IMPACT Wrestling Results for 6/28 Rich Swann Debuts, Matt Sydal vs Dezmond Xavier

It's Thursday and that means it's time for two hours of action from the IMPACT Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! Enjoy yourself and if you want, leave a comment below and check out our forums!

-Madison Rayne comes out to the ring to start the show and talks about career in IMPACT before calling out Tessa Blanchard who obliges and comes out to the ring. Tessa mocks Madison and insults her before Madison angers her and the two almost come to blows before they're interrupted by the music of Su Yung. Tessa then drops Madison with a forearm before leaving as we go to commercial.

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Rich Swann vs Trevor Lee

They start the match off with a test of strength before Swann starts dancing, then dropkicks Lee out of the ring before teasing a tope to the outside as we go to commercial. 

We come back from commercial to Swann chopping Lee in the corner before Lee catches him coming in and hangs him over the top rope. Lee chokes Swann before whipping him into the corner for a quick two count. Swann comes back with right hands before rolling Lee up for a two count, then Lee hits a fall away slam before Swann sends Lee out of the ring and hits a tope to the outside. Once they're back in the ring Lee hits a jumping double foot stomp before Swann hits a reverse huricanrrana and a 450 splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rich Swann defeats Trevor Lee via pinfall with a 450 splash.

-We get highlights of Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr in a steel cage match in PCW Ultra where OvE come in and beat Pentagon down after Sami takes out the referee. Sami then takes the mask off of Pentagon who quickly covers his face as he falls to the mat in a heap.

Desi Hit Squad vs Z&E

Andrew and Rohit start the match,, Andrew showing off his athleticism with flips and back flips before hitting a huricanrrana and a dropkick. DJ comes in and takes out both members of the Hit Squad before hitting a diving cross body to the outside. They get back in the ring after taking out Andrew at ringside and play to the crowd before Z fights out of a side headlock. Andrew hits a springboard spinning wheel kick for a near fall before he and Z hit a series of moonsaults to Singh before Gama gets up on the apron and distracts Andrew and the referee. Singh then rolls Andrew up while holding onto his tights for the pin and the win.

Winner: Desi Hit Squad defeat Z&E via pinfall when Singh pins Everett with a roll up.

-We get a video package for the career of Moose ahead of his IMPACT Championship match at Slammiversary next month. We then have Eddie Edwards invading House of Hardcore and attacking Tommy Dreamer.

-We get a video where Pentagon Jr challenges Sami Callihan to a hair versus mask match at Slammiversary. 

-LAX come back to their club house with the tag belts and talk to Kingston before Konnan shows up and threatens him. Konnan then tries to talk some sense into Ortiz and Santana after Eddie leaves.

Matt Sydal vs Dezmond Xavier

Dezmond dropkicks Matt out of the ring before Matt disappears under the ring and comes back in and hits a sunset powerbomb, but Dezmond rolls through, then Matt chops him in the corner before Dezmond turns him inside out with a clothesline. Matt starts focusing on the leg of Dezmond, kicking his leg and hitting several dragon screw leg whips before putting Dezmond in a bow and arrow, then a single leg Boston crab. Dezmond hits several running back elbows in the corner before Matt rolls to the outside and Dezmond hits a flipping senton over the top rope and landing on his feet. Dezmond then rolls Matt back into the ring before hitting Chemical Imbalance II for the pin and the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal defeats Dezmond Xavier via pinfall with Chemical Imbalance II. 

-After the match Brian Cage comes out to the ring before he's attacked by Kongo Kong from behind, then Kong hits a splash off of the top as we go to commercial.

Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard​​​​​

They exchange forearms to start the match before Tessa drops Rayne with a back elbow before dropkicking her in the back for a quick two count. Tessa hits a series of wrist lock lariats and a Saito suplex before hitting a snapmare and kicking the spine of Madison. Tessa hits a suplex for a quick two count before Madison hits an enzuigiri and a huricanrrana before hitting a sliding lariat for a near fall. Tessa hits a flat liner for a near fall before Madison spears her and the two exchange forearms. Madison then counters a full nelson slam into a crucifix bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne defeats Tessa Blanchard via pinfall with a crucifix bomb. 

-Su Yung comes out and attacks Madison before Allie saves her as we go off the air. ​​​​​​

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