IMPACT Wrestling Presents A Night You Can't Mist Results Impact & Elgin vs The Great Muta & Dreamer

IMPACT Wrestling Presents A Night You Can't Mist

Knockouts Championship Match

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Jordynne Grace

They go back and forth to start the match before Taya tries to knock Jordynne over and Jordynne launches her across the ring. Johnny Bravo yanks Jordynne from the apron before Taya rolls her back into the ring for a quick two count and tosses her out of the ring before playing to the crowd. Taya goes out after Jordynne and beats on her at ringside before Taya accidentally chops Johnny and Jordynne suplexes her onto the floor. Jordynne tosses Taya back into the ring and she immediately goes out onto the apron on the opposite side before Jordynne drops her across the railing. Back in the ring the two brawl until Taya counters a suplex and drops Jordynne with a high knee for a near fall before Taya misses a running splash in the corner.

Jordynne stomps Taya down and hits a diving senton and Taya spears her for a near fall. Jordynne hits a diving splash into the Grace Driver for a near fall, Johnny pulling the referee out of the ring and hitting Jordynne with a chair. Taya then capitalizes and covers Jordynne for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie retains her Knockouts Championship by defeating Jordynne Grace via pinfall.

House of Hardcore Television Championship Triple Threat Match

Willie Mack (c) vs Rich Swann vs Teddy Hart

Everyone hits each other with a superkick to start the match before Willie and Rich form a momentary allegiance against Teddy. Rich hits a frankensteiner and Willie a standing shooting star press before Rich hits a 450 for an early near fall. Rich and Willie exchange right hands until Rich gets out of the ring and Willie hits a flipping senton to the outside, taking out both Rich and Teddy. Teddy suplexes Willie and Rich onto the floor before Teddy hits an Asai moonsault and a piledriver into a Canadian destroyer once they're back in the ring. Willie and Rich dispatch of Teddy before Willie hits a helluva kick and a cannonball in the corner into a suplex for a near fall.

Willie drops Teddy with a right hand on the apron and Rich hits a Lethal Injection for a near fall that Teddy breaks up. They then hit a doomsday Canadian destroyer when Willie gets Teddy before Willie hire a stunner and a frog splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Willie Mack retains his House of Hardcore Television Championship by defeating Teddy Hart and Rich Swann via pinfall when he pins Teddy with a frog splash.

Philly Street Fight Match

Sami Callihan vs Eddie Edwards

They put plywood boards in opposite corners and duel with Sami using a baseball bat and Eddie a kendo stick before Eddie hits Sami with the cane and Sami hits a DVD through one side before Eddie spears Sami through the other one. Sami hits Eddie with a baking sheet and Eddie takes it from him before hitting him with it before Sami hits Eddie with the ring bell. Sami hits Eddie with a trash can and Eddie throws a chair at Sami before tossing it into the ring and Sami spits water in his face. Eddie hits a suicide dive and hits Sami with a replica of the ECW Championship before hitting him with the trash can. A fan gives Sami an NXT Championship and Sami tosses it back into the crowd before mocking Triple H and chopping Eddie at ringside. Eddie throws a table at Sami and Sami thumbs his eyes before hitting a piledriver onto the apron.

Sami hits an exploder suplex onto a chair and Eddie immediately rolls out of the ring, clutching his knee while Sami plays to the crowd. They duel with baseball bats, Sami using his and Eddie using two tiny ones before putting a trash can over Sami and hitting it with the baseball bats. Eddie gives Sami a cut with a license plate and sets up chairs in the center of the ring before Eddie hits a low blow and a blue thunderbomb onto the plywood and chairs for a near fall. Fulton then comes in out of nowhere and hits a black hole slam before Sandman runs him off before Sami rolls Eddie up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall.

-It's revealed before the match between Joey Ryan and Billy Gunn that Billy couldn't make it tonight by D-Low Brown who drops him and hits a leg drop before Joey hits an inverted atomic drop and sends him out of the ring.

The Great Muta & Tommy Dreamer vs Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin

Tommy and Michael kick things off by running at each other full force and trying to knock each other over before Michael kicks Tommy in the midsection and drops him with a shoulder block. They both miss elbow drops and shove each other before Michael shoos Tommy away and reluctantly tags in Johnny who takes his time getting into the ring and they walk around the ring for several moments before Johnny does several martial arts moves and demands Muta come into the match. Tommy grabs a microphone and tells someone in the crowd to relax or he'll have Sandman do something about it. Muta gets into the ring and Muta locks in a full nelson before taking Johnny down with a single leg, Muta going for a leg lock, but Johnny is quick to the ropes for the break. Muta rakes the eyes of Johnny as the fans chant as the rabble rouser is escorted out of the building.

Muta tags in Tommy and they hit back elbows and twisting elbows before Johnny hits a springboard roundhouse kick and tags Michael in who drops Muta on the apron and hits a delayed suplex to Tommy. Muta brings a broom into the ring and sweeps before he gets out and Michael misses a phoenix splash before Tommy and Johnny get the tag on their respective sides. Muta hits Johnny with a dropkick and hits him and Michael with dragon screw leg whips before he goes for a knee bar that Michael breaks up. Muta dropkicks Michael and tags in Tommy who takes out Bravo before Johnny hits a PK into a standing shooting star press. Johnny and Michael double up on Tommy for a near fall off of a twisting neckbreaker and all four men brawl at ringside.

Tommy gets a table out from under the ring and gets hit from behind by Elgin and Impact before Tommy takes them out and lies Michael on the table. Tommy hits a DVD with Johnny onto Elgin through the table before tossing Johnny back into the ring and Taya low blows Tommy. Muta sprays red mist in the eyes of Johnny before spraying green mist in the eyes of Michael and a shining wizard. Tommy then sprays water in Taya's face before hitting her with a cutter and Muta hits another shining wizard to Johnny for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Great Muta and Tommy Dreamer defeat Johnny Impact and Michael Elgin via pinfall when Muta pins Johnny with a shining wizard.

-After the match Tommy explains why he's such a big fan of Muta and about ECW and comparing it to AJPW and New Japan while condemning false finishes of WWE. Tommy then thanks Muta and tries to get him to talk, but he opts not to before they shake hands and Muta leaves as we go off the air.