IMPACT Wrestling Presents Slammiversary 2020 Results Three New Champions Crowned

Hey there Fight Fans, it's time for IMPACT Wrestling's biggest event of the year, Slammiversary headlined by a fatal four way for the vacant IMPACT World Championship!

- We open the show with an announcement about The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) signing with IMPACT at midnight last night before we get a video package for all of the matches on tonight's show.

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The Rascalz Open Challenge Match

The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Alex and Wentz start things off by exchanging wrist locks and flips before they slap each other and Chris and Dez come in. Dez tries to take Chris down, but he stays on his feet before Chris goes to wring his arm and Dez does a flip and lands on his feet before they flip and roll until Chris drops Dez with a clotheslines. Dez hits a head scissors that sends Chris to the outside before he goes for a suicide dive, but Alex intercepts him and The Rascalz double up on Alex in the corner. The Rascalz double up on Chris as soon as he gets back into the ring and Wentz hits Chris with a jumping stomp to the back for two before MCMG take back the momentum. Wentz tries to exchange with Alex who drops him with a stiff forearm before MCMG drop Wentz with a double enzuigiri for two.

MCMG take out Dez and send him out of the ring before Chris hits Wentz with a PK to the spine and Alex sends Wentz face first into the boot of Chris at ringside. Chris hits a brainbuster for two and follows up with a flurry of strikes with Alex to the front and back of Wentz before he collapses. Wentz comes back with a hand spring knee and gets the tag to Dez who hits a running uppercut in the corner and rocks Alex with a chop and a forearm. Dez nearly launches over Alex with a dropkick before knocking Chris off of the apron and The Rascalz come back with a diving stomp back stabber for a near fall that Chris breaks up. Wentz hits a code breaker to Chris before Wentz goes for a swanton and Alex gets his knees up before Alex turns Dez inside out with a German suplex.

MCMG rock Dez with a flurry of strikes before Alex hits a tornado DDT using Wentz before MCMG get a near fall and send Wentz out of the ring. MCMG then hit ASCS Rush for the pin and the win.

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns defeat The Rascalz via pinfall.

- After the match we get a rundown of the rest of tonight's card before we go to John E. Bravo and Taya Valkyrie where she tells John that she must win before Rosemary shows up when she's gone and tells him that she must win. John then stands there in visible distress as he tries to figure out to pick loyalty or love.

- We get a recap of Moose defending his TNA World Championship against Crazzy Steve last week and his subsequent heated rivalry with Tommy Dreamer.

TNA Heavyweight Championship Old School Rules Match

Moose (c) vs Tommy Dreamer

Moose drives Tommy into the corner and whips him across the ring before clotheslining him and rocking Tommy with a boot before dumping him out of the ring. Tommy hits Moose with a trash can lid when he goes for a suicide dive before hitting Moose with several backing sheets and choking him with a t-shirt. Tommy sends Moose into the railing before Moose crotches Tommy on the railing and hits him with a chair before suplexing Tommy onto the ramp. Moose sends Tommy back into the ring and grabs a kendo stick before hitting Tommy in the legs with it and mocking him before Tommy dodges him and hits a side Russian leg sweep with the stick. Moose dropkicks Tommy in the face in midair when he comes off of the second rope before bringing a trash can into the ring and putting it over Tommy's head in the corner.

Moose hits a running dropkick into the trash can before going for a diving cross body, but Tommy catches him in mid-air with a cutter onto the trash can for two before Tommy sets a chair up in the corner and Moose hits a drop toe hold into the chair. Moose brings several more chairs into the ring before Tommy counters a powerbomb onto the pile of chairs and Moose hits a uranage onto the chairs before hitting a standing moonsault onto Tommy onto the chairs for two. Moose misses a moonsault before Tommy hits a DDT for two and follows up with pouring thumb tacks onto the mat and goes to piledrive Moose onto them, but he counters with a low blow. Moose then tries to press Tommy's face into the tacks before Tommy gets up and Moose slams his face into the tacks and hits a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose retains his TNA Heavyweight Champion by defeating Tommy Dreamer via pinfall.

- After the match we go to Johnny Swinger arriving in the arena before we get a graphic for the Knockouts Number One Contender Gauntlet Match.

