IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV Results 12/7 EC3 vs Matt Sydal Impact Grand Championship Match, oVe in Action & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV. Tonight we have a great show as in our main event EC3 defends his IMPACT Grand Championship against Matt Sydal, Caleb Konley takes on Taiji Ishimori, oVe are in the IMPACT Zone and much more so be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST for all of the action!

Caleb Konley vs Taiji Ishimori

Last Man Standing And 8-Man Tag Announced For IMPACT Rebellion

They lock up to start the match before exchanging hammer locks and headlocks before Taiji sends Caleb out of the ring with a dropkick and plays to the crowd. Taiji hits a flapjack before Caleb slams him down to the mat by his hair and parades around the ring for a quick two count. Caleb stomps on Ishimori and drops him with a PK before countering a huricanrrana and hitting a senton for a quick two count. Caleb hits a series of falling headbutts before putting him in a stretch submission that he fights out of. Caleb sends Taiji out of the ring and distracts the referee while Trevor assaults him at ringside before tossing him back into the ring. 

They exchange forearms until Trevor gets up on the apron and distracts Taiji before Taiji comes back and sends him off of the apron, then hits a 450 splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori via pinfall

Rosemary vs Sienna vs Allie

Rosemary and Allie double up on Sienna to start the match before Sienna breaks up a pin attempt, then Sienna hits a superplex to Allie for a near fall that Rosemary breaks up, then they put on a double submission that Rosemary and Allie break up. Allie and Rosemary exchange strikes before taking out Sienna, then Allie goes for a code breaker, but Rosemary counters into the Red Wedding for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rosemary via pinfall

-oVe come out and talk about LAX before they're interrupted by two Canadian lumberjacks. They brawl in the ring before the French Canadians take oVe out momentarily. Sami brings in a kendo stick and takes them out before hitting a piledriver to one and goes for the All Seeing Eye, but they're interrupted by LAX who clear the ring as we go to commercial.

-We get a quick Pluto TV match before Allie talks with Gail Kim backstage. KM then kills random people in the gym before LAX cut a promo in their club house. Eli Drake cuts a promo backstage before Fallah Bahh comes out to be a special judge for the Impact Grand Championship match.

IMPACT Grand Championship Match

EC3 (c) vs Matt Sydal

Round 1

They start the match with a test of strength before EC3 drops Matt, then Matt comes back with huricanrrana. EC3 hits a delayed suplex and plays to the crowd as the round ends.

Round 2

Matt comes back in the second round and sends EC3 into the corner and hits a hesitation dropkick. EC3 puts a cravat on Matt that he counters into a pinning attempt, then hits a Pele kick for a quick two count. Matt hits a huricanrrana into a baseball slide that sends EC3 out of the ring and finishes with a wrecking ball dropkick that sends EC3 into the railing. They get back in the ring and Matt drops EC3 with  roundhouse kick for a near fall as the round ends.

Round 3

EC3 attacks Matt after the bell rings to end the second round before smashing his face into the top turnbuckle repeatedly. Matt comes back with a flurry of offense before EC3 hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Matt hits a meteora off of the top for a near fall before EC3 hits a flat liner out of nowhere for another near fall. Matt counters the One Percenter before they hit a double clothesline as the round ends. 

Winner: EC3 defeats Matt Sydal and retains the IMPACT Grand Championship via judge's decision.

Lashley & Dan Lambert Vs James Storm & Moose

Lashley and James lock up to start the match before James hits a slingblade and tags Moose in. Lashley turns Moose inside out with a lariat before beating on him in mount for a quick two count. Lashley powerbombs Moose into the corner before Moose comes back and tags James in. James drops Lashley repeatedly before someone from ATT comes in and gets sent over the top tope and to the floor. Lashley then comes back before letting Dan come in and get the pin and the win after Lashley spears Storm.

Winner: Lashley & Dan Lambert via pinfall

Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs Johnny Impact & Petey Williams

Chris and Johnny start the match off before he and Petey start double teaming Chris. Chris comes back and tags Eli in before they double team him only for Petey to send Eli into Chris and both of them out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Petey is in control as we come back from commercial, hitting a jawbreaker before Eli tags Chris back in. Chris starts beating Petey down before he and Eli double team, Johnny dying to get in the ring. They keep tagging in and out and keeping Petey isolated before Johnny finally tags in and sends Eli out of the ring and hits a PK to Chris for a near fall. Eli gets back in the ring and DDTs Johnny before Petey tags back in and goes for the Canadian Destroyer only for Chris to lock in the Adonis Lock. Johnny then breaks it up before hitting Starship Pain for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Impact & Petey Williams via pinfall

-Alberto shows up and kills everyone before holding the belt up as we go off the air.

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