IMPACT Wrestling Presents Under Siege Results Two New #1 Contenders Decided, New Champions Crowned

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for IMPACT Wrestling's Under Siege event!

Brian Myers vs Black Taurus (w/ Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve)

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The two lock up before Black shoves Brian away and nearly sends him out of the ring before he gets back inside and Black locks in a standing side headlock. Black hits a backbreaker for two before they exchange wrist locks and arm wringers before Brian rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Black goes out after Brian before Brian sends Black into the railing and suplexes him once they're back in the ring for two before Black comes back with a diving cross body. Black then hits a shoulder breaker for two before Brian drops him with an enzuigiri and hits a flat liner for a near fall before hitting Black with the Roster Cut for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Myers defeats Black Taurus via pinfall.

Susan & Kimber Lee vs Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb) & Taylor Wilde

Susan and Taylor start the match off with Susan doing her best to stay away Taylor before she tags in Kimber before Tenille and Taylor suplex Susan and Kimber. Tenille hits a neckbreaker in the ropes before Susan attacks her from ringside and tosses her back inside where Kimber drops her with kicks. Taylor comes in and drops Susan repeatedly before hitting a fisherman's suplex for two before Susan sets Taylor up top and sends Tenille into her. Susan hits a superplex for a near fall when the referee sees Susan have her feet on the ropes before Taylor gets a near fall off of an inside cradle. Taylor then pins Susan with a northern lights suplex for the win.

Winner: Taylor Wilde and Tenille Dashwood defeat Susan and Kimber Lee via pinfall.

- We get a taped promo by Sami Callihan ahead of competing in the IMPACT World Championship Number One Contender match.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Number One Contender Match
Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs XXXL vs Rohit Raju & Shera vs TJP & Petey Williams

Acey and Fulton brawl before Rohit comes in and exchanges with Acey before Petey and TJP double up on Rohit and he gets the tag to Shera who double teams Petey with Rohit. TJP is doubled teamed by Fulton and Ace next before he finally gets the hot tag to Petey who drops Ace repeatedly and hits a side Russian leg sweep for two. Petey hits a powerbomb before Fulton saves Ace from a destroyer and drags him to the corner to tag in before XXXL send Fulton out of the ring and take out both Ace and and Petey. Rohit hits Ace with a hammer lock DDT for a near fall before XXXL run into him and double team Ace for a near fall that Fulton breaks up. Ace and Fulton then take out Acey before pinning Larry for the win.

Winner: Ace Austin and Madman Fulton defeat XXXL TJP & Petey Williams,and Rohit Raju and Shera via pinfall to become the new number one contenders for the IMPACT World Tag Team titles.

W.Morrissey vs Willie Mack

Willie rushes W before W shoves him off and runs him over before Willie rocks W and sends him through the ropes before W boots Willie through the ropes and down onto the floor. W drives Willie into the post before they exchange strikes at ringside before locking in a rear chin lock once they're back in the ring. Willie comes back with lariats and a running splash in the corner before W hits a Black Hole Slam and a running boot to a kneeling Willie for the win.

Winner: W.Morrissey defeats Willie Mack via pinfall.

- W attacks Willie after the match before he's saved by Rich Swann.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
Jordynne Grace & Rachel Ellering (c) vs Fire N Flava

FNF go right after the tag champions before J&A double team Kiera before Rachel hits a spine buster for two before Jordynne comes in and hits a series of suplexes to Kiera. Rachel comes in and Kiera hits a neckbreaker before Tasha chokes Rachel in the ropes and FNF isolate Rachel until she gets the hot tag to Jordynne. Jordynne drops Tasha repeatedly before hitting the Grace Driver for a near fall before Rachel and Jordynne double up on Tasha for a near fall that Kiera breaks up. Everyone then hits a move before Tasha pins Jordynne with a diving splash for the win.

Winner: Fire N Flava defeat Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering via pinfall to become the new Knockouts Tag Team champions.

X-Division Championship Match
Josh Alexander (c) vs El Phantasmo

Josh and El lock up before Josh backs El into the corner for a clean break before Josh takes El down and they have a test of strength before exchanging arm drags. Josh and El grapple on the mat before Josh hits a powerslam and a back body drop before El rolls out of the ring and Josh chases him around ringside and back into the ring. Back in the ring El stomps the ankle of Josh and chops him in the corner before hitting a springboard head scissors for two before they exchange chops in the corner. Josh hits a spider suplex before chopping El at ringside and accidentally chopping the post before El focuses on his hand once they're back in the ring. Josh counters an old school into a rolling senton before they exchange forearms until Josh hits a running splash in the corner and a boot for two.

