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Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on the Pursuit Network and Twitch TV!

Tommy Dreamer, Sabu & Moose vs The North & Moose

Tommy and Ethan start the match off, Tommy in control early before he tags in Sabu and Ethan rushes to his corner and quickly tags in Josh. Josh takes Sabu down, showing off his superior grappling skills before Sabu comes back with a tornado DDT and Moose comes in. Moose demands RVD and RVD obliges before they exchange taunts and RVD hits a wheel kick. RVD and Sabu hit flipping senton and Tommy comes in and suplexes Sabu onto Moose before Moose pulls the referee in the way and low blows Tommy as we go to commercial.

-We get an IMPACT Plus Flashback match between AJ Styles and the debuting Jeff Hardy from 2004.

We return to Sabu hitting several topes with a chair before throwing chairs at his opponents and Tommy hits Jason with a DVD before Moose spears him and RVD hits the Vanterminator to Moose. Sabu then puts a table into the ring and lays Ethan on top of it before hitting a diving leg drop and RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: RVD, Sabu and Tommy Dreamer defeat The North and Moose via pinfall when RVD pins Ethan with a Five Star Frog Splash.

Glenn Gilbertti vs Tessa Blanchard

Glenn grabs a microphone and talks for several minutes after the match starts before Tessa drops Glenn with a forearm and beats on him in mount before knocking him out with another forearm for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard defeats Glenn Gilbertti via pinfall.

The Desi Hit Squad vs The Deaners

Rohit and Cody start the match with Cody in control of Rohit before he tags in Jake, but Raj pulls him out of the ring. Jake hits a tope to the outside and The Deaners hit an assisted backbreaker for a quick two count before Raj trips Cody and Raj comes back with a running knee. Raj comes in and suplexes Cody before Jake gets the tag and drops Raj repeatedly before Rohit takes out Jake and DHS hit a diving stomp flat liner for the near fall. Jake then hits a black hole slam for a near fall that Rohit breaks up before Raj rolls Cody up for a near fall and Cody sends Raj into Rohit before rolling up Raj for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Deaners defeat Desi Hit Squad via pinfall.

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