Knockouts Championship Number One Contender Gauntlet Match

Tasha Steelz and Kylie Rae are the first two competitors in the match, the two locking up before exchanging standing switches and Tasha takes Kylie down with a headlock takeover. Kylie gets to her feet and backs Tasha into the ropes for a clean break before Tasha drops her with a shoulder block and Kylie hits a head scissors before Tasha hits an arm drag. Tasha goes for a head scissors, but Kylie lands on her feet before John E. Bravo enters third as disguised as Taya Valkyrie before he's immediately kicked by the two and sent over the top rope and to the back. Kimber Lee comes in next and counters a head scissors by Kylie into a backbreaker before hitting Tasha with one as well before Tasha drops her with a boot. Kiera Hogan enters fourth and superkicks Kylie before she and Tasha double up on Kylie and Kimber until Susie comes out and evens the odds.

Susie gets into the ring and drops everyone except Kylie with a shotei before Susie and Kylie eliminate Tasha and Katie Forbes comes in next. Katie shakes hands with Susie who she clotheslines before eliminating Kiera after they start twerking and Madison comes in next. Madison drops Kimber and Susie before getting into a striking exchange with Kiera until Havok enters and throws everyone around with ease until Taya enters the match and rocks Havok with a back elbow and kicks into a knee lift before Katie tosses her into the corner. Taya sends Katie out onto the apron before eliminating her and Alisha comes in before hitting Susie and Kylie with a double clothesline. Kylie tries to military press Alisha before she thinks she does, but it's Havok before she slams her and drops Kylie before Navaeh comes in and she and Havok take control.

Havok and Navaeh celebrate before Rosemary comes in last and spears Susie before she and Taya beat on and her in the corner and try to eliminate her. Susie is eliminated as John comes back out with Rosemary's music, but he's dressed like a black metal musician with purple hair before Bravo eliminates Havok. Kylie eliminates Bravo before Madison, Navaeh and Alisha are eliminated. Rosemary eliminates Kiera before it's down to the final four of Rosemary, Kylie, Taya and Kimber. Kylie eliminates Kimber before she's beaten down in the corner by Rosemary and Taya in the corner until Rosemary gets eliminated by Taya trying to eliminate Kylie.

Kylie then hits Taya with a destroyer into a superkick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kylie Rae wins the gauntlet match by pinning Taya Valkyrie to gain a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

- After the match Don and Josh talk about the Kylie's chancing at beating either Jordynne Grace or Deonna Purrazzo before Heath Slater comes out of no where, takes a microphone and gets into the ring. Heath says that he wants entered into The Rascalz open challenge which already happened earlier tonight before he's interrupted by Rohit Raju who comes out to the ring and Rohit mocks Heath before attacking him. Heath then hits Rohit with a reverse DDT before showing his free agent t-shirt.

- We go backstage and see Trey, Ace Austin with Madman Fulton and Eddie Edwards getting ready for the fatal four way main event for the IMPACT World Championship.

- We get a video package recapping the latest saga between Johnny Swinger, Chris Bey and Bey's challenging of Willie Mack for the X-Division Championship and Johnny's banishment from ringside for Chris' match tonight.

X-Division Championship Match

Willie Mack (c) vs Chris Bey

They brawl to the start the match before Chris hits a head scissors and Willie comes back with a Thesz press and sends Chris out of the ring. Chris sweeps the legs of Willie before Willie hits a neckbeaker onto the floor and hits a fall away slam once they're back in the ring. Willie catches Chris up top and goes for a superplex before Chris counters and slides out of the back before kicking Willie's legs out and trapping him in the turnbuckle. Chris hits a slingshot neckbreaker from the apron into the ring for two before hitting a jumping corkscrew back elbow and another neckbreaker for two before hitting an enzuigiri in the corner. Willie comes back with a clothesline and an inverted cannonball in the corner before Chris rolls him up for two and Willie suplexes him into the corner. 

Willie covers Chris after the suplex into the corner for two before climbing to the top turnbuckle and Chris dropkicks him before pulling Willie down and hanging him in the corner before hitting a running dropkick. Chris hits a code red for a near fall before Willie hits a cutter and Chris gets knocked into the ring before Chris low blows Willie and hits a destroyer. Chris then hits The Art of Finesse for the pin and the win.

Winner: Chris Bey defeats Willie Mack via pinfall to become the new X-Division champion.

