IMPACT Wrestling Presents IPWF Throwback Throwdown II Results

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for IMPACT Wrestling's Throwback Throwdown II event!

- We open tonight's show with a promo by Doc Gallows ahead of his defending the Provisional Commonwealth Championship in tonight's main event before he's interrupted by Scott D'Amore before Santa Claus comes out and lays Doc out.

Mark Henry Plans On Eventually Get Bumped Off The Apron During One Of His Son Jacob's Matches

Karl Anderson vs Trey Miguel

Trey locks in a standing side headlock before dropping Karl with a shoulder block and posing before Karl comes back with clotheslines and locks in a short arm scissors before covering Trey for two and playing to the crowd. Karl smashes Trey's face in the top turnbuckle before missing a running move in the corner and Trey rolls him up with the ropes for a near fall before Trey elbows Karl in the shoulders. Trey locks in a rear chin lock before Karl gets to his feet and Trey rakes Karl's eyes before going up on the second rope and Karl gets his boot up when Trey comes off before Karl drops Trey repeatedly and rocks him with strikes. Karl low blows Trey when the referee gets distracted before hitting a back drop for two before hitting a running splash in the corner before Trey rolls Karl up again with the ropes and the referee refuses to count the pin before Trey hits Karl with a lariat for a near fall. Trey then goes up top and misses a diving leg drop before Karl hits an inverted atomic drop into a jumping splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson defeats Trey Miguel via pinfall.

Chris Sabin & ACH vs Johnny Swinger & Micky Singer

Johnny and take control early before Mike hits ACH with an old school before hitting him and Chris with a double old school before ACH chokes Mike in the ropes and Mike comes back with a double clothesline before getting the hot tag to Johnny. Johnny hits a pair of inverted atomic drops before Chris rakes the eyes of Johnny and ACH accidentally hits Chris and Mike hits a double head scissors before he and Johnny roll up both Chris and ACH for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Swinger and Micky Singer defeat Chris Sabin and ACH via pinfall.

Ace Austin (w/ Gia Miller) vs Rhino

Ace chops Rhino before Rhino drops him with a right hand and beats on him in the corner before knocking Ace off of the apron and down onto the floor before Gia distracts Rhino and Rhino smashes Ace's face into the apron. Back in the ring Ace clubs on Rhino and chops him in the corner before Rhino whips Ace into the corner and Ace catches Rhino with a boot before Gia distracts the referee and Ace low blows Rhino before beating on him in mount. Rhino then hits Ace with a bionic elbow into a clothesline for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rhino defeats Ace Austin via pinfall.

- After the match Gia goes to hit Rhino before Ace saves her and cuts the throat of Rhino with a razor blade.

- Jordynne Grace is interviewed by Sami Callihan at ringside ahead of her match against Havok.

Havok vs Jordynne Grace

Havok attacks Jordynne when she's getting into the ring and beats on her at ringside before she tosses her in the ring and the match starts with Jordynne jumping on Havok's back and locking in a sleeper before Havok rips her off. Havok chokes Jordynne against the ropes and hits her with forearms before fighting off a fireman's carry and choking Jordynne in the corner before locking in a camel clutch and Jordynne comes back and smashes Havok's face into the mat. Havok then comes back with a Samoan drop and gets a tire tool out from underneath the ring before the referee stops her from hitting Jordynne with it and Jordynne hits a rolling senton for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace defeats Havok via pinfall.

- Backstage Al Snow as a doctor is checking on Rhino who is bleeding to death on a sofa.

Rohit Raju vs Josh Matthews

Rohit attacks Josh when he's taking his jacket off before Josh comes back by hitting an inverted atomic drop into a head scissors before Rohit hits a diving fist drop for two before hitting a snap suplex and Josh comes back with clotheslines and a dropkick. Josh then hits a head scissors into springboard roundhouse for a near fall before accidentally taking out the referee in the corner and Rohit hits a jumping flat liner before Josh hits a hand spring back elbow into a code breaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Matthews defeats Rohit Raju via pinfall.

- Moose comes out to the ring dressed like a member of Run DMC before he's interrupted by John E. Bravo and the two exchange words before dressed as Elvis comes out to the ring and the two play to the crowd until attacks Moose from behind and Moose comes back with mounted punches in the corner. Johnny attacks Moose from behind to distract him before Moose grabs Johnny and low blows Moose before hitting him with his guitar before leaving.

