IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender Results (2/19/22): Moose Defends IMPACT World Title Against W. Morrissey + More!

Welcome to's live coverage for the IMPACT Wrestling's first 'special event' of 2022, No Surrender!

We'll be bringing you full, fight-by-fight results of every match on the card.

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Chris Bey vs. Mike 'Speedball' Bailey vs. Jake Something vs. Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) — X-Division Championship Number One Contender Match

Jake rips everyone apart the second the bell rings and Ace shuts down his momentum with a spin-kick, then a DDT, goes for a cover but Jake kicks out at two. Ace repeatedly pins Jake but the big man keeps kicking out. Bey comes back into the fold and now he gains some momentum by taking everyone out with a dive over the top rope and nails Bailey on the outside of the ring. Bailey comes firing back and nails Bey with a moonsault, goes for a slam but Jake comes back in and lays out Bailey with a power-bomb. Bey drills Jake with a high-kick and then a poisonrana. Bey takes Ace out with a slam, goes for the cover but Bailey breaks it up. Jake nails Bailey with a spear but Ace and Bailey drill Jake with a double super-kick. Bey hits the Art of Finesse on Bailey, goes for the cover, Ace breaks it up and lays out Bey with a springboard, Jake catches Ace's 'The Fold' attempt and plants Ace with Into The Void and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner - Jake Something (number one contender for the X-Division Championship)

JONAH vs. Black Taurus

Taurus avoids JONAH's forward pressure to begin the match, JONAH finally catches up to Taurus and tosses him to the outside but Taurus takes out the big man with a dive. JONAH powers back and nails Taurus with a military-press face-first into the top turnbuckle. JONAH continues the onslaught but eats a slingshot and a crucifix bomb from Taurus, who goes for the cover but JONAH stays alive by lifting the shoulders at two-and-a-half. JONAH comes roaring back with some heavy strikes but Taurus rolls out, trips JONAH onto the middle rope and nails him with a 619, then a diving senton before going for the cover but JONAH lifts the shoulders after a count of two. Taurus attempts The Frankensteiner, JONAH slides out and plants Taurus with a Thesz Press, then a power-bomb, goes for the cover but Taurus is able to kick out. JONAH nails Taurus with a running clothesline then The Tsunami and gets the three count for the win!

Winner - JONAH

Jay White vs. Eric Young

Both men waste no time in throwing absolute hammers at each other and White eventually gets the better of the exchange and tosses Young outside of the ring. Young gets back into the ring, White tosses Young into the corner but Young counters and fires White face-first into the top turnbuckle but White comes right back and plants Young with a DDT. White nails Young with a suplex, goes for the cover, Young kicks out, counters The Bladerunner and lays White out with a big running clothesline. Young drops White with a suplex but 'Switchblade' comes back with a uranage before going for the cover but Young lifts the shoulders at two. White storms back and drills Young with a wild flatliner onto the apron, follows it up with a suplex but Young slides out and and the pair rake each other in the eyes. Young hits White with a pile-driver, White eats it and rolls Young up, Young kicks out and White keeps on the attack and plants Young with a half-and-half suplex for the 1-2-3!

Winner - Jay White

Deonna Purrazzo (C) vs. Miranda Alize — Ring of Honor Women's Championship

Purrazzo's open challenge was answered by Miranda Alize, who chose the ROH Women's Title over Deonna's AAA Reina de Reinas Title to challenge for. Both women take part in a grappling exchange, Alize takes advantage early and starts flying around the ring with an aerial attack. Purrazzo slides out of the ring to regroup but Alize doesn't allow her anytime and nails the champion with a dive through the ropes before tossing her back into the ring and goes for the cover but Purrazzo's able to kick out. Purrazzo comes back on the offensive and works over Alize's neck. Alize counters and continues her high-flying offense that stuns the champion but Purrazzo uses her technician skills and drags the challenger back to the mat with an arm-drag. Alize counters with a running knee, goes for the cover but Purrazzo keeps her title reign alive and kicks out after a two-count. Purrazzo nails Alize with a suplex, goes for The Queen's Gambit but Alize slides out, nails the champion with a knee, locks in The Miranda Rights but Purrazzo rolls out and counters into The Venus de Milo which forces Alize to tap!

Winner - Deonna Purrazzo (C)

Matt Cardona (C) vs. Jordynne Grace — IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Championship

Grace goes on the attack early and attempts a sneak small package pin attempt but Cardona rolls out. Grace locks-in the sleeper hold, Cardona powers out but Grace nails him with a suplex, Cardona slide sour of the ring and begins walking out of the arena but Grace chases after him and drags him back to the ring. Cardona hides behind the referee, Grace tries to work around the ref but Cardona gets in a cheap shot and lays her out with a slam, then another. Grace gets momentum back with a clothesline then a spine-buster before going for the cover but Cardona kicks out at two. Cardona storms back with a drop-kick, then some kicks then goes for The Radio Silence but Grace blocks and lays Cardona out with a clothesline. Cardona retrieved a chair and tried to stop a dive from Grace with it but Grace kicks it out of his hands and Cardona used a distraction from the referee tossing the chair out of the ring and the champion takes down the challenger. Cardona grabs the chair back but Grace nails him with a low blow and she's disqualified!

Winner - Matt Cardona (C)

After the match, Jordynne Grace attacks Matt Cardona with a chair.

