moose

They cut the video several times, the two first at ringside before they get back in and Eli hits an elbow drop for a quick two count. Moose comes back with a running dropkick in the corner before hitting Go to Hell for a near fall, then Eli hits a uranage for a quick two count when he ducks a boot by Moose. They exchange strikes until Moose hits a series of chops only for Eli to drop him with a clothesline. Moose gets back up and clotheslines Eli before Eli misses a moonsault and sends Moose shoulder first into the ring post before hitting a superplex for a near fall. Moose then counters the Gravy Train before hitting a spear for the pin and the win.

 Winner:Moose defeats Eli Drake via pinfall with a spear to gain a shot at Austin Aries' championship at Slammiversary.

Keira Hogan vs Tessa Blanchard

Keira drags Tessa out of the ring before the match starts and attacks her before Tessa hits a flap jack onto the ramp. They get back in the ring and Tessa sends Keira into the ropes before hitting a dropkick for a quick two count. Tessa hits a series of wrist lock lariats before putting her in an abdominal stretch, then Keira comes back with a series of forearms in the corner. Tessa comes back with forearms of her own before bringing a chair into the ring and hits a hammer lock DDT for a very close near fall. Tessa then fights with the referee before Keira throws the chair at her, then Tessa hits a release full nelson facebuster onto the chair for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard defeats Keira Hogan via pinfall with a release full nelson facebuster.

Jake Crist vs El Hijo de Fantasma

Jake sends Hijo into the corner with a boot as soon as the match starts before trying to tear off the mask of Hijo. Jake hits a snap suplex for a quick two count before locking in a dragon sleeper until Hijo gets to the ropes for the break. Hijo then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before applying a body scissor and rolling through for a pin and the win. 

Winner: El Hijo de Fantasma defeats Jake Crist via pinfall with a bridging pin.

-After the match OvE try to de-mask Hijo before Pentagon comes out and saves him and sends OvE to the back as we go to commercial.

X-Division Championship Match

Matt Sydal (c) vs Brian Cage

Brian chases Matt around the ring until he drops him with an elbow, then Matt gets caught coming off of the ropes and Brian hits a fall away slam. Brian hits a series of lariats in the corner before Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong come down to the ring and distract Brian. Matt hits a running dropkick in the corner before Brian comes back with an avalanche vertical suplex for a near fall. Brian powerbombs in the corner Matt when he goes for a huricanrrana before Brian puts Matt back into the ring. Kong then sends Brian into the ring steps and he gets counted out and his undefeated streak is over.

Winner: Matt Sydal retains his X-Division Championship against Brian Cage when Kongo Kong sends him into the ring steps and he gets counted out. 

-After the match we cut to the back where Fallah Bahh is on the ground, then Petey is dragged away by someone pretending to be a cop, but he assaults him and puts his ​​​​​​x card on his chest before leaving as we go off the air. 

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