IMPACT Wrestling On POP! 3/16 Suicide Returns To The IMPACT Zone & More!

-We get a video package of Eddie Edwards, Moose and James Storm in Japan at Pro Wrestling NOAH. Moose talks about teaming up with KAZMA against Naomichi Marufuji and Keiji Mutoh and Eddie talks about his returning to NOAH, having spent time there before going to IMPACT.

Kayci Quinn vs Brandi Rhodes

-Cody comes out to the ring as soon as the match is about to start and gets on the mic and says that the match isn't going to happen. Cody says that he and Brandi will do things on his terms, then goes to give Kayci money, but she doesn't accept. Cody talks about Moose and says that Moose says he's in Japan, but Cody is Japan. The match never happens and Brandi and Kayci leave as we go to commercial.

Winner: Match never started.

-Rosemary comes in and attacks Kayci as we come back, beating on her around ringside before rolling her into the ring and hitting her with Red Wedding before leaving.

Alberto El Patron vs EC3

AEP is right on EC3 early, kicking him in the corner and sending him out of the ring. AEP sends EC3 into the ring post, then the railing before they take turns sending each other into the various ring posts as we go to commercial.

EC3 catches AEP coming off the top rope, then drops him repeatedly before kicking him into the corner until the referee makes him back off. EC3 hits a float over suplex for a quick two count, then AEP sends him over the top rope and into the ring post and to the floor. AEP smashes EC3's arm into the ring steps and the post, then puts a headlock on him as soon as they're back in the ring. They lock up, then EC3 sets AEP on the top rope before AEP hits an armbar in the ropes. AEP stays focused on the left arm of EC3, but EC3 comes back with his arm that's not injured, dropping AEP with several lariats and a one armed flapjack.

EC3 goes for a One Percenter, but AEP counters, then EC3 sends AEP out of the ring, trying to get feeling back into his injured arm. AEP hits an enzuigiri that sends EC3 to the floor, Alberto collapses to the mat as the referee starts the count as we go to commercial.

They exchange right hands in the center of the ring as we come back with EC3 dropping AEP until he comes back and hits EC3 with a series of clotheslines and a backstabber. AEP teases a cross armbreaker, but EC3 counters, then AEP goes to the top rope, but EC3 catches him and sends him across the ring when he goes for a hanging double foot stomp. EC3 hits two TK3's and gets out of the ring, grabbing a chair and bringing it back into the ring. EC3 goes to hit AEP, but he decides against it and tosses it out of the ring before AEP locks in the cross armbreaker for the tap and the win.

Winner: Alberto El Patron via submission

-After the match AEP gets down on one knee and claps for EC3, then says that he is unlike anyone he's ever faced and gave him one of the best matches of his career. They shake hands, then AEP lifts EC3's arm before EC3 leaves.

-We get an interview segment backstage with Reno Scum who say that they're there to become tag team champions. We then see EC3 kicking stuff backstage before Bruce disciplines him as we go to commercial.

-We get a video package for Suicide before his title match against Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Braxton Sutter.

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