IMPACT Wrestling On POP! 3/16 Suicide Returns To The IMPACT Zone & More!

Fatal Four-Way X-Division Championship Match

They brawl around ringside, then Everett dives out onto them before they all get back in the ring. Everyone except Lee gets a quick two count then everyone hits Lee with a right hand before Suicide takes out both Everett and Sutter for a quick two count. Suicide stands on the top rope and falls backwards onto everyone at ringside, then Everett hits a springboard shooting star press that takes everyone out as we go to commercial.

Lee tosses Everett out of the ring and to the apron before Everett hits an enzuigiri, then Lee takes Sutter and Suicide out, getting a quick two count on Suicide. Lee beats on Everett once he's back in the ring and chops him in the corner before whipping him sternum first into the opposite corner. Lee stomps and chokes Suicide in another corner, then Suicide locks in an octopus stretch, then a crucifix pin for a near fall. Lee tosses Suicide out of the ring, Sutter back in now and hitting Lee with a powerslam, Suicide coming in out of no where with a missile dropkick. Sutter and Suicide exchange forearms, then Andrew hits a double Pele kick before climbing the top rope. Suicide catches Andrew on the top rope, then they hit a tower of doom with Sutter getting the best of it by powerbombing Lee as we see Laurel at ringside. Laurel distracts Sutter as Allie and Laurel fight at ringside, then Lee hits him with a flying knee once he's back in the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trevor Lee via pinfall

-Sienna comes out to the ramp after the match and says that she's a lot tougher than Maria and that the first time Allie and Sutter sleep together will be in the hospital and that Romeo and Juliet always ends tragically.

-Bruce comes out to the ring and says that the tag team champions will be crowned in two weeks as Decay come out to the ring, upset because the titles literally landed in their laps last week. Abyss introduces the group to Bruce, and Rosemary says that they deserve the titles because they captured them from space in time and that they will take them as Reno Scum comes out to the ring. They say that they deserve to be tag team champions, then Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. come out to stake their claim for the title, cutting a promo in Spanish that no one understands. Garza translates for Kid and says they're there to get the belts before all three teams brawl around ringside. Reno sends Kid and Garza out of the ring, then Decay takes out Reno, then LAX comes out to the ring with a chair and lay out Decay as we go off of the air.

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