IMPACT Wrestling Results for 10/29/19 New IMPACT World Champion Crowned

Hey Fight Fans, welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on its new home, AXS TV headlined by a IMPACT World Championship rematch in a steel cage!

-We open the show with the new intro for the show before we go to Josh and Don discussing tonight's show in the middle of the ring.

Spoiler: Number One Contender For Interim AEW Championship Determined During 7/1 AEW Rampage Taping

Marufuji vs Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page

They lock up for a clean break before Maru rocks Josh with a boot and takes Maru down with a single leg before they exchange standing switches and Josh puts Maru in a side headlock. Maru rolls Josh over several times for a series of two counts before Josh transitions into a front face lock and they exchange chops until Josh beats Maru down and hits a jumping knee drop for a quick two count when Maru misses a dropkick. Josh punches and stomps Maru in the corner before hitting a running forearm and Maru hits a cartwheel dropkick before chopping Josh in the corner. Maru hits a snap mare into a meteora and a question mark kick for a two count before Josh hits a rolling senton and a diving knee drop for a two count of his own. Josh hits a full nelson backbreaker for a two count and stomps every limb of Maru Ala Randy Orton before Maru counters a powerbomb into a superkick and hits an enzuigiri and a bicycle knee before they exchange strikes and collapse to the mat. Josh and Maru exchange chops, Maru winning with the knife edge chops before Maru hits a question mark kick and Josh hits a blue thunder bomb for a near fall before Maru hits a crescent kick into a bicycle knee for a near fall. Maru then hits a shiranui for the pin and the win.

Winner: Marufuji defeats Josh Alexander via pinfall with a shiranui.

-After the match Maru offers to shake Josh's hand, but Ethan stops him before they mock him and leave. We then see OvE get into a confrontation with staff in the back, Fulton nearly attacking one of the security before Sami stops him as we go to commercial.

-We get a segment of the Smoke Show in which The Rascalz get Fallah Bahh high and he starts speaking in complete sentences.

Rosemary Jordynne Grace & Alexia Nicole vs Madison Rayne, Taya Valkyrie & Kiera Hogan

Rosemary and Jordynne take control early before clearing the ring as we go to commercial.

We return to the action in the ring to Alexia in control of Kiera until she hits a jawbreaker and Rosemary and Madison come in, Rosemary hitting a running clothesline in the corner into an exploder suplex. Alexia hits a shotgun dropkick into the corner and a snap mare before Taya slams Alexia down to the mat by her hair from the apron for a quick two count. Kiera hits a huricanrrana and Kiera feints an injury before Kiera pokes Alexia in the eye. Madison doesn't tag in when Taya tries to tag her in and Jordynne hits a running splash in the corner into a Vader bomb for a near fall that Madison breaks up. Jordynne then pins Taya with an inside cradle when John E. Bravo accidentally distracts Taya for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace, Alexia Nicole and Rosemary defeat Taya Valkyrie, Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne via pinfall.

-We get a taped video package from RVD with his wife Katie Forbes in a hot tub where he talks about how all of the big stars today owe everything to him and how he's not sorry for what he did to Rhino as we go to commercial.

Desi Hit Squad vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Willie and Rich double up on Rohit after Raj attacks Rich and he and Willie send him out of the ring before Rich kicks Raj in the legs and Raj hits a front suplex into an ushigaroshi. Rich fights off DHS before Rohit hits a flat liner that sends Rich on his head and Rohit and Raj knock Willie off of the apron before doubling up on Rich for a quick two count. Rich comes back with a clothesline and sends Raj into the corner before Willie comes in and hits a double running splash and a cannonball in opposite corners and a Samoan drop into a standing moonsault for a two count. DHS hit an assisted DDT for a near fall before Rich hits a Lethal Injection and Rich hits a diving twisting neckbreaker with Rohit on Willie's shoulders for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeat the Desi Hit Squad via pinfall.

-After the match we throw to Rhino backstage looking for RVD before he's told he's on vacation and Rhino says that he's going to get a Gore whenever he gets him in the ring next.

-We get a promo by Moose outside on a golf course before he hits a ball and attacks two middle aged golfers after putting the ball in the hole after taking one of the golfers balls.

