IMPACT Wrestling Presents Hardcore Justice Results Eight Man Hardcore War Match

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Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Fallah Bahh & TJP vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

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Bahh and Josh start things off before TJP and Petey come in and run the ropes before Petey hits a head scissors and a hurricanrana into a drop toe hold and a running dropkick in the ropes for two.TJP counters a tilt-a-whirl head scissors into an octopus stretch before Petey backs to the ropes and TJP is forced to break as Ace tags himself in and exchanges with TJP. TJP takes Ace down and snaps his arm and leg with a variation of a bow and arrow stretch before tagging in Bahh and Fulton attacks Bahh from behind. Ace sends TJP out of the ring and he and Fulton double team and isolate Bahh in their corner before he gets the tag to Petey who slams Ace for two. Ace sends Petey out onto the apron and gets hit with a code breaker into a German suplex by Josh for two before Josh sends Fulton into Ace and knocks him off of the top and onto the apron.

Fulton hits a tilt-a-whirl slam to Josh before Petey dodges being knocked off of the apron and Fulton hits a snake eyes into a boot and Ace a diving leg drop for two. Ace sends Josh out onto the apron before Ace snaps his neck and Ace hits a twisting leg ax kick off of the top for two before taking out Petey at ringside. Josh hits Ace with a powerslam before setting him up top and hitting an enzuigiri into a unique variation of a head scissors and Josh tags TJP in who hits a springboard cross body. TJP knocks Fulton off of the apron and hits a tornado DDT to Ace before kicking out the knee of Fulton before he and Bahh take out Fulton and Josh and Petey double team Ace. Petey locks in a sharpshooter on Ace as Josh puts Fulton in an ankle lock before Bahh knocks Josh into the pile and breaks up both submissions.

Petey dodges The Fold and powerbombs Ace before Fulton saves Ace and Fulton chokeslams both Josh and Petey with TJP on his back before Bahh clotheslines Fulton over the top rope and down onto the floor. TJP hits running kicks in opposite corners to Josh and Ace before Bahh hits a running splash onto Ace with TJP on his back before Bahh hits Josh with a Samoan drop and Josh gets his knees up when TJP goes for the Mamba Splash. Petey then hits TJP with a Destroyer before Josh locks in a grapevined ankle lock on Bahh for the tap and the win.

Winner: Petey Williams and Josh Alexander defeat TJP, Fallah Bahh, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton via submission.

Chairly Legal Match
Shera vs Hernandez

Hernandez rocks Shera with strikes before Shera hits a Thesz press and stomps and punches Hernandez in the corner before Hernandez lifts Shera and puts him on the apron before bringing a chair into the ring. Shera steps on the chair when Hernandez goes to grab it before hitting clubbing blows in the corner before Hernandez hits Shera with a chair at ringside and sets four chairs against each other. Shera boots Hernandez into a chair and backwards out of it before piling chairs in the ring and hitting Hernandez with a chair at ringside before tossing him back inside. Shera sets chairs up like Hernandez intended to before Heranandez slams Shera onto the chairs and wedges on in opposite corners before whipping Shera into the corner. Shera comes back with clotheslines and a spine buster for two before Hernandez rolls out of the ring and sends Shera face first into the post before piling chairs in the ring.

Hernandez goes up top before Shera hits a superplex onto the chairs for a near fall before putting a chair in the corner and Hernandez sends him face first into chairs in opposite corners. Rohit Raju then shows up and takes out Hernandez before Shera covers Hernandez for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shera defeats Hernandez via pinfall.

Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson) vs Black Taurus (w/ Crazzy Steve & Rosemary)

Doc sends Black over the top rope and clotheslines him once he comes back in before whipping him into the corner and beating him down before dumping Black through the ropes out of the ring. Karl cheap shots Black at ringside before making sure to get away from him before Black gets back inside and Doc mocks Steve at ringside before beating on Black in mount. Doc chokes Black in the ropes before Steve gets on the apron and inadvertantly distracts the referee, allowing Karl to choke Black before Doc suplexes Black for two. Doc controls Black with a rear chin lock before he gets to his feet and fights free before Doc drops him with a thrust to the throat and tosses Black out of the ring. Doc whips Black over the railing before going out after him and beating on him on the opposite side of the railing before dumping him over the railing and rolling him back in for two.

Doc slams Black before Black comes back with a corkscrew senton and a missile dropkick for two before striking Doc and Karl gets on the apron and distracts him. Steve then rips Karl off of the apron before Doc capitalizes off of the distraction and powerbombs Black for the pin and the win.

Winner: Doc Gallows defeats Black Taurus via pinfall.

- We get a video package promo for Violent By Design ahead of their Hardcore War match against IMPACT champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Tommy Dreamer, and Eddie Edwards.

Crate American Bash Match
Johnny Swinger vs Matt Cardona

Johnny immediately goes for one of the boxes above the turnbuckles in the corner before Matt stops him and they lock up before Johnny hits an arm drag and poses before locking in a full nelson. Matt drops Johnny and mocks before they get into a shoving contest and Johnny goes to the ropes before Matt kicks him low from behind and stomps him in the midsection. Johnny opens a box and grabs a picture frame before Matt misses a dropkick and the picture frame ends up at ringside as we see that it's a picture of WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall. Johnny sends Matt off of the apron and down onto the floor before snapping his neck across the top rope and covering him for two before Matt comes back with a jawbreaker. Matt rocks Johnny with a back elbow before Johnny rips Matt off of the second rope and opens the second box to find a mouse trap.

