IMPACT Wrestling Results for 6/21/19 Knockouts Championship Match

IMPACT Wrestling

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Good evening Fight Fans, we hope you're ready for the weekend and ready for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling!

Tessa Blanchard vs Jake Crist

Tessa immediately hits Jake with forearms and a cutter before sending Jake out of the ring and hitting several suicide dives. Back in the ring Jake takes control and hits her with forearms in the corner before Tessa comes back with forearms of her own and Jake hits a side Russian leg sweep. Jake hits a snap suplex for a one count before Tessa comes back with a tornado DDT for a two count and Jake rakes her eyes. Tessa then hits a jawbreaker and Jake hits a DVD for a near fall before Tessa hits several kicks and the Magnum for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard defeats Jake Crist via pinfall with the Magnum.

-OvE come out after the match and Sami berates Jake before Eddie Edwards comes out and attacks all of OvE before his match against Madman Fulton as we go to commercial.

Eddie Edwards vs Madman Fulton

Eddie and Fulton brawl at ringside before the match starts, the two getting into the ring after several minutes after Fulton chokeslams Eddie onto the apron; Fulton tossing Eddie into the ring and hitting him with a running splash into a running release slam. Fulton chokeslams Eddie again with one hand this time before hitting an under hook suplex for a near fall. Eddie dropkicks the knee of Fulton and chops him before hitting a huricanrrana and a snap German suplex. Eddie hits a blue thunderbomb for a near fall before knocking Sami off of the apron and hitting a dive onto Sami at ringside before he grabs a kendo stick and Killer Kross appears on the screen. Kross then shows Sandman tied up with a hood on his head before he pours water on him, effectively water boarding him before Fulton capitalizes and hits Eddie with the Downward Spiral for the pin and the win.

Winner: Madman Fulton defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall with the Downward Spiral.

-Eddie Edwards meets with his wife backstage and explains what's going on to her before he runs off and she reluctantly follows him.