- We go backstage to Heath where he's reunited with Rhino and Scott D'Amore walks up and tells Heath that he has to leave before Rhino tells Heath to come back Tuesday.

- We go to a video package setting up the tag title match between the champions The North and their challengers Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match

The North (c) vs Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock

Ken and Josh kick things off for their respective teams by grappling on the mat, Josh immediately taking Ken down before Ken goes for an ankle lock with a grapevine and Josh is quick to the ropes for the break. Sami comes in and beats on Josh before hitting a snap mare into a PK and Josh comes back with one strike before The North try to double up on Sami who makes Josh DDT Ethan. Sami chops Ethan and backs him into the corner where Ken comes in and stomps Ethan before sending him face first into the top turnbuckle and rocking him with a left hand. Sami headbutts Ethan and mocks him before headbutting him on all fours for two and locking in a rear chin lock before Ken suplexes him. The World's Most Dangerous Tag Team try to double up on Ethan, but the champs stop them and Sami is sent out of the ring before The North beat on Ken at ringside and the referee makes Sami go back to his corner.

Josh chops Ken in the corner before Ken drops him with a slap and Josh drives Ken back into the corner and hits him with several shoulder thrusts to the midsection before The North get dropped with a double clothesline by Shamrock. Ken tags in Sami who hits Josh with a running splash and sends him out of the ring before hitting Ethan with a brainbuster for two and Ethan dropkicks him before dragging Sami to their corner. The North isolate and double team Sami while mocking Ken until Sami comes back with boot when he and Ethan drop each other before Ken and Josh come in and Ken dropkicks both of The North. Ken hits Josh with a powerslam for two before Sami comes back in and gets hit with a double powerbombs for a near fall before Sami counters The North's finisher and gets the tag to Ken who suplexes Josh out of the ring. Ken locks in an ankle lock on Ethan while Josh locks in one on Sami and they slap each other until both holds are broken before Sami hits Ethan with a cutter and Ken locks in an ankle lock on Josh who nearly taps before Ethan sends Sami into them to break the hold.

Ken and Sami argue before Josh sends Ken into Sami and Ken and Sami hit their finisher for a near fall that Ethan breaks up before Sami tosses him out of the ring and into the railing. Ken accidentally kicks Sami before Josh snaps his neck across the top rope and Ken hits an avalanche belly to back suplex that sends Josh out of the ring. Ethan then saves Josh from a corkscrew cross body by Ken before they roll him back into the ring and hit their finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner; The North retain their IMPACT World Tag Team Championships by defeating Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan via pinfall.

- After the match The North cut a promo about how they're the most fluid, chemistry driven tag team in history before they're interrupted by the Motor City Machine Guns who mock the champs. Chris says that others tell you that you're the greatest, not yourself before announcing that there's been a match made for the tag match between the two teams this Tuesday night on AXS TV and Twitch.TV.

- We go backstage to an impromptu interview with Rich Swann who says that he's got his eye on the world title and that he's coming for it once he's cleared.

- We get a video package for the Knockouts Championship match between the champion Jordynne Grace and the challenger Deonna Purrazzo.

Knockouts Championship Match

Jordynne Grace (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo

They lock up and Grace sends Purrazzo into the corner for a clean break before Purrazzo rolls out of the ring when Grace tries to re-engage. Deonna gets back into the ring and Jordynne wrings her arm before Deonna gets slung off of Jordynne and out of the ring when she goes behind Jordynne. Deonna gets back inside and gets dropped with a shoulder block and clotheslined before Jordynne sends her back out of the ring and hits a suicide dive into a flurry of strikes in mount. Jordynne rolls Deonna back into the ring and hits a twisting elbow drop for two before Deonna stomps her arm when Jordynne goes for a muscle buster. Deonna kicks the arm of Jordynne and stomps her down in the corner before choking her and clotheslining her for barely a one count.

Deonna locks in a straight armbar before Jordynne gets to the ropes and Deonna goes for the Fujiwara armbar, but Jordynne rolls through before Deonna locks in a traditional armbar. Jordynne scrambles to the ropes for the break before Deonna wrings the arm of Jordynne and snaps her down onto the mat by it before Jordynne comes back with shoulder blocks and a running senton for two. Deonna rolls Jordynne up for a near fall before Jordynne locks in a rear naked choke and nearly chokes Deonna out before Deonna counters into a pin attempt for two. Jordynne hits a running clothesline in the corner and bends Deonna around the post before Deonna snaps her arm in the ropes and they exchange strikes until Jordynne hits the Grace Driver for a near fall. Deonna goes for another armbar, but Jordynne slams her to the mat before they exchange again until Deonna gets a near fall off of a suplex.

