IMPACT Wrestling Presents Victory Road 2020 Results Eric Young & Deonna Purrazzo Retain

Hey Fight Fans, we hope your weekend has gone well and you're ready for IMPACT Wrestling's Victory Road!

Team XXXL vs The Rascalz

Moose Becomes Number One Contender For IMPACT World Title, Will Face Kenny Omega At Against All Odds

Larry is in control of Dez before Acey comes in and XXXL isolate Dez from Wentz before Dez drops Larry with a kick. Wentz gets the tag and knocks Acey off of the apron before hitting a running dropkick in the corner. The Rascalz take turns hitting moves in opposite corners before XXXL sandwich Dez and Larry hits a splash for two. Larry then turns Wentz inside out before Dez drops Larry with a back flip into a Pele kick before hitting the Final Flash for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Rascalz defeat Team XXXL via pinfall.

- We go to Josh and Madison who break down the rest of tonight's card before we go back to the ring for our next match between Brian Myers and Tommy Dreamer.

Brian Myers vs Tommy Dreamer

Tommy and Brian lock up before Brian drops Tommy and mocks him before taking Tommy down with a side headlock take over. Tommy nearly knocks Brian out of the ring with a shoulder block before locking in a standing headlock. Brian drops Tommy and stomps him before laying into him with forearms and punches in the corner. Brian sends Tommy shoulder first into the post before reclining on the top rope, seemingly content with E count out victory. Brian suplexes Tommy once he's back in the ring for two before hitting an elbow drop and locking in a rear chin lock.

Tommy gets two off of an inside cradle before Brian drops him and drives his knee into Tommy repeatedly for two. Tommy sends Brian out of the ring before hitting a dropkick through the ropes and they get back inside the ring before being counted out. Tommy hits a Sky High powerbomb for two before Brian counters a DDT into one of his own for a near fall, Tommy grabbing the bottom rope at the last second. Tommy hits a cutter for a near fall before tossing Brian off of the top and hitting a DDT for a near fall, Brian getting his foot on the bottom rope for the break. Brian then crotches Tommy on the top rope and hits a lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Myers defeats Tommy Dreamer via pinfall.

- Backstage Moose meets with Scott D'Amore and tells him that EC3 will bury his title Tuesday before Scott tells him that he needs to get ready for his match against Trey Miguel.

X-Division Championship Match

Rohit Raju (c) vs Willie Mack

Rohit issues an open challenge before the match before it's answered by the former champion Willie Mack. Once the match starts Rohit backs into the corner before Rohit locks in a standing side headlock. Willie drops Rohit with a shoulder block before they run the ropes and Willie hits an arm drag into a hurricanrana. Rohit gets out of the ring when Willie teases a stunner before they exchange strikes back in the ring. Willie drops Rohit with a spin kick before Rohit goes to the outside and Willie hits him with a palm strike at ringside.

Willie rolls Rohit back inside before Rohit sends the foot of Willie into the referee who catches it and Rohit drops Willie. Rohit locks in a rear chin lock before Rohit counters a Samoan drop and hits a running neck breaker for two. Rohit locks in a standing armbar before Willie hits an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline into a flying back elbow. Willie slams Rohit down and hits a running leg drop before hitting a Samoan drop into a standing moonsault for a near fall. Rohit locks in a cross face before Willie nearly  crawls to the ropes before getting to his knees and shrugging Rohit off of him.

Rohit gets a near fall before Willie hits a pop-up elbow into an exploder suplex for a near fall. Willie then whips Rohit into the corner before they clash heads and Rohit fakes an injury to be counted out and retain his title.

Winner: Rohit Raju retains his X-Division Championship by losing via count out and retaining due to champions advantage.

- Sami  Callihan and Ken Shamrock are interviewed backstage about their attack on Eddie Edwards and their working together as a team. Sami talks about how he had to get Ken back to his former crazy, violent and destructive self.

Tenille Dashwood w/ Kaleb vs Jordynne Grace

Jordynne takes Tenille down before dropping her and Kaleb pulls Tenille out of the way before Tenille traps her in the ropes. Tenille kicks Jordynne in the ropes before Jordynne hits a neck breaker from the apron and Tenille counters a suplex out of the ring. At ringside Jordynne sends Tenille into the railing before Tenille gets out of the way and Jordynne runs into the railing. Tenille looks at the photos Kaleb is taking at ringside before they get back in the ring and Tenille stretches Jordynne. Tenille puts Jordynne in a tree of woe before Jordynne sends her off of the top with a spider suplex.

They exchange forearms until Jordynne slams Tenille repeatedly into a spine buster for two. Jordynne hits Tenille with clubbing blows before Tenille hits a butterfly suplex for two and Jordynne counters the Spotlight Kick. Jordynne sends Tenille shoulder first into the corner before hitting a Vader Bomb for a near fall before Kaleb distracts the referee. Jordynne turns her focus to the referee before Tenille gets a near fall off of an inside cradle. Tenille then hits the Spotlight Kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood defeats Jordynne Grace via pinfall.

