IMPACT Wrestling Results for 7/19 Joe Hendry vs Eli Drake, Sami Callihan in Action!

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Petey Williams vs Killer Kross

Petey kicks Kross to start the match before Kross catches him and drives him into the corner. Kross hits a belly to back suplex before tossing Petey across the ring. Kross hits a Saito suplex before Petey slaps him and sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Petey hits a tornado DDT before Kross counters the Canadian Destroyer into the Doomsday Saito suplex before choking Petey nearly unconscious. Kross then hits an Alabama slam before choking Petey unconscious with an arm triangle.

Winner: Killer Kross defeats Petey Williams via referee stoppage with an arm triangle.

Desi Hit Squad vs KM and Fallah Bahh

The Squad double team Bahh to start the match before KM comes in and tosses both members of the Hit Squad around. KM and Bahh take turns rolling over top of their opponents before the Hit Squad win when Raju applies a leverage pin to Bahh.

Winner: Desi Hit Squad defeat KM and Fallah Bahh via pinfall when Rohit pins Bahh with a leverage pin.