4-Corners Bull-rope Match
Larry D vs Jake Something

Larry hesitates to let the referee tie the rope around his wrist before he touches the first turnbuckle and Jake clotheslines him before Larry pokes Jake in the eyes and Jake smashes the face of Larry into the top turnbuckle before Jake hits a Thesz press and touches three of the four turnbuckles. Larry turns Jake inside out with the rope before they exchange strikes until Larry hits a running splash in the corner and Jake gets three of the four turnbuckles before Larry hits a spine buster. Larry hits an elbow drop before Jake hits three of the four turnbuckles and Larry drags him out of the ring before choking Jake with the rope and dragging him around the ring before hitting the turnbuckles and Jake hitting them after him before Jake gets free and touches the final turnbuckle for the win.

Winner: Jake Something defeats Larry D by touching the four turnbuckle pads.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Gia Miller (w/ Ace Austin)

Deonna side steps Gia when she rushes her and smashes her face into the top turnbuckle before hitting a running splash in the corner into a running cross body for two before Gia hits a jawbreaker and chokes Deonna in the ropes before locking in a rear chin lock. Deonna gets to her feet and Gia drops her before locking in a camel clutch and Deonna gets free before missing a jumping splash before Gia hits several snap mares and they clothesline each other before Deonna hits several clotheslines into a Thesz press. Deonna then hits a back elbow into a cartwheel splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo defeats Gia Miller via pinfall.

- After the match Ace goes to cut Deonna before a bloody Rhino comes back out and saves her with a giant knife in his hand.

Josh Alexander vs W.Morrissey

Josh and W lock up before W fights off a single leg and a German suplex before Josh chops W and tries to knock him over until W clotheslines Josh over the top rope and down onto the floor before he gets back inside and W drops Josh with a right hand before playing to the crowd. W fights off a scoop slam and beats Josh down before chopping Josh in the corner and Josh comes back with a chop block and a diving ax handle off of the second rope before W catches Josh coming off of the ropes. W then locks in a bear hug before Josh fights free and claps the ears of W before catching a kick and chopping the leg of W before hitting a scoop slam and a jumping leg drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander defeats W.Morrissey via pinfall.

Madison Rayne vs Savannah Evans

Savannah backs Madison into the corner before tossing her across the ring and hitting an airplane spin into a Samoan drop for two before hitting a running splash in the corner before missing a second attempt and Madison jumps on her back before Savannah rips her off. Savannah then locks in a claw before Madison fights free and hits an enzuigiri into a bulldog out of the corner before Savannah catches her coming off of the second rope and bites Madison for the disqualification.

Winner: Madison Rayne defeats Savannah Evans via disqualification.

Brian Myers & Matt Cardona vs Madman Fulton & Matt Cross

Cardona and Cross start the match off before Brian comes in and he and Cardona double up on Cross before Cross comes back with an eye rake and quickly tags in Fulton who faces off with Brian before Fulton drops Brian with a shoulder block and stomps Brian. Brian comes back with a flying clothesline before Fulton tosses him into the corner and he and Cross isolate Brian until he gets the hot tag to Cardona as he smashes Cross' face into the turnbuckles and stomps him in the corner. Cardona misses a dropkick when Cross holds onto the ropes before Fulton comes back in and stomps Cardona before choking him in the ropes and Cardona hits a face buster before sending Cross through the ropes and tagging in Brian. Brian comes in and hits a splash to Fulton in the corner before scoop slamming Cross and sending Fulton out of the ring before hitting Cross with a spine buster for a near fall that Fulton breaks up. Cardona then sprays Fulton with a super soaker before Myers and Cardona hit a diving neckbreaker/Samoan drop combo to Cross for the win.

Winner: Brian Myers and Matt Cardona defeat Matt Cross and Madman Fulton via pinfall.

North Pole Street Fight Match
Doc Gallows vs Willie Mack

Doc and Willie lock up before Willie pushes Doc backwards before Doc backs Willie into the corner and misses a right hand before Willie applies a wrist lock and Doc gets to the ropes for the break before poking the eyes of Willie and dragging him out of the ring. Willie low blows Doc when he goes to hit him with a crutch before Willie hits Doc with the crutch and a broom before tossing him back into the ring with a unicorn mask on and riding him around the ring before Doc rolls out of the ring and Willie goes after him. Back in the ring Doc kicks the ropes when Willie is getting back inside before beating on him with a metal cup before choking him with his wrist tape and wedging a chair in the corner before sending Willie head first into the chair for a near fall. Willie comes back with a running cross body before Doc low blows him and tosses a carton of beer into the ring before he goes to hit him with a beer and drinks it instead before Willie kicks him low and drinks the beer. Willie then kicks Doc low again and hits a stunner into a running senton for the pin and the win.

Winner: Willie Mack defeats Doc Gallows via pinfall.

- After the match all of the baby faces come out and share a beer as we go off the air.

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