IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point Results Swann Retains, New Knockouts & Tag Champions Crowned

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for this month's IMPACT+ exclusive event, Turning Point where Rich Swann will defend his IMPACT World Championship against Sami Callihan!

- We open tonight's event with a video package for all of the matches on tonight's card, headlined by an IMPACT World Championship match between the champion Rich Swann and the challenger Sami Callihan.

Second Entrant Named In PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2022

Eddie Edwards vs Daivari

Eddie hits several arm drags before Daivari drops him with a shoulder block and locks in a standing side headlock. They run the ropes before Eddie hits a hip toss into a straight arm bar before Daivari backs Eddie into the corner. Eddie hits a running forearm in the corner into a suplex for two before Daivari comes back with a jawbreaker. Eddie hits an inverted atomic drop into an overhead belly to belly suplex before Daivari sends him into the post and through the ropes, down onto the floor. Daivari sends Eddie into the steps and the railing before rolling him back into the ring for one.

Daivari drops Eddie with a back elbow before sending him shoulder first into the corner and choking him. Eddie counters a suplex into one of his own before Daivari yanks Eddie down to the mat by his arm. Daivari tosses Eddie out of the ring and into the post before tossing him back inside for two before locking in a hammer lock. Eddie gets to his feet and comes back with a clothesline and a back elbow into an enzuigiri and a backpack stunner for two. Daivari crotches Eddie on the top rope before hitting a frankensteiner for two before Eddie comes back with a Tiger Driver for a near fall.

Daivari ducks the Boston Knee Party before getting a near fall off of a leverage pin and arguing with the referee. Eddie then hits Daivari with the Boston Knee Party when Daivari is distracted for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards defeats Daivari via pinfall.

Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb & Jordynne Grace vs Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

Rosemary and Tenille start the match off before Taya and Jordynne come in almost immediately when Tenille tags out. Jordynne takes Taya down before the two exchange wrist locks and Jordynne drops Taya with a shoulder block before hitting a running senton for two. Taya rocks Jordynne with a back elbow and a kick into a knee lift before Rosemary comes in and she and Taya double up on Jordynne. Rosemary locks in a Muta Lock before Jordynne gets to the ropes for the break and fights out of the corner. Rosemary hits a pump kick into a German suplex by Taya for two before Jordynne comes back with a spine buster.

Tenille gets the blind tag, Jordynne not realizing it and covering Taya before Tenille comes in and gets two before hitting a snap mare into a sliding cross body for two. Tenille stretches Taya before Taya comes back with a clothesline and Tenille grapevines her legs before tagging Jordynne back in. Jordynne rocks Taya before Taya spears her and Tenille hips off of the apron before Rosemary spears and beats Jordynne in mount. Rosemary then locks in the Upside Down before hitting a sit-out butterfly cradle drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie defeat Jordynne Grace and Tenille Dashwood via pinfall.

Brian Myers vs Swoggle

Brian tells Swoggle to lie down for him before Swoggle hits a head scissors and a suicide dive before smashing Brian's face into the steps. Brian sweeps Swoggle on the apron before Swoggle gets back in at nine and Brian immediately stomps him. Brian smashes the face of Swoggle into the mat before locking in a rear chin lock. Brian sweeps Swoggle again when he runs the ropes before hitting several elbow drops and a knee drop. Swoggle briefly comes back with chops and a roll up for two before Brian drops him with a pump kick.

Brian locks in another cross face before Swoggle comes back with a German suplex into a cutter. Swoggle goes up top before Brian meets him with an enzuigiri and Swoggle bites the leg of Brian before hitting a diving splash for a near fall. Brian then hits Midnight Strike for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Myers defeats Swoggle via pinfall.

- Brian attacks Swoggle after the match before he's saved by Crazzy Steve who sends him up the ramp.

- XXXL are interviewed backstage ahead of their match against Chris Sabin and James Storm.

XXXL vs Chris Sabin & James Storm

Larry backs Chris into the corner and tries to cut him off before Chris uses his speed to be one step ahead before James comes in. Chris and James double up on Larry for two before Larry comes back with a right hand to the midsection and drags him to the corner. Acey comes in and exchanges with James before Chris gets the hot tag and he and James hit Acey with running moves in the corner. Larry distracts Chris which allows Acey to hit a shotgun dropkick before Larry hits a running baseball slide in the corner. Larry hits a falcon arrow for two before beating Chris down and dropping him with a headbutt.

