IMPACT Wrestling on Pop TV Results 7/27 Alberto El Patron vs LAX, Six-man Inter-promotional Tag Match & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling on Pop TV. Tonight we have an action packed show as Alberto El Patron takes on LAX in a handicap match, Sienna and Rosemary end their rivalry in a Last Knockout Standing Match. Moose, Eddie Edwards and Naomichi Marufuji take on Eli Drake, Chris Adonis and EC3 as well as Pro Wrestling NOAH's Taiji Ishimori taking on Davey Richards in the first round of the Super X Cup!

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Eddie and Eli start the match off with Eddie hitting a series of arm drags before tagging Maru in. Maru focuses on the left arm of Eli, stomping on it and twisting it before tagging Eddie back in. Eli comes back with a rake to the eyes before tagging in EC3, EC3 getting double teamed with chops by Maru and Eddie for his troubles. Moose comes in, but EC3 attacks him from behind when Eli and Chris distract him before Chris tags in. Moose dropkicks him before tagging Maru back in who hits a knife edge chop and a series of strikes before Chris hits a huge back drop for a quick two count.

Eddie and Maru double team Chris again for a quick two count before they send Eli and Chris out of the ring. Eddie goes for a tope, but Chris runs back in and spears him as we go to commercial.

EC3 is in control of Eddie as we come back from commercial, keeping the high flyer grounded before he tags Chris back in. EC3 tags in, the heels keeping Eddie isolated in their half of the ring before Adonis puts Eddie in a camel clutch, but he gets out of it. Eddie counters a suplex before tagging Moose in just as EC3 tags in. Moose hits a running back elbow in the corner before Adonis and Eli double team him only for him to take them both out. Maru comes in and takes out EC3 with a kick before Adonis puts Maru in the Adonis Lock.

Eddie breaks him out of it before Moose hits a pop-up powerbomb, then EC3 hits him with a belt before hitting a variation of the pedigree for the pin and the win.

Winner: EC3 via pinfall

-Lashley comes out to the ring and demands a title shot before Bruce comes out. Bruce comes out to the ramp with Tyrus before Matt Sydal comes out and says that he won't be ignored before Lashley goes to spear him, but Matt is ready for him before he sends Lashley out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Taiji Ishimori vs Eddie Edwards

They lock up to start the match for a clean break before exchanging wrist locks and flips. Taiji does a bunch of flips and arm drags before dropkicking Davey out of the ring. Davey gets out of the way when Taiji goes to hit a tope, but Taiji just hangs sideways in the ropes. They get back in the ring and exchange strikes before Davey hits a knee drop for a quick two count. Davey puts Taiji in a submission, but Taiji manages to get to the ropes for the break, then Taiji hits a springboard seated senton into a double running knee in the corner.

Taiji then hits a double foot stomp for a near fall before they exchange pin attempts until Davey puts him in an ankle lock. Taiji gets out of it before he goes for a hand spring roundhouse kick, but Davey catches his leg and puts him in another ankle lock. Taiji gets out of it again by getting to the ropes before hitting a 450 splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori via pinfall

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