Matt comes back with clotheslines and a missile dropkick before hitting a running splash in the corner and opens a box only to close it back as Johnny finds a pair of brass knuckles in a box. Matt then pins Johnny with a Famouser for the win before he can hit him with the knuckles.

Winner: Matt Cardona defeats Johnny Swinger via pinfall.

- After the match Matt takes the box he didn't open with him and leaves.

Sami Callihan comes out to the ring and cuts a promo before Sam Beale comes out to the ring for their impromptu match

Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale

Sam immediately misses a dropkick before Sami clotheslines him and rocks him with a boot before hitting a draping, twisting neckbreaker before ripping at his mouth and focusing on joint manipulation. Sam comes back and nearly pins Sami with a roll up before Sami finishes him with a package piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan defeats Sam Beale via pinfall.

Hardcore Blindfold Match
Brian Myers vs Jake Something

Brian grabs the referee before letting go and Jake knocks him down before he rolls out of the ring and hits Jake with a trash can lid and a baseball bat before smashing his face into the apron and tossing him back into the ring. Brian holds onto jake by the wrist and hits him with a baking sheet at ringside before rolling him back inside and covering him for two before hitting a flat liner. Jake hits a sit-out powerbomb for two before hititng a trio of wrist lock lariats before taking out the referee and Brian takes his blindfold off briefly before he's going for the finish and he's interrupted by Matt Cardona. Matt then comes down to ringside with the box and makes noises before Jake grabs the box and hits Brian with it and hits a Black Hole slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jake Something defeats Brian Myers.

- After the match we see that Jake hit Brian with a box full of wrestler action figures.

Knockouts Championship Number One Contender Weapons Match
Rosemary vs Alisha vs Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb) vs Jordynne Grace vs Havok vs Su Yung

Tenille immediately gets out of the ring before Alisha tries to roll up Jordynne and pays for it before Rosemary and Havok face off with Su who attacks the both of them. Rosemary and Havok work together to take out Su before they exchange strikes until they clothesline each other and roll out of the ring. Jordynne hits Alisha with clubbing blows before Tenille rips her out of the ring and sends her face first into the steps before Tenille escapes Su and slides into the ring before Tenille is surrounded. Alisha goes to staple Tenille before Kaleb gets into the ring to defend her and gets stapled and beaten up before he's dumped in the corner and sent out of the ring with a tornado DDT into a double clothesline. Su takes out Kaleb at ringside before Havok drives Alisha into the corner and hits a running clothesline before hitting a running leg drop for two that Jordynne breaks up.

Jordynne repeatedly slams Alisha before slamming her onto a trash can for a deep two count that Su breaks up before Rosemary locks in The Upside Down on Jordynne. Rosemary dumps tacks onto the floor at ringside before grabbing Alisha and Alisha counters a Burning Hammer into a reverse DDT onto the floor before grabbing a kendo stick and hitting Rosemary with it. Su blocks a kendo stick shot and chokes Alisha against the railing before driving her off camera and back stage before we go back to the ring and Jordynne and Havok exchange. Nevaeh shows up and throws dust in the face of Havok before Jordynne hits her with a flurry into a Vader bomb before Kaleb rips her out of the ring and superkicks her. Tenille then scrambles back into the ring and hurries and covers Havok for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood defeats Havok, Rosemary, Su Yung, Alisha, and Jordynne Grace via pinfall to become the new number one contender for Deonna Purrazzo's Knockouts title.

- At Swinger's Place James Storm and Chris Sabin have a drinking contest with XXXL in which they set up an impromptu game of beer pong.

Knockouts Championship Title vs Career Match
Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Jazz

Jazz takes control early with her superior strength before Deonna rolls out of the ring to catch her breath before snapping the arm of Jazz in the ropes and slingshoting her into the bottom rope. Back inside Deonna hits a snap mare into a leg drop to the left arm before driving it into the mat repeatedly and locking in a straight armbar. Jazz comes back with forearms and a back elbow before Deonna hits a flat liner for two before Jazz comes back and sends Deonna into the post. Jazz brings various weapons into the ring before Deonna locks in a Fujiwara before Jazz gets to the ropes for the break and Jazz hits a Samoan drop. Jazz hits Deonna across the back with a chair before hitting a DDT onto a chair for a near fall.

Deonna then hits Jazz with Queen's Gambit for the pin and the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo retains her Knockouts title by defeating Jazz via pinfall.

- After the match Jordynne comes out and consoles Jazz before they leave together.

- Backstage we see that Tommy Dreamer has been attacked by unknown assailants and will not be in the main event.

Hardcore War Match

Violent By Design vs Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Eddie and Deaner start the match off for their respective teams before the clock counts down and Rhino comes out to the ring with a pool stick. VBD double team Eddie until the next competitor enters the match in the form of Willie Mack with a chain. The odds are evened until Joe Doering is next to enter the match and the numbers are back in the favor of VBD until Rich comes out with a trash can full of weapons. Rich and company brutalize Deaner and Rhino after sending Joe out onto the floor until Eric comes out and Trey Miguel comes out to replace Tommy Dreamer. Trey takes out all four members of VBD before Joe runs him over with a running cross body before bringing a table into the ring and setting it up in the corner.

Everyone hits a move before Rhino drives Rich through a table for a near fall before they hit a tower of doom and Joe throws Eddie over the top rope and down onto the floor. Trey then hits a diving meteora off of the apron to Rhino and Joe through a table before Eric hits Willie with a piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Violent By Design defeats Trey Miguel, Willie Mack, and Rich Swann via pinfall.

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