IMPACT Wrestling On POP! 3/16 Suicide Returns To The IMPACT Zone & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Tonight a man who helped put the X-Division on the map returns to the IMPACT Zone as Suicide sets his sights on Trevor Lee and his X-Division Championship! Brandi Rhodes makes her singles competition debut when she takes on Kayci Quinn and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of the action!

-We open with a video package recapping last week of the new era of IMPACT Wrestling. There is also a new opening crawl.

-Alberto El Patron comes out to the ring without his title, the commentators saying that he relinquished the belt earlier this week. AEP says he loves IMPACT because he doesn't have to pretend he's something he's not and he has complete freedom. He says he has and will prove again that he deserves to be champion, Alberto says he's not a talker, but a fighter then proceeds to call out Lashley. EC3 comes out instead and gets in the ring saying that it was noble of him to relinquish the title and that you have to earn title shots. EC3 challenges Alberto to a number one contender's match and Alberto says he is there to fight Lashley and he was promised a rematch against Lashley.

Alberto starts to leave the ring, EC3 saying that Alberto doesn't know who he's messing with and insults his manhood before Alberto gets back in the ring. Alberto says he's in IMPACT Wrestling to fight the big dog and not the bitch, EC3 asking if there's anything he can say to make him fight him tonight, but Alberto reiterates the bitch line before EC3 shoves Alberto. They brawl, but security is quick to break them up, EC3 leaving up the ramp as as security hold Alberto back.Alberto then accepts the match with EC3 for tonight as we go to commercial.

-Eddie Edwards talks about his career and his feud with Davey Richards. We then have a backstage meeting where Dutch talks with the crew about how Decay got the Tag Team titles. Bruce says that the only thing they know is that they don't know, then says that he'll handle it. We then get a video package for Tyrus and Eli Drake where Tyrus talks about his motivations behind teaming up with him, saying that he made a deal with the devil.

Eli Drake & Tyrus vs Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

Kid and Eli start it off with Kid hitting Drake with a series of kicks, then a huricanrrana before Drake drops him with a back elbow. Kid focuses on the arm of Drake, then tags in Garza, the two focusing on the arm of Drake. Drake misses a dropkick, then Garza sends Drake through the ropes before diving through said ropes and taking Drake out. Kid hits a moonsault from the top rope and to the floor onto Drake before rolling him back into the ring with a standing moonsault for a quick two count. Drake backs Kid into his corner and tags in Tyrus,Kid trying to chop Tyrus down, but he catches him coming off the top rope and throws him into the corner as we go to commercial.

Tyrus scoop slams Kid, then tags in Eli who hits him with a series of strikes from mount for a quick two count. Eli and Tyrus tag in and out, Tyrus hitting a fall away slam that sends Kid directly into their corner. Tyrus misses a splash in a corner, then an elbow before Kid and Drake get tagged in. Garza hits a rolling superkick for a quick two count, then Drake accidentally hits Tyrus. Drake takes out both Kid and Garza, but right as soon as he goes to tag in Tyrus he's rolled up for the pin and the win by Garza.

Winner: Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. via pinfall

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