Acey keeps Chris away from James before dumping him out of the ring and allowing Larry to drive him into the apron. Back in the ring Chris comes back with a jawbreaker and gets the hot tag to James who clotheslines Larry. James hits a jumping neckbreaker for a two count that Acey breaks up before Chris takes out Acey and Chris and James double team Larry. James and Chris hit stereo topes before hitting a double suplex into a tornado DDT by Chris for a near fall. Larry clotheslines James before falling into the tag to Acey who drops Chris and hits a running senton for two.

XXXL then run into each other before James hits a Code Breaker into an enzuigiri by Chris before James superkicks Larry for the pin and the win.

Winner: James Storm and Chris Sabin defeat XXXL via pinfall.

- The Deaners are backstage before Cody and Jake agree to go find Johnny as payback for Johnny hitting Cody with his loaded fanny pack last week. The Deaners then track down Johnny to a men's room before Cody checks his fanny pack on a chair outside and finds a hand gun.

X-Division Championship Match

Rohit Raju (c) vs Cousin Jake w/Cody Deaner

Rohit lays into Jake with a flurry of strikes before running the ropes until Jake runs him over. Rohit counters a powerbomb before Jake drops him with a right hand and misses a spear in the corner. Rohit snaps the neck of Jake across the top rope before rocking Jake with an enzuigiri for two. Rohit counters a uranage into a jumping stomp for two before hitting a twisting neckbreaker into a cross face. Rohit dropkicks Jake for two before Jake counters a double wrist lock into a release suplex before hitting a spear in the corner.

Rohit gets rocked with right hands and dropped with a clothesline and a back elbow before countering another uranage. Jake hits a Low Down for a near fall before Rohit counters a powerbomb into a pump kick and a running splash in the corner into a boot.  Jake then hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall before Rohit rocks him with a jumping knee into a sliding knee for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju retains his X-Division Championship by defeating Cousin Jake via pinfall.

- After the match Eric Young and Joe Doering attack and lay out The Deaners.

- The Good Brothers are interviewed backstage ahead of their IMPACT World Tag Team Championship match.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Moose (c) vs Willie Mack

They exchange strikes before exchanging running strikes against the ropes and Willie sends Moose through the ropes. The two exchange strikes on the apron before Moose sweeps Willie and sends him crashing down onto the apron and down onto the floor. Moose steps on Willie and sends a message to Rich Swann before whipping Willie into the railing and choking him in the corner. Moose locks in a rear chin lock before Willie comes back with elbows and a stiff forearm before Moose dropkicks him for two. Moose drops Willie with clubbing blows and stomps him in the corner before whipping him into the corner.

Moose hits a running back elbow in the corner before Willie comes back with a flurry of running moves in the corner. Moose hits a pair of uranages before they exchange right hands and Willie hits several running clotheslines before dropping Moose with a spin kick. Willie hits a scoop slam into a leg drop for two before Moose hits him on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex. Willie leaps over a spear before hitting a Samoan drop into a standing moonsault for two before Moose counters a stunner into a spear. Moose then beats on Willie in mount until he knocks him unconscious for the referee stoppage and the win.

The referee then reverses his decision when Moose doesn't stop and declares Willie the winner.

Winner: Willie Mack defeats Moose via disqualification, but Moose retains his title due to champions advantage.

- Eddie meets with Rich backstage and tells him that he has his back if he needs him later tonight.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match

The North (c) vs The Good Brothers

Josh and Doc start the match off with The Big LG beating Josh down in the corner before suplexing him and hitting several elbow drops for two. Karl comes in and Josh backs him into the corner and tags in Ethan only for Doc to come back in and lay into Ethan with shots to the midsection. TGB chain together offense and frequent tags until Ethan capitalizes on the distraction by Josh. Ethan drops Karl across the edge of the apron before rolling him back inside and choking Karl in the ropes. Ethan stomps Karl and drags him to the corner before Josh comes back in and focuses on the knee of Karl.