- MCMG are interviewed backstage about having to defend their tag belts in a four way at Bound for Glory ahead of Alex's four way match later tonight.

Reno Scum vs Rhino & Heath

Rhino and Luster start things off by exchanging arm wringers and head locks before Rhino drops Luster with a shoulder block. Heath comes in and kicks Luster in the midsection before hitting a deep arm drag to Adam when he enters the match. Heath elbows the shoulder of Adam before he and Rhino drop Adam with a double back elbow for two. Rhino sends Adam face first into the top turnbuckle before snapping his arm repeatedly and tagging Heath back in. Adam backs Heath into the ropes before Luster clotheslines Heath from the apron and RS isolate Heath.

Rhino gets the hot tag and clotheslines Luster before whipping him into the corner and hitting a belly to belly suplex. Rhino sends Adam over the top rope and out of the ring before Luster and Rhino clothesline each other. Heath then tags himself in before Rhino Gores Luster and Heath pins Adam with the Wakeup Call for the pin and the win.

Winner: Heath and Rhino defeat Reno Scum via pinfall.

- After the match Scott invites Heath to meet with him Tuesday to work out a contract before he and Rhino leave to celebrate.

Moose vs Trey Miguel

Trey chops Moose and kicks his legs before Moose counters a head scissors and drops Trey with a running chop. Moose screams at Trey to tell him where EC3 is before Trey rocks him with a flurry and Moose turns him inside out. Moose drops Trey with a knife edge chop and stomps his hand before dropping him with an uppercut. Moose tells EC3 that Trey will be hurt because of him. Moose yells that he's going to start a Go Fund Me for Trey's future hospital bill when he's done with him.

Moose chokes Trey in the ropes and tells EC3 via the camera that he wants him to show up or he'll continue his onslaught on Trey. Moose whips Trey into the corner and screams at Trey to tell him where his TNA World Heavyweight title and EC3 are. Moose drops Trey with a headbutt before telling Trey that he's going to end his career. Moose hits a uranage before Trey superkicks him and dropkicks the knee of Moose. Trey hits a running boot from the apron before sending Moose out of the ring with a wheel kick.

Trey hits several suicide dives before he goes for a flipping senton and Moose catches him. Trey gets dropped across the apron when he goes for a moonsault off of the apron and Moose catches him. Moose then tosses Trey back into the ring before EC3's logo shows up on the big screen and Trey pins Moose out of nowhere.

Winner: Trey defeats Moose via pinfall.

- After the match EC3 flees to the back to look for EC3 in the production truck before he's locked inside and EC3's logo shows up on all of the screens. Moose breaks up and wanders outside before we see a candle light vigil for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. EC3 then attacks Moose from behind and lays him out before saying that the title will die Tuesday before taking it and leaving.

Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton vs Josh Alexander w/ Ethan Page vs Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin vs Karl Anderson w/ Doc Gallows

Alex and Karl get started by exchanging wrist locks before Ace comes in and drops Alex before Alex stops him from giving him a paper cut with a playing card. Alex hits a PK to the spine and hits a back drop into a front headlock before Ace drives him into the corner. Josh comes in and rocks Ace before dropping him with a clothesline and kicking him out of the ring. Ace regroups with Fulton before Ace gingerly gets back into the ring and Karl tags himself in. Karl locks up and exchanges forearms with Josh before Ethan trips Karl and Doc nearly hits him before Josh gets between them.

Back in the ring Josh hits a rolling senton into a diving knee drop for two before Ace tags himself in. Ace beats Karl down and gets dropped with a back elbow before Alex gets the tag and hits Ace with chops and forearms in the corner. Alex knocks Josh off of the apron and kicks out the leg of Ace before hitting both Ace and Josh with dragon screw leg whips. Alex locks in a double submission on Ace and Josh before Karl hits him, but Alex is un-phased. Alex drops Karl with a forearm and sends him out of the ring before Ace hits an enzuigiri and Alex hits a stunner from the apron.

Fulton chokeslams Alex onto the apron before Ace gives Alex a paper cut with a playing card. Ace stomps the hand of Alex and drives his knee into his ribs before Alex hits a snap dragon suplex. Josh and Karl come in before Karl hits a boot into a running senton and a spine buster for two. Josh accidentally takes out the referee when he skins Karl into him before the men on the outside who aren't in the ring brawl and all eight men brawl. The referee ejects the men at ringside before Josh tosses Karl back inside and takes out Ace before Josh stops a superplex.

Alex superkicks Karl before they hit a tower of doom for a near fall onto Josh and Alex hits a high angle frog splash for a near fall that Karl breaks up. Everyone then hits a move until Josh pins Alex with a double under hook face buster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander defeats Alex Shelley, Ace Austin and Karl Anderson via pinfall.

