IMPACT Wrestling Live Results for 9/20/18 Austin Aries vs Texano Jr. for the IMPACT Championship

Alisha vs Faby Apache

Faby is in control to start the match, showing off her superior strength and striking skills before Faby hits a leg drop for a quick two count. Faby hits a drop toe hold into a surf board stretch and Alisha counters an electric chair into a huricanrrana. Alisha gets a quick two count before Faby catches Alisha with a superkick for a quick two count of her own and Alisha locks in a variation of an octopus stretch. Faby gets to the ropes for the break almost immediately before Alisha drops her with a clothesline and a flat liner for a near fall. Alisha hits a diving cross body before Faby drops her with a boot and hits a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Faby Apache defeats Alisha Edwards via pinfall with a sit-out powerbomb.

Matt Sydal & Rich Swann vs Fenix & Pentagon Jr.

Rich and Fenix start the match off by showing their athleticism and doing several flips before tagging Matt and Pentagon Jr. in. They taunt each other back and forth until Pentagon kicks Matt in the midsection and when he's upside down. Fenix gets a blind tag and gets hit with a double superkick into a cutter before hitting a diving foot stomp powerbomb to Rich. Pentagon uses Fenix to hit a code red to Matt for a quick two count before Matt and Pentagon exchange strikes with Matt getting a quick two count off of a roundhouse kick. Matt tags Swann in who hits a slingshot senton before Matt comes back in and Pentagon hits a question mark kick to Rich before tagging Fenix in. Fenix hits a corkscrew senton before Swann hits a phoenix splash to the outside onto the Lucha Bros as we go to commercial.

Fenix and Matt are in the ring with Matt in control until Rich and Matt hit a pair of frankensteiners and Fenix hits a diving foot stomp onto the apron and Pentagon in hits a package piledriver onto the apron. Fenix then hits an angels wings for the pin and the win.

Winner: Fenix and Pentagon Jr. defeat Matt Sydal and Rich Swann when Fenix pins Matt with a double underhook piledriver.

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