IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV Live Results 2/22 IMPACT Global Championship Number One Contender Match, Cult of Lee vs LAX & More!

-We get highlights of a match Matt Sydal and Petey Williams have in an indie promotion where Matt wins and cuts a promo after the match that you cannot hear because of the audio quality in the arena.

-Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs come out to the ring and Jimmy calls out Abyss,saying that he wants Kong to face him as a woman called Grandmother Jenny makes her way out to the ring. Jenny berates Jimmy and pokes him in the chest repeatedly before she slaps him when he calls her an old hag. Joseph comes down to the ring and tries to save his grandmother and tries to explain that Abyss will never come back. Jimmy then has Kong beat Joseph down in front of his own grandmother before leaving as we go to commercial.

-We come back from commercial to Matt talking on the phone backstage before they show a match on the GWN.

-We then have highlights of Alberto and Moose having a match in a different indie promotion, most of the match being spent outside before they skip to them brawling in the crowd and at the back of the arena. Alberto then sends Moose out of the arena door before hitting him with a trash can, then we cut to them back in the ring, Alberto laying Moose out with the trash can before playing to the crowd. They cut to Moose coming back with a series of forearms and a clothesline before Alberto comes back and plays to the crowd only to be dropping with a leg lariat. Alberto fights Moose off when he goes for a superplex, then hits a double foot stomp for the win.

-We have a match you can watch on Pluto TV before we get a video package for Rosemary and Hania, then EC3 is interviewed backstage before his number one contender's match against Johnny Impact in our main event.

oVe vs Eddie Edwards & Lashley

They brawl at ringside as soon as the match starts before rolling Dave into the ring, Lashley dropping him with a clothesline before hitting a delayed suplex. Jake stops Lashley from spearing his brother before being dumped out of the ring, then Eddie tags in before Jake tags in and drops Eddie with a boot when Sami distracts him. Jake and Dave start tagging in and out and choking Eddie in their corner whenever Lashley tries to get in the ring. Sami backdrops Eddie onto the apron after Jake sends Eddie out of the ring, then rolls him back into the ring where Dave shoulder tackles Eddie repeatedly into the corner while yelling at the camera. Lashley breaks up a near fall before being sent back out of the ring, Eddie fighting off both Crist brothers before finally tagging Lashley in.

Lashley hits a series of suplexes to Jake before hitting a powerslam for a near fall that Dave breaks up, then Eddie and Lashley send the Crist brothers out of the ring before Eddie hits a tope to the outside. They then get back in the ring and Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party to Dave after Lashley takes Sami out at ringside for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lashley & Eddie Edwards defeat oVe via pinfall when Eddie hits Dave Crist with the Boston Knee Party.