IMPACT Wrestling On POP! 7/6 Results What is Next for the Boss After Defeating Walking Armageddon at Slammiversary?

-We have an interview backstage with Gail Kim who talks about her career, this being her final year and more before we cut to a vignette featuring Naomichi Marufuji from Pro Wrestling NOAH as we go to commercial.

Sienna vs Rebel

Siena is all over Rebel as soon as the match starts, beating on her and tossing her around by her hair before playing to the crowd. Sienna then catches Rebel when she goes for a back flipping elbow in the corner before hitting a German suplex and a Samoan drop for a quick two count. Rebel comes back with a series of strikes before hitting a running back elbow and a running double knees. Rebel hits a hand spring back elbow before Sienna counters a suplex into a guillotine for the tap and the win.

Winner: Sienna via submission

Alberto El Patron vs Lashley Undisputed Unified World Heavyweight Championship Match

AEP kicks Lashley when he misses a splash in the corner and hits him with several punches before Lashley charges out of the corner and knocks AEP over. Lashley tosses AEP out of the ring before beating on him at ringside and sending him shoulder first into the steps. Lashley tosses AEP back into the ring for a series of quick one counts before whipping him hard across the ring, sending him flying off of the turnbuckle. Lashley beats on AEP in the corner before he counters a whip only to be sent over the top rope and out onto the floor as we go to commercial.

Lashley in in control as we come back from commercial, hitting a flat liner before AEP counters a spear and a neckbreaker with a clothesline and a backstabber for a quick two count. They counter each other before Lashley hits a brutal powerbomb for a near fall, then Alberto comes back with an arm breaker only to be hit with a spinebuster for another near fall. AEP counters another spear before hitting a double foot stomp off of the top rope for a near fall of his own. Alberto plays to the crowd before going for a cross arm breaker, but Lashley counters with a neckbreaker before shoulder tackling him in the corner. Lashley puts AEP in the tree of woe before he tries to finish him with his own move, but Alberto tosses him down.

Alberto goes for another double foot stomp, but Lashley spears him in midair before hitting a Dominator. LAX then come in and attack Lashley right as he goes for another spear for the disqualification.

Winner: Lashley via disqualification

-Konnan then gets on the mic and says that Alberto is the newest member of the stable, but Alberto is too out of it to confirm or deny it as we go off the air.