IMPACT Wrestling Results for 5/17/19 Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards

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Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on the Pursuit Network and Twitch TV!

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Knockouts Battle Royal

They are interrupted by Glenn Gilbertti before the match starts and they beat him down and toss him out of the ring, everyone ganging up on Tessa and Jordynne before Tessa eliminates two opponents at the same time. Solo eliminates Tasha with a reverse DDT on the apron before Tessa tosses Alissa over the top rope and Kiera eliminates Jordynne as she's trying to eliminate Tessa. Madison is then eliminated by Taya Valkyrie at ringside before Tessa, Kiera and Jordynne brawl in the center of the ring as we go to commercial.

We return to the action where Kiera eliminates Scarlett and Tessa eliminates Tessa before Glenn runs in and hits her with a sling blade. Glenn then tosses Tessa over the top rope and wins by being the last person eliminated.

Winner: Glenn Gilbertti

Demonic Dog Collar Match

Su Yung vs Rosemary

They brawl to start the match before Rosemary sets Su on the top rope and locks in a tarantula before Su falls to the floor and Rosemary tries to hang her. Back in the ring momentarily, Su sends Rosemary back out of the ring and sends her into the ring post before sitting her on a chair and choking her with a chain. Su hits a cannonball off of the apron onto Rosemary and tries to drag Rosemary up the ramp before Rosemary hits a reverse DDT for a near fall. Su cracks Rosemary in the face with the chain and sends her face first into the turnbuckle before hitting a draping pedigree for a near fall. Rosemary then mists and spears Su before hitting the Red Wedding for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rosemary defeats Su Yung via pinfall with the Red Wedding.

Madman Fulton vs Randy Shawn

Shawn punches Fulton, but he doesn't budge before he drives Shawn into the corner and tosses him across the ring before dropping him with a boot. Fulton then hits a dead lift choke slam and two more choke slams before he finishes with the end of days for the pin and the win.

Winner: Madman Fulton defeats Randy Shawn via pinfall with an end of days.

Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards

Eddie chops Kross around ringside before they get into the ring and Kross hits a high angle fall away slam before stomping him in the corner. Kross clotheslines Eddie for a quick two count and stomps on his hand before Eddie suplexes him, Eddie getting caught with a knee to the midsection before Kross hits him with a lariat. Kross chokes Eddie in the ropes and whips him into the opposite corner before Eddie hits a frankensteiner for a surprising one count. Eddie then hits a tiger bomb for a near fall before he goes to hit Kross with Kenny and Kross hits him with a Doomsday Saito for the pin and the win.

Winner: Killer Kross defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall with a Doomsday Saito.

-After the match Kross zip ties Eddie to the ropes and starts to hit him with a cane, but breaks it in half when Eddie tells him to hit him.

-We get an IMPACT Plus Flashback match between Brian Cage and Kongo Kong from last year.

Rich Swann vs Michael Elgin

Michael drives Rich back into the corner and blocks his escape before Rich locks in a side headlock and tries to knock Michael over with a shoulder block. They exchange flips and Rich hits a huricanrrana before kicking Michael in the face and chops him in the ropes before hitting a 619 Michael hits a release German suplex for a near fall. Michael whips Rich into the corner sternum first and hits a scoop slam into a slingshot splash for a near fall. Rich knocks Michael from the top, but Michael hops up and dropkicks him in midair before rocking him with a high knee. Rich hits a tornado DDT and a series of topes to the outside before hitting a diving elbow drop for a near fall as we go to commercial.

We return to the action to the action where Michael hits a running splash in the corner into a falcon arrow for a near fall before dropping Rich with a lariat and hitting a spinning sit-out side slam for another near fall. Rich hits a frankensteiner into a lethal injection and a phoenix splash for a very close near fall before Michael hits a last ride powerbomb for a near fall of his own. Michael hits a buckle bomb before Rich hits two reverse huricanrrana and a superkick for a near fall before Michael rolls out of the ring and powerbombs Rich into the ring post until the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Michael Elgin defeats Rich Swann via referee stoppage.

-Willie Mack then saves Rich after the match before Johnny Impact attacks them as we go off the air.

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