IMPACT Wrestling On POP! Live Coverage & Discussion 4/27 LAX VS DECAY For The IMPACT World Tag Team Titles & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Tonight we have an action packed show as in our main event LAX defend their IMPACT Tag Team titles against Decay in a street fight! We also have the debut of Matt Sydal and VOW. as well as Moose defending his IMPACT Grand Championship against Davey Richards and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of the action!

-We open the show with the return of Josh Matthews, Josh saying that the company won't tolerate a bully announce, then goes on to berate Jeremy while making his way to the announce table. Josh tells Jeremy that management has decided to suspend him and remove him from his announcing position. 

Mark Carrano, Several Others Out At WWE, Relieved Of Their Positions

Trevor Lee vs Matt Sydal

Lee attacks Matt immediately, rushing him and dropping him with a European uppercut before stomping him in the corner. Matt comes back with an enzuigiri when Lee tries to smash him into the turnbuckle, then Matt kicks Lee repeatedly until he drops to the mat. Matt goes out onto the apron, but GSH pulls him to the floor before Lee hits Matt with a PK before rolling him back into the ring for a quick two count. Lee tosses Matt across the ring for another quick two count, then Matt comes back with a series of chops before Lee drops him again. Lee mocks Matt and plays to the crowd before Matt drops him with an enzuigiri, then hits a reverse DDT for a near fall. Lee misses a knee, then Matt hits an enzuigiri before hitting a standing moonsault, but GSH distracts the referee. Matt then hits an enzuigiri before finishing with a high angle shooting star press for the pin and the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal via pinfall

-EC3 comes out to the ring and talks about carrying the company on his back and that he will beat anyone including James Storm before Storm comes out to the ring. EC3 quickly gets out of it when he rushes him, then Storm gets on the mic and says that he knows EC3 is jealous and that he's been with the company for a very long time and that he's been out of the world title picture for years voluntarily. They decide to brawl before EC3 drops Storm with a mic and says that he's the best guy everywhere before leaving. 

-Next we get a video package with KM where he berates a waiter at a restaurant.

Christina von Erie vs Ava Story

Christina is in control the entire time, hitting her with a series of running clotheslines and boots in the corner until Ava comes back.Eerie hits Ava with a forearm, but gets caught running in and Ava slams her down for a quick two count. Eerie then hits Ava with a flying backstabber off of the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Christina von Eerie via pinfall

-We then get a video package where Low-Ki talks about winning the X-Division title.

Moose vs Davey Richards IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Round 1

Davey is in control as round one starts, Davey kicking the legs of Moose and trying to keep him grounded with submissions in the ropes. Moose comes back with a series of chops before Davey kicks his knee out from under him, then locks in a figure four before Moose gets to the ropes as the round ends.

Round 1 goes to Davey Richards.

Round 2

Davey attacks Moose as soon as the bell rings for round two to start, then stomps him in the corner before he misses a double foot stomp off of the top rope. Moose comes back with a pop-up powerbomb into a senton, then a standing moonsault for a near fall. Moose misses the Game Changer, then hits it the second time for a near fall as we reach the one minute mark. Moose headbutts Davey, then they exchange chops and kicks before round two ends.

Round 2 goes to Moose.

Round 3

Moose dropkicks Davey off of the top rope and to the floor, then Richards hits a powerbomb off of the top rope once they're back in the ring. Davey hits a double foot stomp, but Moose kicks out, then Davey immediately puts Moose in an ankle lock before Eddie Edwards comes out and attacks Davey.

Winner: Davey Richards via disqualification

Kongo Kong vs Matt Sigmon

Kong beats on Matt before the match starts, then Matt hits Kong with a series of strikes, but he just headbutts him away. Matt gets caught off of the top rope, then Kong hits a tilt-a-whirl slam before hitting a cannon ball in the corner. Kong then hits a splash off of the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kongo Kong via pinfall

Fallah Bahh & Mario Bocara vs VOW. 

Mayweather and Mario start it off with Mayweather showing off his strength, just pushing Mario away, then catching him when he comes off of the top rope. Mayweather hits a high angle back drop, then tags in Bahh before Wilcox tags himself in. Bahh splashes Wilcox in the corner, then mocks him before Wilcox hits a Samoan drop before VOW. take turns hitting Bahh with right hands. Mayweather gets tagged in and VOW. hit Bahh with a clothesline, chop block combo for a near fall that Mario breaks up. Bahh and Mario hit a double suplex on Mayweather, but he's right back up and VOW hit a pop up spinebuster into a very sloppy magic killer for the pin and the win.

Winner: VOW. via pinfall

LAX vs Decay IMPACT Tag Team Championship Street Fight Match

They around ringside before the match starts, then Steve and Ortiz are in the ring with Santana and Abyss fighting at ringside. Santana comes in and LAX double team Steve before Abyss comes in and takes them both down with a double clothesline. Abyss then gets out a table from under the ring as we see Steve looking for something else under the ring as we go to commercial.

Abyss sets up three tables in the ring, one in the middle and two in two corners before Konnan distracts them. LAX then beat on Abyss and Steve before Ortiz hits Steve with a trash can lid and Santana hits Abyss with a chair. Ortiz hits Steve with a Kendo stick repeatedly, then Homicide hands him a trash can and thumb tacks before they set Steve on the top rope. Abyss uses Steve as a weapon before hitting LAX with a double chokeslam, then Abyss grabs a stick and Steve a trash can before wearing them out on Santana and Ortiz. Rosemary accidentally mists Abyss, then Ortiz sends him through a barbed wire board before Diamante comes in and hits Rosemary with a German suplex. Diamante beats on Rosemary at ringside before Steve hits Ortiz with a Death Valley drive for a near fall. Homicide comes in and Steve tosses him back out of the ring before putting Ortiz on a table. Steve covers Ortiz in tacks before LAX hit a tower of doom for the pin and the win.

Winner: LAX via pinfall

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