IMPACT Wrestling Results for 2/1/19 Kross & Moose vs Impact & Cage


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Hey there Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on the Pursuit Network and Twitch TV! You can follow along via the embedded video above and while you're here you can leave a comment below during the show!

Lucha Bros & Taurus vs LAX & Daga

The six men square off in the center of the ring before Pentagon and Santana start the match off before everyone rushes in and hits a move. Taurus clears the ring and takes out Ortiz at ringside with a suicide dive before Daga hits a flipping senton onto Fenix. Pentagon and Santana exchange open hand palm strikes until LAX and Daga triple team Pentagon for a quick two count. Pentagon comes back and launches Daga over the top rope and to the floor before sending Ortiz into Santana and tags in Fenix. Fenix hits a 619 into a springboard back elbow and a flying headbutt before Ortiz comes back with a blue thunderbomb.

Taurus and Daga come in and go back and forth with running moves in the corner before Daga hits a bridging German suplex for a two count. Daga sends Taurus out of the ring and tags in Ortiz before Pentagon hits a flipping senton to the outside. Santana hits an Asai moonsault and Fenix hits a corkscrew springboard senton as we go to commercial.

We return to the ring where Lucha Bros hit a double superkick to Ortiz and Fenix hits a knee to Santana while walking the ropes before hitting Ortiz with a move for a near fall. Lucha Bros then hit Ortiz with the Fear Factor for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha Bros and Taurus defeat LAX and Daga when Lucha Bros hit Ortiz with the Fear Factor.

-After the match Lucha Bros demand a rematch for the IMPACT World Tag Team titles next week as we go to commercial. 

-We get a flashback to Su Yung hitting a panic switch off of the stage to Rosemary before putting her in a casket.

-Impact Wrestling's next pay-per-view Rebellion is announced for April 29th.

Allie & Su Yung vs Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace

Su and Allie double team Jordynne before she suplexes the both of them and sends Su into Allie before hitting a release German suplex. Jordynne hits several running moves in the corner for a two count before Kiera comes in and hits Su with forearms and a shotgun dropkick into the corner. Kiera hits a running splash and a running hip attack into a baseball slide in the corner for a near fall. Jordynne comes in and whips Su into the corner before hitting a fall away slam and Allie and Su send Jordynne out of the ring before sending her into the ring post repeatedly. Back in the ring Allie gets a near fall before knocking Kiera off of the apron and stomping on Jordynne.

Su baits Kiera as she and Allie isolate Jordynne in their corner until Jordynne powers out of a rear naked choke. Allie drags Jordynne to her corner and Su tags herself in for a two count before Jordynne sends Allie across the ring with a running shoulder tackle. Kiera then hits a spinning fisherman's neckbreaker when Allie gets distracted by Rosemary appearing and Su disappearing for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace defeat Su Yung and Allie when Kiera hits Allie with a spinning fisherman's neckbreaker.

Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake vs The Rascalz

Eddie and Zach kick off the match by going for pin attempts and trips until Eddie wrongs the arm of Zach and drags him to his corner where Eli tags in. Eli gets distracted talking to Eddie and Zach hits a deep arm drag and shoulder strikes before hitting a springboard corkscrew cross body for a quick two count. Dez gets the tag and Rascalz double up on Eli for a two count before Eli takes Dez down and tags Eddie back in. Dez and Zach start with frequent tags and chaining moves together before Eli sends Zach from the top rope while the referee is distracted. Eddie reprimands Eli for his actions and Eli tags himself in before Eli hits a pop-up back suplex for a two count.

Eli slams Zach to the mat head first and tags in Eddie who chops Zach and Zach drops him with a hand springboard roundhouse bicycle knee. Eli yanks Dez from the apron before Eddie hits a rolling fireman's carry suplex and Dez finally gets the tag, Dez dropkicking Eli for a near fall. Eli drops Dez with a right hand and does the same to Zach before he catches Dez going for a springboard move and Rascalz hit Eli with a double DDT for a near fall that Eddie breaks up. Eddie then clotheslines Dez before hitting a suicide dive to Zach before he grabs Kenny and Eli hits Dez with it before hitting the Gravy Train for the pin and the win. 

Winner: Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards defeat The Rascalz via pinfall when Eli pins Dez with the Gravy Train.

-We get a recap of last week's segment between Sami Callihan and Rich Swann before Rich talks about how Sami was right and how he took him in as family and opened his home to him. Rich says that Sami is manipulative and that he'll always have a place in his heart for Sami before saying that what Sami wants isn't family. We then go to Taya being interviewed where she cuts a promo on Tessa Blanchard ahead of their title match.

Fallah Bahh vs Psycho Clown

Bahh shoves Psycho away before dropping him when he runs into him and misses a leg drop before Psycho hits a PK into an elbow drop. Bahh sends Psycho over the top rope and to the outside before Bahh hits a diving cross body off of the apron. Bahh rolls Psycho back into the ring and tries to rip his mask off before headbutting him and catching him on the top turnbuckle. Psycho hits a diving stomp into a suicide dive before hitting a flipping senton and rolls Bahh back into the ring for a near fall. Bahh hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall before he goes for a banzai drop and Psycho hits a top rope powerbomb for a near fall.

Bahh then hits a running splash in the corner before Psycho wins with a variation of a back slide.

Winner: Psycho Clown defeats Fallah Bahh via pinfall.

-It's announced that the title match between Taya and Tessa next week will be a street fight. 

Johnny Impact & Brian Cage vs Killer Kross & Moose

Moose and Johnny start the match off with Moose posing before Johnny hits a huricanrrana and a dropkick before Moose tags Kross in. Brian tags himself in and they go toe to toe and exchange strikes until hits a huricanrrana into a scoop slam and Johnny tags himself in. Johnny hits a rolling neckbreaker for a quick two count before Moose distracts him and Kross hits a gut wrench powerbomb, Moose coming in and hitting Johnny with right hands in mount. Kross and Moose double up on Johnny in their corner as the referee has to keep Cage out of the ring before Moose drops Johnny with a chop and drives him into the corner with a shoulder tackle. Kross tags himself in and mocks Cage before hitting a series of suplexes and tags Moose back in.

Moose chops Johnny and plays to the crowd before Moose low blows himself when he jumps into the knee of Impact. Kross comes in and locks in a variation of a dragon sleeper before Moose comes right back in and hits a side slam for a two count. Johnny counters a back suplex and tags in Brian who knocks Kross off of the apron and hits Moose with a running European uppercut in the corner into a release German suplex for a near fall. Kross hits Brian with a release German suplex before Brian hits a release German suplex to Kross and Moose hits him with Go to Hell as Johnny gets the blind tag. Johnny hits a corkscrew cross body for a near fall that Kross breaks up before Moose kicks him and Johnny hors an enzuigiri.

Johnny then hits a 619 before Johnny accidentally hits Brian and Moose spears him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose and Killer Kross defeat Johnny Impact and Brian Cage when Moose pins Johnny with a spear.

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