IMPACT Wrestling On POP! Live Coverage & Discussion 3/2 Bobby Lashley VS Josh Barnett World Championship Match & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Tonight we have a jam packed show as in our main event Bobby Lashley will defend his IMPACT World Championship against Josh Barnett, Rosemary will defend her Knockout's title against Jade in a last knockout standing match, Drew Galloway defends his IMPACT Grand Championship against Moose and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of the action!

Rosemary vs Jade Knockout's Championship Last Knockout's Standing Match

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They start brawling on the ramp before the match even starts, then Jade hits a series of German suplexes and a dropkick that sends Rosemary out of the ring. They get out trash cans and Kendo sticks, then try to hit each other before Jade drops Rosemary onto a trash can, flattening it. Jade comes off the top rope, but Rosemary mists her, then Rosemary sends Jade out of the ring with an elbow before hitting the Red Wedding on the floor. Jade sends Rosemary into the ring post , then cleans her eyes out with water before spitting it in Rosemary's face and powerbombing her onto the steps. Jade goes to powerbomb Rosemary on the apron, but gets misted again, then Rosemary hits Red Wedding on the ramp. Rosemary answers the count and Jade is counted out to retain the title.

Winner: Rosemary via count out

-We get the final Expedition of Gold segment with the Broken Hardys, Matt wants Jeff to find Vincent van Gogh reincarnated in an animal in his zoo.

-Moose comes out next and addresses Cody, saying that he doesn't care what club he's a part of or who his father is. Moose says that Cody will regret the day he messed with him, Cody coming out through the crowd and attacking Moose. They brawl, then security comes and breaks them up, before they murder the security. Moose clotheslines Cody over the top rope, then they brawl up the ramp before more security tries to stop them. The security is killed again, then Moose takes out Cody before everyone, including the locker room tries to break them up. Brandi ends up showing up and tells Cody to calm down, but he doesn't, then Moose dives out of the ring and takes everyone out. 

James Storm vs Jessie Godderz

Jessie is in control early, hitting a belly to belly suplex, then going for a Boston crab, but Storm rolls to the outside. Jessie smashes Storm's face into the apron, then rolls him back into the ring before putting in a Boston crab. Kingston comes down and distracts Jessie, then Storm focuses on the knee of Godderz. Storm sends Jessie out of the ring, Kingston attacking him and rolling him back into the ring as Storm distracts the referee. Jessie comes back and drops Storm repeatedly, before hitting an enzuigiri and a blockbuster for a near fall. Storm hits a spinebuster for a near fall of his own, then they counter each others finishers, before Kingston comes into the ring. The referee is distracted by Kingston, Jessie locking in the Adonis Lock, but Bram comes out and hits Jessie with a chair to break the hold before Storm hits Jessie with The Last Call for the pin and the win.

Winner: James Storm via pinfall

Trevor Lee vs Andrew Everett X-Division Title Match

They're even early, then Everett hits a Pele kick that sends Lee out of the ring, diving over the top rope and taking him out twice afterwards. Andrew hits an Asai moonsault, then rolls Trevor back into the ring before Lee hits Andrew with the Collision Course. Lee drops Andrew with a forearm, then stomps on him before whipping him into the turnbuckle for a near fall. They exchange strikes, then Andrew hits a springboard dropkick before Andrew hits Lee with a reverserrana. Andrew goes for the pin, but GSH distracts the referee to prevent it, then goes for a shooting star press, but Lee gets his knees up and rolls Andrew up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trevor Lee via pinfall

-We then have more of the Hardys as Jeff talks to some literal mules, then has a premonition. They all then disappear and reappear in a flea market, looking for a wrestling match, saying that at least it wasn't a bingo hall. The number one contenders are incapacitated by Benjamin, then we get a video package of the match. The Hardys are in control for most of the match, then the tag team they took out early double teams Jeff backstage. Jeff then comes back with Benjamin and they attack them with roman candles, sending them out of the arena. Jeff makes his way back to the ring and gets tagged in before they hit Poetry in Motion and a Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb combo for the pin and the win.

Drew Galloway vs Moose IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Round 1

Drew goes right after Moose immediately, then they exchange strikes before Drew hits Moose with a kitchen sink and a diving knee. Drew stomps on the hand of Moose, then they exchange chops before Moose clotheslines Drew over the top rope. Drew drags Moose out of the ring, then Moose whips Drew into the ring post, following up with chops around ringside. Drew hits Moose with a boot then drops him over the guard rail before hitting Moose with a Celtic Cross onto the steps to end the round.

Round 2

Moose hits Drew with a boot to start the round, then drops Drew with a shoulder block, powerbombing him and hitting him with a senton and finishing with a moonsault for a near fall. Drew goes to the outside to recover, then Drew hits a Death Valley driver onto the apron. Moose comes back and powerbombs Drew onto the apron once he's back up, the two collapsing to the floor to end the round.

Round 3

They hit each other with a big boot to begin the round, then Drew catches Moose on the top rope, hitting a spider suplex. Moose powerbombs Drew into the turnbuckle and almost out of the ring, following up with a Game Changer for a near fall, Drew getting his foot on the rope. Drew hits Moose with a low blow, then a Claymore into a tombstone for a near fall of his own. They exchange strikes, then Drew hits another Claymore, Moose hitting a final Game Changer to end the match.

Bobby Lashley vs Josh Barnett IMPACT World Championship Match

They grapple to start the match, each getting the other down, then they get back up for a series of clean breaks before Josh drops Lashley with a roundhouse kick. Josh tries to lock in a Kimura, but Lashley counters with a full nelson slam for a quick 2 count. Lashley takes control, beating down Josh in the corner, then Josh fires back with a series of knees, only for Lashley to drop Josh with a back elbow. Josh tries to come back, but Lashley hits a neckbreaker, then goes for a spear, but Barnett rolls through and hits Lashley with a series of strikes before going for an armbar. Lashley gets to the ropes, then Josh hits him with a series of kicks before trying for another Kimura, Lashley countering. Josh takes Lashley down and locks in a Kimura, but Lashley powers out of it. Lashley then hits Josh with a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lashley via pinfall

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