Jordynne sends Deonna face first into the middle turnbuckle and hits running knees in the corner into a sliding back elbow and a Vader bomb for a near fall before Deonna counters the Grace Driver. Deonna then gets two out of a jack knife cover before countering a powerbomb into a double Fujiwara armbar and Jordynne verbally taps out.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo defeats Jordynne Grace via verbal submission to become the new Knockouts Champion.

- After the match we get the announcement for Bound For Glory on October 24th before we get a video package for our main event in which the vacant IMPACT World title will be on the line in a fatal four way match.

IMPACT World Championship Fatal Five Way Elimination Match

Eddie Edwards vs Trey vs Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton vs Rich Swann vs Eric Young

Once Rich comes out to the ring the lights go out and Eric Young returns and enters the ring before grabbing a mic and saying that it's a five way now. The action spills out of the ring with Ace and Trey while Rich and EY go at it in the ring and Eddie chops Eric before Eric hits a belly to belly suplex to Eddie. Rich dropkicks Eric before Rich sends Ace out of the ring and he and Trey run the ropes and do flips until Rich sends Trey out of the ring. Eddie hits Rich with an overhead belly to belly before he goes for a suicide dive and Madman Fulton catches and chokeslams Eddie onto the edge of the apron before being ejected from ringside. Ace stops Fulton from attacking the referee who will disqualify him before Fulton goes to the back and Trey spears Ace before Rich hits a frankensteiner once Ace is back in the ring.

Eddie chops EY and Rich in the corner before Ace counters a back pack stunner and gets hit with a Lethal injection before everyone hits a move. Trey and Ace exchange strikes until Trey drops Ace and hits a slingshot head scissors through the ropes before sending Eric out of the ring and hitting Ace with a scorpion kick into a jumping neckbreaker. Trey hits a suicide dive into a destroyer onto the floor before Eddie goes for a Tiger driver that Ace counters by driving Eddie into the corner. Eddie hits the Tiger driver for a two count that Trey breaks up before EY pins and eliminates Trey with a piledriver before stomping Eddie and Rich. EY stomps Rich and screams at him to stay down before lifting him by his hair and Rich comes back with right hands and a spinning back fist before EY hits a neckbreaker for a near fall.

EY crotches Rich on the top rope and goes for a move that Rich counters into an avalanche bulldog before EY sends Eddie and Ace off of the top and through a table at ringside when he powerbombs Rich into them. Rich collapses when EY goes for a piledriver before Rich turns it into a pin for the elimination before chop blocking and stomping the bad leg of Rich and trapping it in a chair before stomping it repeatedly. Eric wraps the leg of Rich around the bottom rope and hits it with a chair before he's made to leave ringside and go to the back by security. Rich screams in agony and anger and punches the canvas before Ace Austin goes for a figure four and Rich gets two near falls before rocking Ace with winging punches. Ace kicks out the leg of Rich and hits The Fold for the pin and the elimination before Ace stares at Eddie in the opposite corner and shows him a playing card.

They run at each other and boot each other in the face before exchanging forearms and Eddie drops Ace with several knife edge chops to the chest before Eddie counters The Fold into an overhead belly to belly suplex into the corner. Ace dodges a running splash in the corner before Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party for a near fall before Ace hits The Fold for a near fall of his own. Eddie then hits another Boston Knee Party into the Die Hard Flowsion for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards defeats Ace Austin, Trey, Eric Young and Rich Swann via pinfall to become the new IMPACT World Champion.

- Eddie Edwards celebrates after the match before he's attacked by Madman Fulton and Eddie is saved by The Good Brothers who face off with Fulton and Austin. Karl then goes to hug Ace before hitting Ace with the Gun Stun and he and Luke send Fulton out of the ring before hitting Ace with the Magic Killer and celebrating with beer with Eddie.

- We then see three lines before we see EC3 and he throws a glass at the wall as we go off the air.

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