- Backstage Tommy Dreamer tries to shake hands with Brian Myers who refuses and says that Tommy is just a sad old man. Tommy then says that Brian will face the Innovator of Violence Tuesday.

Knockouts Championship Match

Deonna Purrazzo (c) w/ Kimber Lee vs Susie w/ Kylie Rae

They lock up before Deonna backs Susie into the corner for a clean break before Deonna and Kimber mock Susie. They lock up again before Susie backs Deonna into the corner for another clean break and Deonna locks in a hammer lock. Deonna kicks Susie in the midsection before they run the ropes and Deonna snaps Susie down to the mat. Deonna snaps and wrenches the arm of Susie before Susie rolls her up for two and takes Deonna down with a side headlock take over. Susie hits a bulldog out of the corner before hitting a suicide dive onto Deonna and Kimber at ringside.

Back in the ring Deonna starts focusing on the arm of Susie to set up the Fujiwara arm bar. Deonna snaps Susie down to the mat before posing around the ring and chopping Susie in the corner. Susie gets two off of a sunset flip before hitting a flap jack and Deonna drops her with a back elbow for two. Lee boots Susie from the apron when she's draped across it when Deonna is busy with the referee for two. Susie dodges Deonna who goes shoulder first into the post and Susie hits a monkey flip.

Susie chops and hits Deonna with Shotei into a Thesz press before hitting the Aracnarana into a diving cross body. Kylie take out Kimber when she distracts the referee before Deonna hits a knee lift into a Fujiwara arm bar before Susie rolls her up for two. Susie hits the Aracnarana before Deonna counters the Panic Switch into another Fujiwara arm bar. Deonna then snaps the arm of Susie before locking in a double Fujiwara arm bar for the verbal submission and the win.

Winner; Deonna Purrazzo retains her Knockouts Championship by defeating Susie via verbal submission.

- Deonna and Kimber immediately attack Kylie when she gets into the ring to check on Susie before Deonna puts the arm of Susie in a chair and hits a stomp off of the top while Kimber forces Kylie to watch. Deonna then locks in a Fujiwara to the other arm of Susie before Madison says that Deonna may have just broke her arm.

IMPACT World Championship Match

Eric Young (c) vs Eddie Edwards

EY demands Eddie come at him, but Eddie hesitates before rushing EY and sending him out of the ring. Eddie chops EY at ringside before EY pokes the eye of Eddie and smashes his face into the railing. They get back in the ring before Eddie sends Eric out and hits a suicide dive before tossing EY back inside. Eddie immediately boots EY over the top rope and onto the floor before hitting another suicide dive. We see that EY has a cut under his eye before Eddie drops him with a headbutt and breaks the count.

EY stops a Tiger Driver onto the floor before dropping Eddie onto the ramp and smashing his face into the railing. EY sends Eddie into the post and drops his knee across his face before tossing him back inside and stomping Eddie in the corner. Eddie hits an inverted atomic drop into an overhead belly to belly suplex before EY hits a neck breaker in between the top and second rope. EY wrenches and torques the neck of Eddie before Eddie gets to his feet and EY elbows the back of his neck. EY locks in a rear chin lock in the ropes before scraping his forearm across the face of Eddie in the corner.

Eddie comes back with clotheslines and chops before hitting an enzuigiri into a backpack stunner for two. EY focuses on the ankle of Eddie and tries to ground the high flyer before smashing the knee of Eddie into the apron. EY drops the knee of Eddie across the steps before kicking the leg of Eddie and trapping it in the railing before kicking it repeatedly. Eric puts Eddie back into the ring and they run the ropes before Eric hits a Russian leg sweep into a knee bar. Eddie hits a jawbreaker into a suplex before they exchange forearms and chops. EY drops Eddie with a wrist lock forearm and Eddie counters a clothesline into a blue thunderbomb for a near fall.

Eddie hits a second blue thunderbomb for another near fall before EY counters a Tiger Driver into a TKO. Eddie superkicks EY before EY picks the ankle of Eddie when he goes for the Boston Knee Party and EY hits a neck breaker for a near fall. EY hits a diving elbow for a near fall before Eddie counters a piledriver and drops EY with several forearms. Eddie hits a Tiger Driver for a near fall before Eric blocks the Boston Knee Party and Eddie hits an avalanche blue thunderbomb for yet another near fall. Eddie sets EY on the top rope before EY counters a superplex and sends Eddie knees first into the mat.

EY locks in an ankle lock before Eddie's shoe comes off and Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party for a near fall, EY grabbing the bottom rope. EY then counters an Emerald Flowsion into a piledriver before locking in an ankle lock and Eddie is forced to tap. 

Winner: Eric Young retains his IMPACT World Championship by defeating Eddie Edwards via submission.

- Rich Swann comes to the save when Eric goes to do more damage to Eddie and sends Eric up the ramp as we go off the air.

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