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Hey Fight Fans, welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on the Pursuit Network and Twitch TV! Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

-We open the show with a video package for the career of LAX.

Street Fight Match

OvE vs Tessa Blanchard, Tommy Dreamer, RVD & Rhino

Everyone brawls to start the match before it's Sami and RVD in the ring, RVD getting a quick two count off of a crucifix before hitting a rolling thunder and Tessa traps Dave in the ropes and hits a Magnum. Tommy hits Jake with a fall away before Fulton and Rhino exchange hands, Tommy sending Jake out of the ring and hitting Fulton with a cutter before Fulton drops him with a running back elbow. Jake hits an assisted flipping senton and takes out everyone at ringside before Tommy hits a diving cross body and RVD hits a tope of his own. Tessa takes Sami down and hits a cutter once he's back up before she gets superplexed onto everyone at ringside by Jake before Sami hits Rhino with a suplex and Rhino hits a spinebuster. Everyone hits a move before Fulton hits an end of days for a near fall that Tessa breaks up before she hits Fulton with a tornado DDT and gets caught up top off of the distraction by Jake. Jake hits a diving cutter for a near fall before RVD and Tommy send Fulton over the top rope before RVD hits a slingshot cross body and Tommy and Rhino set up a table in the corner. Rhino Gores Jake through the table and RVD hits a Five Star Frog Splash before Tessa submits Jake with a kendo stick for the tap and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, RVD, Rhino and Tommy Dreamer defeat OvE via submission when Tessa submits Jake Crist.

-Ace Austin meets with Alisha Edwards backstage before she leaves to get ready for her match as we go to commercial.

-The wedding of Brian Cage and Melissa Santos is announced for next week as well as Tenille Dashwood in action tonight.

Alisha Edwards vs Taya Valkyrie

Alisha jumps on Taya's back and gets tossed down before Ace Austin is helped down to ringside in a wheelchair, Taya choking Alisha in the corner before tossing her across the ring by her hair for a quick two count. Alisha catches Taya coming in and hits a running shotgun dropkick before hitting a flat liner for a two count, John E Bravo pulling Alisha out of the ring before Ace takes him out and gets back to his chair before Alisha gets to her feet. Taya then hits The Road to Valhalla for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie defeats Alisha Edwards via pinfall with The Road to Valhalla.

-The North run around backstage with hats and kazoos celebrating the departure of LAX before Rhino and RVD crash their party.

Mahabali Shera vs Cody Deaner

Shera picks Cody up and drives him into the corner before clotheslining him and hitting a front suplex before Cody hits a suicide dive and takes out Desi Hit Squad at ringside. Cody then gets caught coming off of the top and Shera hits a chokeslam before hitting a powerslam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mahabali Shera defeats Cody Deaner via pinfall with a powerslam.

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