The North isolate Karl and cut the ring in half before Karl gets the hot tag to Doc who takes out Ethan and runs over Josh before Ethan takes out Karl at ringside. The North double up on Doc in the ring before hitting their finisher for a near fall before Karl low bridges Ethan and sends him out of the ring. TGB hit a neckbreaker into a back suplex before Ethan saves Josh from the Magic Killer and Karl drops Josh with a flying kick. Ethan misses a running splash in the corner before Karl hits a spine buster to Ethan before hitting Josh with the Gun Stun. TGB then hit Ethan with the Magic Killer for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Good Brothers defeat The North via pinfall to become the new IMPACT World Tag Team champions.

- Backstage Jordynne screams at Tenille before leaving and Alisha walks up and makes fun of Jordynne before the two decide to become a tag for Tuesday night.

Knockouts Championship No Disqualification Match

Su Yung (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo

Su brings a chair into the ring before the match starts before the bell rings and the two brawl at ringside. Su drags Deonna into the ring with a head scissors submission before Deonna gets free and wrenches the ankle of Su. Deonna stops a mandible claw before Su counters an arm bar and Deonna hits a DDT before stomping Su in the corner. Deonna locks in a paradise lock in the ropes before hitting a baseball slide and tossing chairs and kendo sticks into the ring. Deonna wedges a chair in the corner before hitting a release German suplex into a short arm scissors.

Deonna stays focused on the arm of Su before stomping on her elbow and Su comes back with kendo stick shots. Su rolls out of the ring before Deonna goes out after her and sends her into the post before Su goes under the ring and chokes Deonna with a rope. Back in the ring Su brings the rope and baking sheets with her before Deonna hits her with the kendo stick. Deonna accidentally goes head first into the chair in the corner before the two exchange forearms until Su hits Deonna with a baking sheet. Deonna rolls out of the ring before Su stalks her up the ramp before hitting a pedigree onto the stage.

Su drags Deonna back into the ring for two before Deonna counters the Panic Switch and smashes a canvas over her head. Deonna puts a chair around the neck of Su before locking in the Venus de Milo and Su nearly passes out. Su locks in the mandible claw before putting the rope around the neck of Deonna and choking her in the corner. Deonna then manages to get free and hits Cosa Nostra for the pin and the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo defeats Su Yung via pinfall to become the new Knockouts champion.

IMPACT World Championship Match

Rich Swann (c) vs Sami Callihan

Sami backs Rich into the corner and Rich slaps him before beating Sami down in the corner. Rich stomps Sami before Sami locks in a submission that Rich turns into a pin attempt for two before Sami takes his time getting back into the ring. Rich chases Sami around ringside before Sami sends him into the steps and presses his face into the post. Rich counters a powerbomb and superkicks Sami before hitting a cannonball off of the apron. Back in the ring Rich kicks Sami in the spine before smashing his face into the top turnbuckle.

Sami and Rich exchange chops before Rich tweaks his knee and Sami locks in a figure four. Rich gets to the ropes for the break before Sami tears at his face and throws Rich down before hitting an elbow drop for two. Sami claws the ribs of Rich before tearing his mouth open before locking in a rear chin lock. The former friends exchange strikes until they drop each other with a pump kick before they get to their feet and Rich drops Sami with strikes into a roundhouse kick. Rich hits a rolling thunder before Sami gets his knees up when Rich goes for a cartwheel moonsault.

Sami hits a buckle bomb for two before Rich hits a swinging neckbreaker and a standing moonsault for two. Sami stops a Phoenix splash into a reverse piledriver for two before hitting a piledriver onto the apron. Rich hits a Lethal Injection at ringside before they barely get back into the ring at the count of ten before Rich has trouble lifting Sami. Sami gets up and turns Rich inside out with a clothesline before Rich drops Sami and Ken Shamrock comes out when Rich goes up top for a Phoenix splash. Eddie then comes out and drops Ken from interfering before Rich rocks Sami with kicks and drops him before knocking Sami out with a thrust kick to the side of the head for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rich Swann retains his IMPACT World Championship by defeating Sami Callihan via pinfall.

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