El counters an ankle lock before hitting an asai moonsault for a near fall before hitting a neckbreaker for a second consecutive near fall before Josh hits a backbreaker. Josh locks in another ankle lock that El counters again before Josh hits a release German and a sliding cross body before tossing El back inside. El crotches Josh up top before hitting a high angle frankensteiner into a long distance, high angle splash for a near fall before they exchange pin attempts for a series of near falls. El then counters an aile lock before Josh powerbombs him onto his knee and grapevines the leg of El before submitting him with the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander retains his X-Division Championship by defeating El Phantasmo via submission.

Knockouts Championship Match
Deonna Purrazzo (c) (w/ Kimber Lee & Susan) vs Havok

Deonna boots Havok who doesn't flinch before backing her into the corner and hitting her with rapid fire forearms before Havok whips her into the corner. Havok tosses Deonna around the ring and hits a running splash in the corner before Kimber pulls Deonna out of the ring and Susan distracts Havok. Deonna jumps on the back of Havok before she's thrown off and Havok misses a running leg drop before Deonna focuses on her arm to set up her submission finisher. Havok briefly comes back with forearms in the corner before Deonna sends her into the post and Havok hits a powerbomb into a Boston crab. Deonna gets to the ropes for the break before hitting a running splash in the corner and Kimber and Susan distract Havok.

Havok knocks both Susan and Kimber off of the apron before countering an armbar attempt and hitting a running boot in the corner. Deonna then hits a tornado armbar out of nowhere that forces Havok to tap for the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo retains her Knockouts title by defeating Havok via submission.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs FinJuice & Eddie Edwards

Karl and David start things off for their respective teams before FinJuice double up on Karl for two before Doc comes in and is immediately dragged to the corner and David comes in. Kenny and Eddie come in and Kenny beats on Eddie in the corner before Eddie drops him with a shoulder block and hits an overhead belly to belly for two. Kenny is double teamed before he takes control and Doc whips Juice into the corner before grounding him with a side headlock. Karl comes back in and Juice hits a side slam before getting the hot tag to David who knocks Doc and Kenny off of the apron before hitting Karl with a diving uppercut for a near fall that Kenny breaks up. The OG Bullet Club isolate David before he gets the hot tag to Eddie who drops Kenny repeatedly and chops him in the corner before hitting a blue thunderbomb for a deep two count.

Eddie and FinJuice team up against Kenny and Doc before Eddie hits Kenny with a Tiger Driver for a near fall before everyone hits a move until Karl gets a near fall off of a TKO. Eddie then pins Karl with the Boston Knee Party after Juice hits him with an Unprettier for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards and FinJuice defeat Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers via pinfall.

IMPACT World Championship Number One Contender Scramble Match
Sami Callihan vs Trey Miguel vs Moose vs Chris Sabin vs Matt Cardona vs Chris Bey

Moose takes out everyone one at a time before he's sent out of the ring by the two Chris's who run the ropes and exchange head scissors and flips before Sabin rolls out of the ring. Trey comes in and dropkicks Bey out of the ring before he and Sami try to run each other over until Sami hits a DVD and Cardona hits a missile dropkick. Matt hits Moose with a wrecking ball dropkick before Trey and Bey hit dueling topes onto everyone else at ringside before Sami powerbombs Bey onto the apron. Back in the ring Sami puts Bey in a tree of woe before sitting Matt on the top and Bey sends them both off of the top before Trey hits a coast to coast dropkick for a two count that Sami breaks up. Moose takes out Sabin, Trey, and Bey before hitting a superplex and Bey hits a diving splash for a near fall that Sami breaks up with a chair.

Sami suplexes Bey onto a chair for a two count that Matt breaks up before Sabin takes out both Matt and Sami before Trey takes out Sabin and Bey takes him out. Everyone hits a move until Sami goes for a piledriver and he's stopped by Karl and Doc before Sabin hits Matt with a Cradle Shock for a near fall that Moose breaks up. Sabin then gets a near fall off of a sunset flip before Moose spears his knee twice and hits a third spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose defeats Chris Sabin, Sami Callihan, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel and Matt Cardona via pinfall to become the new number one contender for Kenny Omega's IMPACT World title.

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