IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Results 6/15 Low-Ki VS Sonjay Dutt for the X-Division Championship & More!

Josh Matthews vs Enhancement Talent

Josh hits a hip toss to the guy before the guy comes back with a series of arm drags and a dropkick, showing that he's not just a guy paid to take a dive. Josh hits a low blow into a knee lift before hitting a swanton bomb, then locks in a camel clutch for the tap and the win.

Winner: Josh Matthews via submission

-Mahabali Shera comes out after the match and goes to take out Josh, but Lashley comes out and murders him before Josh puts Shera in a camel clutch. Alberto comes out and goes to attack them, but Josh and Lashley roll out of the ring, then Josh runs up the ramp and to the back as Lashley slowly walks back up the ramp staring at Alberto as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Jeremy and Joseph watching video on Scott Steiner and putting him over before they get a phone call.

Trevor Lee vs Braxton Sutter

Lee beats on Sutter at ringside before the match starts as Allie looks on, then hits a bridging German suplex for a quick two count before choking him in the corner and playing to the crowd. Lee then focuses on Allie before Sutter comes back with a powerslam. Sutter then hits a boot into a spinning fisherman's suplex for the pin and the win.

Winner: Braxton Sutter via pinfall

-Eli Drake and Chris Adonis come out after Moose does and talk about wanting an IMPACT Grand Championship match before Moose accepts, the two teaming up against Moose before he sends Drake out of the ring and Chris rolls out of the way of a boot and out of the ring. Next we get a video where we see that Scott Steiner had called Jeremy and Joseph, the two trying to call the match off, but he won't do it.

Low-Ki vs Sonjay Dutt X-Division Championship Match

They lock up to star the match, then Low hits a right hand to the mid-section of Sonjay before stomping on him when he won't get up while playing to the crowd. Low-Ki chokes Sonjay in the ropes before ripping his eye patch off, then Sonjay hits a huricanrrana into an arm drag take over into a straight arm bar. Ki comes back, but misses a running kick in the corner, then Dutt kicks Low-Ki from the apron before hitting a baseball slide to the outside. Ki comes back and drives Dutt into the railing before tossing him into the crowd where they exchange right hands, then Dutt superkicks Ki before sending him back over the railing. Dutt hits a moonsault from the crowd onto Ki at ringside, then Ki drops him back first onto the steps as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial with Ki in control, getting a quick two count, then puts him in an octopus stretch, but Dutt comes back with a springboard side Russian leg sweep. Dutt hits a rolling shotgun dropkick for a quick two count, then Ki counters a tornado DDT with a springboard roundhouse kick for a quick two count. Ki hits a running enzuigiri, then goes for a double foot stomp off of the top rope, but Dutt catches him on the top rope. Ki counters a superplex, then Dutt slaps him before hitting a superplex, but cannot capitalize. Ki hits a double foot stomp for a near fall, then Dutt hits a tornado DDT into a a splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt via pinfall