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Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on the Pursuit Network and Twitch TV!

Knockouts Battle Royal

They are interrupted by Glenn Gilbertti before the match starts and they beat him down and toss him out of the ring, everyone ganging up on Tessa and Jordynne before Tessa eliminates two opponents at the same time. Solo eliminates Tasha with a reverse DDT on the apron before Tessa tosses Alissa over the top rope and Kiera eliminates Jordynne as she's trying to eliminate Tessa. Madison is then eliminated by Taya Valkyrie at ringside before Tessa, Kiera and Jordynne brawl in the center of the ring as we go to commercial.

We return to the action where Kiera eliminates Scarlett and Tessa eliminates Tessa before Glenn runs in and hits her with a sling blade. Glenn then tosses Tessa over the top rope and wins by being the last person eliminated.

Winner: Glenn Gilbertti

Demonic Dog Collar Match

Su Yung vs Rosemary

They brawl to start the match before Rosemary sets Su on the top rope and locks in a tarantula before Su falls to the floor and Rosemary tries to hang her. Back in the ring momentarily, Su sends Rosemary back out of the ring and sends her into the ring post before sitting her on a chair and choking her with a chain. Su hits a cannonball off of the apron onto Rosemary and tries to drag Rosemary up the ramp before Rosemary hits a reverse DDT for a near fall. Su cracks Rosemary in the face with the chain and sends her face first into the turnbuckle before hitting a draping pedigree for a near fall. Rosemary then mists and spears Su before hitting the Red Wedding for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rosemary defeats Su Yung via pinfall with the Red Wedding.

Madman Fulton vs Randy Shawn

Shawn punches Fulton, but he doesn't budge before he drives Shawn into the corner and tosses him across the ring before dropping him with a boot. Fulton then hits a dead lift choke slam and two more choke slams before he finishes with the end of days for the pin and the win.

Winner: Madman Fulton defeats Randy Shawn via pinfall with an end of days.

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