-Ken Shamrock comes out to the ring and addresses his future in IMPACT Wrestling, Ken starting to talk before he's interrupted by newly signed IMPACT Joey Ryan, Joey saying that Ken has a mountain to climb before Ken says that he has no idea who Joey is. Ken says that he actually knows who he is because he's the penis man and that he's a gimmick, Joey saying that Ken is afraid to touch his penis. Ken says that he's there to cause pain to anyone who gets in his way on the way to the IMPACT Championship before they make the match between the two for next week's show. Joey then offers to shake Ken's hand before Joey makes him touch his crotch and hurries out of the ring and up the ramp before we get a video package for Tessa Blanchard.

Street Fight

Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards

Eddie hits a suicide dive and chops Ace on the ramp before hitting a suplex onto the ramp and grabs a trash can and a kendo stick before Ace hits him with the trash can and Eddie hits a scoop slam onto the apron. Ace superkicks Eddie from the apron and chokes Eddie with a shirt before grabbing a table and sliding it into the ring before tossing a chair into the ring, Eddie hitting him with a trashcan lid once he gets in the ring. Ace kicks Eddie and sets the table up in the corner before Eddie superkicks him and gets attacked by Reno Scum and Eddie puts Alex through a table and knocks Luster from the apron with a trash can lid. Ace then sends Eddie face first into a trash can for a two count as we go to commercial.

Ace is in control as we return to the action, Ace setting Eddie up top and setting up a chair before Eddie hits him with the chair and hits an avalanche back suplex before Eddie grabs a kendo stick and Ace blocks a shot by Eddie with the X-Division Championship. Ace hits Eddie with the X-Division Championship for a near fall before hitting Eddie with a kendo stick and goes for a spear, but Eddie tosses the trash can at him and Ace lands in the trash can. Eddie hits Ace with the chair and puts another table in the ring before he sets Ace up top and Ace sends him through the table for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ace Austin defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall when he puts him through a table.

-We get the IMPACT+ Flashback Moment of the Week featuring a match between Havok and Su Yung before we see that Su has been resurrected as a human named Susie and is now wearing normal clothes and no face paint as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Johnny Swinger and Alissa Edwards talking before Ace shows up and makes him leave and they decide to go to dinner together before it's announced that Fallah Bahh will face Michael Elgin, Moose will face Willie Mack and Ken Shamrock faces Joey Ryan on next week's show.

-We get an extended video package for the bitter blood feud between the IMPACT World champion Brian Cage and the leader of OvE Sami Callihan ahead of their championship match in a steel cage in tonight's main event.

IMPACT World Championship Steel Cage Match

Brian Cage (c) vs Sami Callihan

Brian powerbombs Sami into the side of the cage when he meets Brian when he's coming down to the ring before sending him face first into the side of the cage and Sami does the same to Brian before quickly getting away and into the cage before locking it. Brian climbs over the cage and clotheslines Sami before tossing him around and Sami counters a powerbomb before hitting Brian with a baseball bat before driving his boot into Brian and his head into the cage, Brian visibly busted open. Sami bites Brian's forehead and hits him with right hands in mount before traps Brian between the cage wall and the ropes, Sami hitting him in the ribs with the bat. Brian then roars and dodges Sami who accidentally runs head first into the side of the cage as we go to commercial.

We return to both Cage and Callihan on the mat before Brian superkicks Sami and hits a bicycle knee before Sami drops Brian with a lariat for a two count. Sami hits another lariat for a near fall before hitting another lariat and a piledriver for a near fall, Brian psyching himself up and powerbombing Sami into the side of the cage and Sami comes back with a flurry of strikes before hitting three piledrivers for a very close near fall. Brian hits an Alabama slam into a discus lariat for a near fall before climbing the top rope and Sami meets him before they exchange headbutts until Brian knocks Sami down. Sami then hits an enzuigiri and an avalanche piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan defeats Brian Cage via pinfall with an avalanche piledriver to become the new IMPACT World champion.

-After the match Sami celebrates before Tessa Blanchard enters the cage and squares off with Sami as we go off the air. 

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