IMPACT Wrestling Presents Sacrifice Results Tessa Blanchard Comes Out Victorious

IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice

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Rohit Raju vs Corey Storm

Rohit backs Corey into the corner for a clean break and plays to the crowd and Corey locks in a headlock before dropkicking Rohit. Rohit pokes Corey in the eyes and clotheslines him before hitting a float over suplex for two and they exchange strikes. Rohit hits a rolling neckbreaker into a fisherman's buster for two before Corey comes back with a jawbreaker and a jumping roundhouse kick for two. Corey hits a hand spring code breaker for a near fall before Rohit comes back with a bicycle knee into a cannonball in the corner. Rohit then hits a diving stomp off of the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju defeats Corey Storm via pinfall with a diving stomp.

-We get a run down of the card ahead of the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship match up next.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match

The North (c) vs The Rascalz (Trey & Wentz)

Josh and Trey get things going before Wentz comes in and Wentz takes Josh down before Josh hits a high angle back drop. Trey comes back in and Josh chops Trey before Trey hits a huricanrrana and The Rascalz double up on Josh for two and Wentz chops Josh in the corner. Josh comes back with chops of his own before Wentz dropkicks Josh for two and Josh backs Wentz into the ropes before distracting the referee and Ethan elbows Wentz from the apron. The North isolate Wentz until he counters a double back suplex and tags in Trey who drops Josh before Ethan nearly knocks him out with a boot for a long two count. Ethan hits Trey with forearms in small of the back before choking him in the ropes and hits a powerslam for two.

Josh slams Trey several times and locks in a straight armbar with a chin bar before Trey gets to his feet and Josh hits a backbreaker. Ethan picks Trey up from Josh and hits another backbreaker before knocking Wentz off of the apron and Josh chops Trey in the corner. They exchange chops before Josh hits a back suplex and Ethan taunts Trey before continuing the chops until dropping Trey with a right hand. The North cut the ring in half for several minutes before Wentz gets the hot tag and rocks Ethan with a flurry of kicks before hitting a running enzuigiri in the corner into a PK. Wentz hits a cutter into a slingshot code breaker for two before Ethan sends The Rascalz into each other and The Rascalz drop him with kicks for a near fall that Josh breaks up.

The North double up on Wentz for a near fall before he counters the finisher of The North before they hit him with a snap German suplex and Josh slams Trey onto the edge of the apron. Back in the ring Wentz hits a destroyer for a near fall before Wentz counters a two person Styles clash with a double huricanrrana. The North hit Trey with a double crucifix bomb before Trey hits a jumping stomp and Wentz a swanton to Ethan. The referee is incapacitated before Trey hits a 619 and Rohit interferes and The North hit Wentz with a burning hammer into a spinebuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: The North retain their IMPACT World Tag Team championships by defeating The Rascalz via pinfall when they pin Wentz with a burning hammer into a spinebuster.

-After the match we go to a poor audio interview with Ace Austin ahead of his match against Tessa Blanchard in tonight's main event.

Kiera Hogan vs Ray Lyn

They lock up for a clean break before Ray takes Kiera down with a side headlock takeover before they mirror a dropkick and have a pose off. Kiera whips Ray into the corner and hits a running clothesline in the corner before chopping her across the chest and Ray hits an arm drag into a snap mare. Kiera hits a hip check into a basement dropkick before dropping her with a kick in the corner and choking her before trapping her in the ropes. Kiera hits a running clothesline in the corner before hitting a running back elbow for two before locking in a rear chin lock. They dropkick each other before they drop each other with a boot and Ray comes back with kicks and a sweep.

Ray hits a running meteora for two before following up with a running knee lift in the corner and a missile dropkick for two for a near fall. Kiera hits a running boot in the corner for a near fall before Ray nearly knocks Kiera out with a spin kick and hits a fisherman's suplex for two. They exchange chops and forearms until Kiera hits a superkick into a northern lights suplex for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan defeats Ray Lyn via pinfall.

Willie Mack vs Jay Bradley

Jay attacks Willie from behind before Willie comes back with right hands and Jay drops Willie with a stiff forearm before slamming him down and missing an elbow off of the second rope. Willie hits a spinning heel kick into a dropkick before hitting a slingshot cross body and beating on Jay who tries to escape by rolling back into the ring. Willie misses a running splash in the corner before Jay rocks him with a boot and chops him across the chest before hitting a gut wrench suplex for two. Jay beats on Willie and hits him with clubbing blows before Willie comes back with a frog splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Willie Mack defeats Jay Bradley via pinfall.

OvE (Madman Fulton & Dave Crist) w/Jake Crist vs Acey Romero & Larry D

Larry and Fulton lock up for a stalemate before Larry rocks Fulton with strikes and sends him out of the ring before Dave hits him from behind and Larry doesn't even flinch. Larry drops Dave with a headbutt and hits a running dropkick in the corner before hitting a running senton for two. Dave distracts the referee before Fulton trips Acey who goes face first into the boots of Dave. Fulton comes back in and hits a sliding cross body to the back of Acey before Acey rocks Fulton and Fulton somehow turns Acey inside out. The momentum swings in the favor of the boys from Dayton before Acey comes back with a clothesline that turns Fulton end over end and gets the tag to Larry.

Larry drops Dave with shoulder blocks before hitting a running uppercut in the corner and a release suplex before hitting Fulton with a running cross body. Larry hits Dave with a running splash into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall before Dave hits a jawbreaker and Fulton takes out both Acey and Larry momentarily before he's flattened between Larry and Acey for a near fall. Acey clears the ring and hits a suicide dive before rolling Fulton back into the ring and climbing to the second rope before Dave grabs his foot. Fulton puts Acey on his shoulders before Larry drops him with a right hand and Dave comes in and hits Larry with a shiranui for a near fall. Everyone then hits a move before Acey sends Dave across the ring with a shoulder tackle for the pin and the win.

Winner: Acey Romero and Larry D defeat OvE via pinfall.

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