We cut backstage and it appears as if Eddie Edwards has been taken out and may not compete in tonight's tag match.

Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (C) vs. G.O.D. (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) — IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Tonga and Anderson kick this one off and Tonga gets to work early and unloads a bevy of strikes onto 'The Machine Gun'. Anderson rolls out of the ring but Tonga follows him out and nails the champion with a slide onto the outside of the ring which causes both teams to brawl. Back to the ring and Anderson gets the better of a striking exchange but eats a running clothesline from Tonga, who then makes the tag to Loa. Anderson takes Loa's eyes behind the referee's back and makes the tag to Gallows. Loa unloads some strikes into Gallows who responds with some heavy shots of his own. Tonga's tagged back in and Gallows tosses him aside with relative ease. Tonga's getting whooped but sneaks away just in time to make the tag to Loa who takes out both Anderson and Gallows, goes for a cover on Anderson but Gallows comes back into the fray and breaks it up. Anderson comes back on the offensive and nails Loa with a neck-breaker, goes for a cover of his own but Loa's able to life the shoulders after a two-count. Chris Bey comes down to the ring and distracts the referee but Bey ends up costing Loa, who gets choke-slammed by Gallows, Jay White now comes down to the ring and plants The Bladerunner on Tonga which allows Gallows and Anderson to hit The Magic Killer which gets them the win!

Winners - Good Brothers (C)

Post-match, White, Bey, Gallows and Anderson all 'too sweet' over G.O.D.'s motionless bodies in the center of the ring.

Mickie James (C) vs. Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) — IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship

Both woman lock-up and the fight quickly spills out of the ring. Neither James nor Steelz looks to break the hold and they both roll back into the ring where they lock right back up and James sends Steelz to the mat with a running kick. They lock right back up and end up falling out of the ring yet again and James plants Steelz with a neck-breaker but Evans distracts James and Steelz gets momentum with a clothesline but James fights back and gets some strikes in but Steelz sends her back down to the mat with a super-kick. Steelz fights back with some strikes but James cheap shots Steelz and nails the challenger with a pair of running clotheslines. James takes out a distracting Evans on the apron, Chelsea Green comes down and takes out Evans, Steelz uses the distraction to nail James with a cutter, both trade off counters and James plants Steelz with The Clutch for the three-count and the win!

Winner - Mickie James (C)

Backstage we see Team IMPACT's Steve Maclin, Rhino, Rich Swann and Chris Sabin. They bicker about it Edwards is truly injured or if he was faking it for whatever reason. Swann says that it doesn't matter why but Edwards is out and Willie Mack is taking his place.

Moose (C) vs. W. Morrissey — IMPACT Wrestling World Championship

Brian Myers joins Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt on commentary for this one. This is a true hoss fight and it starts at such as both men throw heavy strikes with caution to the wind. Moose lands a Lights Out but Morrissey has the wherewithal to slide out of the ring to avoid a pin. Back in the ring, Moose goes for another Lights Out but Morrissey powers out and lays the champion out with a boot to the face and now it's Moose who rolls out of the ring to recover. The pair brawl on the outside, Moose tosses Morrissey into the barricade before they head back to the ring. Morrissey goes for the BQE but Moose counters into a hurricanrana and a high drop-kick. They exchange heavy strikes and Moose goes for a dive but lands awkwardly and the champion looks legit out of it but the action continues. Moose lands another Lights Out and goes for the cover but Morrissey slides his leg under the bottom rope to force a break, Morrissey comes back and looks for the BQE, gets it but Moose also forces a break on the ensuing pin attempt after getting his leg under the bottom rope. Moose kips right up and hits a FOURTH Lights Out and gets the 1-2-3 for the win!

Winner - Moose (C)

Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Kenny King, PCO, & Vincent) (with Maria Kanellis) vs. Team IMPACT (Rhino, Chris Sabin, Steve Maclin, Rich Swann, & Willie Mack)

Everyone brawls to start before things settle down and Maclin and Bennett are the two legal men to begin the main event. The pair exchange strikes to start. A series of tags take place and everyone gets in a little bit of offense. King is secluded by Team IMPACT and he gets beaten down by every member of Team IMPACT. Honor No More fire back and seclude Sabin, who gets beaten down by Bennett and Taven before being saved by Rich Swann who takes out both members of The OGK but the numbers catch up to Swann, who gets taken out by both Taven and Bennett. PCO's tagged-in and the veteran works over Swann but the former IMPACT World Champion slides out and makes the tag to Mack who destroys every member of Honor No More, Mack and Swann nail PCO with a double neck-breaker, Mack goes for the cover but it's broken up by Taven. Maclin's tagged-in, he takes out Vincent, who was also tagged-in but PCO enters the mix and choke-slams Maclin. King comes in and takes out Swann, Vincent comes back in and sends Rhino to the outside. King fires Maclin into the referee, who gets knocked out. Everyone brawls in the ring, Rhino, the legal man, gets back in the ring and lines up Bennett for The Gore but Kanellis comes in and stops the attempt but Eddie Edwards comes running down with a kendo stick, lines up Kanellis for Rhino to Gore but Edwards takes out Rhino with the kendo stick and then follows suit and lays every single member of Team IMPACT with the aforementioned weapon and King makes the cover on Rhino and Honor No More wins!

Winners - Honor No More

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