IMPACT Wrestling Live Coverage & Discussion 2/9 Lashley Defends His IMPACT World Title Against Eddie Edwards & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Tonight we have an action packed show as in our main event the new IMPACT World Champion Lashley will defend his belt against Eddie Edwards one more time and Drew Galloway defends his IMPACT Grand Championship against Mahabali Shera! DCC are set to start the show and look to continue their dominance after defeating Decay last week so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST to find out what their next target is and who will leave tonight with all of the gold!

-We open with a recap of last weeks show then we have DCC come out in the arena. Storm then says that anyone is good enough to be a part of the DCC and that they will take down anyone who stands in their path before naming off the list of people they've defeated. Tyrus and Eli Drake come out and Tyrus comes to the ring, Drake behind him and he says they want to face all three of them, Drake understandably hesitant about the idea. DCC then beat on them before Tyrus manages to take on Bram and Kingston by himself for the most part as Eli Drake and Bram fight at ringside. Storm then goes over and low blows Tyrus, but he's quick to recover as we go to commercial.

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DCC vs Eli Drake & Tyrus

We come back to an actual match in the ring as Tyrus shows off his strength against Kingston before tagging in Eli who hits an elbow drop for a quick 1 count. Kingston then rakes at the eyes of Drake before he tags in Bram. Drake hits a powerslam for a near fall that Kingston breaks up then stomps on him. DCC then start tagging in and out frequently, trying to keep Drake isolated, Drake falling into his corner when Storm goes for The Last Call, tagging in Tyrus. Storm hits Tyrus with a series of right hands, but it seems to only make him angrier then he takes out all three members of the DCC. Drake then leaves up the ramp as Tyrus gets hit with The Last Call by Storm with Kingston picking up the pin for the win.

Winner: DCC via pinfall

-We then get a video package for the cage match that Lashley and Eddie Edwards were in last year.. We then have Brandi talking about challenging Rosemary for the Knockout's title.

-Brandi then comes out and calls Rosemary out and she comes out and Rosemary gets in the ring and talks about the potential Decay saw in her. Rosemary says that Decay comes for everyone either by choice or by force as Steve and Abyss get into the ring. Rosemary then goes to choke her out with a guillotine, but Moose makes his way out to save her. Moose then clears the ring 

We then get a Rockstar Spud and Aron Rex segment backstage before their match tonight. 

Aron Rex vs Robbie-E

They exchange strikes then Rex runs around ringside before tossing Robbie back into the ring. Robbie hits Rex with a series of strikes in the corner then drops him repeatedly after a series of atomic drops. Rex then pokes him in the eye before tossing him out of the ring as Spud chokes him with his shirt. They get back into the ring and Rex misses a knee drop, Robbie dropping Rex repeatedly then hits an elbow off the second rope. Robbie hits a cross body off the top rope then Rex hits Robbie with a right hand off the distraction from Spud for the pin and the win.

Winner: Aron Rex via pinfall

-We then have the Hardys talking about The Expedition for Gold as we go to commercial.

-We come back to another video package for Lashley and Eddie Edwards. 

-The Hardys then come out and talk about their match against the Young Bucks and tag teams in the WWE. They then touch Vanguard One and disappear and reappear in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Drew Galloway vs Mahabali Shera IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Round 1

Shera immediately goes for a series of pins and only gets a 1 count each time. Shera then powerslams Drew before catching him on the top rope and throwing him across the ring. Drew ducks to the outside then chop blocks Shera when he starts to get out of the ring. Drew then chops Shera around ringside before they get back in the ring and Shera makes his come back in the last 10 seconds, Shera powerbombing Drew right after the bell rings.

Round 1 Shera wins Round 1

Round 2

Drew starts off aggressive to start the round, dropping Shera repeatedly then chopping him in the corner before hitting a belly to back suplex for a near fall. Drew then chops Shera more, his chest covered in whelps, Shera hitting a powerslam for a near fall of his own. Drew comes right back and hits Shera with the Claymore then the Future Shock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway via pinfall

-The Helms Dynasty then come out and celebrate Trevor Lee becoming the X Division Champion last week. Lee says he knew it was only a matter of time before he won the belt back, that he's the crown jewel of the X Division. They then turn on Andrew, saying that they gave him all the opportunities and he failed every time and that he is in IMPACT Wrestling before of GSH. Helms asks how many times he'll fail him and that if he needs to trim the fat that he will. Andrew grabs the mic and says that Helms is wrong and that maybe it's Helms who is the problem. Lee and GSH then attack Andrew when he starts to attack Helms, leaving him in the ring as we go to commercial.

-We get a third video package for Lashley and Eddie Edwards for their title match tonight. 

-We then get more footage of The Hardys in Mexico in Crash. We then get a teaser for their match in Crash against Psicosis and Super Crazy next week.

Lashley vs Eddie Edwards IMPACT World Title Match

They lock up then Lashley pushes Eddie away, showing off his strength, dropping Eddie repeatedly then going out of the ring to bother Eddie's friends and family. Eddie then dives through the ropes and chops Lashley at ringside before putting him back in the ring. They get back in the ring and Lashley hits Eddie with a spinebuster as we go to commercial.

Lashley is in control as we come back, hitting a neckbreaker then choking him with his shin across his throat. Lashley then shoulder tackles Eddie in the corner before Eddie comes back and drops Lashley with a stiff clothesline. Eddie chops Lashley more then Eddie hits a head scissor and sends Lashley over the top rope. Eddie then dives through the ropes before rolling Lashley back into the ring, following up with a missile dropkick off the top rope for a near fall. Lashley then picks up Eddie, turns him over on his shoulder and hits a Dominator before going out of the ring and grabbing his belt. Lashley then brings the belt into the ring, but Davey Richards stops him allowing Eddie to hit a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Eddie hits an enzuigiri that sends Lashley out of the ring then Lashley catches Eddie coming through the ropes and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex to the floor. Lashley goes for a spear, but Eddie hits The Boston Knee Party for a near fall, Davey dragging the referee out of the ring at the last second. Davey then turns on Eddie before Angelina drops Eddie's wife in the crowd with a right hand. Lashley then spears Eddie for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lashley via pinfall

-After the match Angelina puts a submission on Eddie's wife in the ring while Davey stomps on Eddie. Davey then chops Eddie with his belt, Angelina slamming her face into the mat and Davey letting go of Eddie, the couple passing out as we go off the air with Davey and Angelina standing tall.

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